Episode 67 - Break the workout plateau

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast. Hello there, Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about breaking the workout plateau break, the workout plateau.

Bartlesville gyms

Bartlesville gyms

So a little bit about myself and I’ve many, many, many times worked out, got stuck, trying to lift weights to get stronger and leaner. You get in better shape and following a good routine, a phone, a good diet. I seem to kind of get stuck. My results don’t change my body. Won’t build more muscle level. I won’t lean down as much.

So if you’ve ever struggled with following a routine, eating pretty good eating, working out pretty regularly. And the next thing you notice is that your body’s just not changing. You’re not getting leaner, you’re not toning up more and so on. I highly encourage you to change your routine to this type of methodology, to breaking plateaus, and then getting back into better shape.

Now, first thing I want to tell you, you always get in and out of something, what you put into something. So if your diet is a hundred percent spot on weighed and measured, make sure that you’re planning it the night before putting it in Tupperware containers and taking it and going, that’s probably the number one thing that would change your plateau is just because your nutritional program is a little bit off track.

So first off, if all things are aligned, that nutrition spot on your workouts are spot on. This is mainly going to be addressing some workout variation that I have used to really do well with altering my body become more competitive, getting better shape, really going to respond when my diet was on, my workouts were on, my supplements are on.

And then this type of workout, I’m changing up the workout reps and sets and intensity really did break these plateaus, get my body to respond better. And got me in a whole lot that are shaped frozen leaning out and building more muscle.

So so my plan that I came up with was came off of a, I did several different studies on workout plans and a couple of top trainers that worked with mr. Olympia, a bodybuilder figure fitness competitors would use these types of workouts to really stimulate the body for a lot of competitors coming up to a show. And it was a giant sets for several weeks with a straight set for a couple of weeks combos.

And they’re changing that with either straight bar and dumbbells. So I’m going to explain to you what I’ve done for many years to become very successful in getting my body to respond on a workout plan, to get me to the next level. So my plan was what my normal routine is for working the client out to really get them to respond.

What I would do is take a sets giant, says defined by four more exercises that target one muscle group. So to explain that if you were to do a chest emphasis, they were emphasizing chest to workout. You actually set up four different chest exercises or chest machines. And so you’d have like a dumbbell bench press flat dumbbell incline, and then a dumbbell decline, and then like a Pec fly with cables.

And then you would do all four of those without resting in between set. So I do, what did the revised six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 immediately go to the incline press and then do four 15 reps and immediately go to the declined press and do 15 reps. Then immediately go to the chest, fly, do 15 reps, and then rest until my breathing returns to normal.

So it’s not a robotic, it’s mainly back to anaerobic and then attack that weight session again with four sets in one round, like one whole round is four different exercises all together.

So now if you’re going to be doing like a leg exercises, this is really smoking. Sometimes the giant set has to be done to three different exercises, but I want to get the point of giant set is where you couple about four exercises altogether with no rests between each set. So for example, one more time, if you do dumbbell chest press, then immediately after you finished the reps, you’d go to bell incline, press you do those reps.

Then you immediately go to double declined, press do those reps. And then you do the chest fly reps. Then you rest two to three to four minutes to catch your breath. And then you attack that whole round again. So want to make sure you understand what a giant says that said is that would be one giant set. And and then you want to do like three working sets of that.

So the way my plan would work, I would have you do giant sets for four weeks. So if I were to train you as a client, that training on giants, that’s for four weeks, we’d use four exercises for each muscle group. Then we would have one to two weeks upsets prior to starting the exercises. So I warm you up, make sure we get your good fuel sets to know what weights we’re going to use.

And I would be targeting right around 15 reps for each one of those sets. And generally you have to progress the lighter as we go through it. Cause you do fatigue. So one to two warm upsets, then three strong working sets. And you would do those rounds four, sorry, three solid working rounds, two warm up sets, three solid working rounds of 15 repetitions.

And during that time I’m having you follow a really strict adherence to like the CF 30 diet protocol, which is unlimited meat and veggie options in a limited way isolate.
What I do is just cap off the hungry with really high protein. I’m really flush the system with a lot of water. And so it’s mainly meat, vegetables, protein shakes, and water.

And we pound out really intense training with giant sets for sets of 15 three working sets on each muscle group. Then that’s for four weeks and we then switch to two weeks of straight sets and straight sets is not where you couple. All those exercises together, you would go do like the dumbbell chest press. And you literally do eight repetitions rest, like three minutes, do eight repetitions.

And that would each one of those would be a set. So it’s a lot slower. It’s a little heavier, so a lot heavier cutting your reps in half and you’re getting complete rest in between that. So the way the straight sets work, I do one to two warm sets for field sets.

Then we do three working sets of eight reps. And then you’ll move on to the next exercise. Then we would go to the say dumbbell incline press. And then we would do eight repetitions on incline press, and then we’d rest three to four minutes, catch your breath and do so you can actually get where you’re very, very heavy again. So you’re now you’re using heavier weights, less volume for these two weeks.

You’d also follow that same [inaudible] diet with unlimited meat and veggies and way isolate shakes. So it’s a very lower carb, higher protein diet. But what I do is I add anywhere from 25, did he seem to gain fat fast to 100 grams of carbs that I preload in a pre-workout drink with either a waxy Mae starch or a honey and whole wheat bread combination, just to kind of spike some insulin, give you a little bit more carb load.

So you’re actually doing less volume heavier sets for deeper microfiber tears in the muscle. And then we’re kind of carb loading that pre-workout portion. When the CFC of course is very low in carbohydrates, your body will be very responsive to insulin in the body. So it’s very anabolic two weeks. It’s not high volume, but your body’s really gonna fill out those next two weeks.

And then I alternate back into a giant set higher volume protocol. So giant sets for four weeks straight sets for two weeks. Carbo-Loading during the two weeks only 25 to about a hundred carbs, depends on what the metabolism is like at the client. I tell people most people to start off with 25 to 50 that’s about all they need, unless you’re a really big guy or have some a fast metabolism.

But so again, one last time giant sets where you take four exercises to make one set, and we do that for four weeks and then we do straight sets for two weeks.
It’s a really awesome, intense workout. I still use similar principles like that to this day, even for maintenance, if I kind of feel like I want to get my body to respond.

Another thing that I tell people to do is we need to make sure during the giant set protocol and the straight set protocol, you always alternate one week is gonna be more primarily dumbbell use. Then one week is going to be more straight bar use when you follow this cadence, it’s really not hard to draw up on a plan it’s but it always keeps your body kind of guessing.

And the big takeaway is that you, you, you always going to be getting a good soreness response. You’re always going to be really drill the biggest limiting factor will just be your adherence to the program as you’re following the food, right.

And the PR and you’re showing up for all the workouts and do all the workouts, your body’s going to be progressing pretty well. The biggest thing is people just kinda don’t follow the food like they need to, or they start missing workouts. But big takeaway, big, big, big takeaway, one alternate giant sets with straight sets to get off a plateau and then to alternate one week of bar training with one week of dumbbell training, and then keep, keep alternating that as you go along.

So those are the ways that you can always kind of break a plateau. If you want to, you can send me a question, just email me at cf30trainer@gmail.com.com. Or you can email me charles@colafitness.com. And I can answer any of your questions on that. That would be probably the best would be go right to me would be Charles at Colaw Fitness.com.

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Just here. Look at us, look us up, just read about it. I also encourage you to go and watch real people just like yourself on YouTube. Go to YouTube type in Colaw, Fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews, and just watch the thousands of clients that we’ve worked with. And multiple stays frozen, losing weight, getting in great shape. So couple quick scripture notes for you. S

cripture is really good. I went through the book of Proverbs many, many, many times when I first transitioned my life, lost a bunch of weight, got in shape, wanting to change myself, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Proverbs is a book it’s got be It’s got 30 different Chapters in the book of Proverbs. And if you read one chapter a day, it’ll it takes you through all 30 Proverbs.

In 30 days, I encourage people to read Proverbs. Like if it’s day, wonder to see if 30 plan read Proverbs one, if it’s day two, read Proverbs two, but I’m going to talk about right now, Proverbs, a couple of different Proverbs and then one from Galatians. This is basically on diligence. I want you to be successful in so much. Wisdom comes from the book of problems.

It is written by a guy in history, not just us, not just found in the Bible, but also in other manuscripts, King Solomon he’s well known for being one of the most successful wealthiest men of all times. So Proverbs 10, four says a Slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich. So I want you guys as be diligent. I want you to be intentional. I want you to really focus on hitting those workouts. Fall into food.

I’m telling you if you’re not Slack, if you’re intentional, your workouts are going to work. The food’s going to work, but you have to be intentional. You have to have a mind frame template. Get that [inaudible] template. It’s completely free. Go to get the free CF-30 plan at the best of all Bartlesville gyms. It’s free. You want the book it’s 10 bucks, but get this simple plan at the best of all Bartlesville gyms.

Proverbs 21 five, the plan of the diligent surely leads to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes to poverty. So you make sure that you’re staying diligent. Make sure if you stay diligent and you stay intentional, you’re going to reach your goals. You’re going to have an abundance and I can go on and on about how I’ve seen that in my own life.

And I’ve seen it in tons of clients’ lives. And then another one, Galatians six, nine, let us not grow weary of doing good for induced seasons. We will reap a harvest if we do not give up. So that’s what I want to leave you guys with the action steps. Again, our joint Colaw fitness. Start this free a free CF 30 plan. Buy the book, read the Google reviews, watch the YouTube videos.

Hey, worst case scenario. After 30 days, you’ll lose weight. Get in you don’t like it. We’ll give your dollar back. You lose no money. You’re in a whole lot better shape for no cost. So my highest desire is your greatest gain. If you have any questions for me, email me Charles@colawfitness.com. That’s Charles@colawfitness.com. You guys have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye. Bye and see you at Colaw Fitness the best of all Bartlesville gyms.