Episode 69 - How to burn fat on cardio

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast. Hey there, this is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw on the, you can do this podcast.

And today I’m going to talk about how to burn fat on cardio, how to burn fat on cardio. So basically cardio is anything that from treadmills, ellipticals, stair, climbers, bikes, anything that keeps your heart rate up for an extended period of time is cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular stands for cardiac heart, vascular veins, heart and vein health is really what it is.

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So when you talk about cardiovascular exercise, a lot of people think of weight loss. It really isn’t supposed to be targeted towards weight loss. Even though we use it a lot for weight loss, it’s basically just burning calories.

And at a certain point, those calories start to turn into actually burning fat calories off the body. And I’m gonna explain that and talk about that here in a minute. So, so the problem is, is most people that think about cardio, they want to lose weight and they want to burn fat.

And so I’m going to teach you how to do that within your cardio routine, and then how to also follow that in the diet routine. So did you know that the first 15 minutes of your workout primarily just burns sugars and carbs, but not fat? Did you know that the first 15 minutes of your workout and your, of your, of your cardio Ric workout or even weight workout is mainly just brain sugars and carbs.

What happens is, is in your bloodstream, they have this term called glucose and that’s basically sugar in the blood. And that is primarily being used at first, at a certain point that starts to get used up in your body’s.

Now going to start releasing with the called ketone bodies or fat instruments is where your body signaled for the blood sugar gets lower, and then it wants to drop basically ketone bodies ever heard of ketogenic diet, especially while your body is forcing its fat reserves to be used as an energy substrate during your exercise routine.

So basically your body is then at a certain point, about 30 minutes into a workout. Your body’s now having to pull ketone bodies off the fat. So hence that ketogenic term ketosis or your body’s in ketosis, which your body is now burning fat metabolites as an energy substrate. So today I’m gonna talk about the cardio you gotta do to lose the fat.

I’m a former fitness competitor, a bodybuilder former mr. Oklahoma, super heavyweight in 2007 runner up in 2010, I’ve got a book out that I’ve written and my wife has done the lion’s share of that. So she’s been a blessing that was the CF 30 Colaw fitness 30 day journal. It’s a book.

You can pick them up at our clubs. It’s the Colaw Fitness 30 day journal CF 30 book. See if 30 books go pick it up, check it out, follow it for 30 days, you’re going to lose some fat and getting shaped.

It’ll teach you a lot of great stuff. Get you back on track a good routine and give you a mind frame document to follow. But on the cardio component, what I want to talk about is, is when you do cardio, let’s say you’re on a treadmill. They get super simple.

You’re going to start walking at what you want to do is anytime your heart rate is up to about 120 beats a minute, you’re going to get some heart cardiac, vascular vein improvement. Your heart is pumping. Your blood is pumping through the veins. It’s going to start helping like lose some of the plaque buildup in the artery and the veins.

It’s going to start improving some of the heart health start strengthening the heart. That at a certain point, you get the heart rate up high enough. Your body’s going to start pulling from a muscle tissue as well.

So I like to hold cardio around 120 to 130 beats a minute, which is very moderate. It’s not really hard to get to one 20 to one 30 and you hold that. And what has happening during your cardio routine is the first 15 minutes or so. You’re mainly just burning the sugars in the blood.

That’s called glucose in the blood it’s sugars and carbs floating around in your bloodstream. Cause your muscles and your heart and your organs are all needing that for it basically energy expenditure to basically make your body function and work. That’s why we eat.

Cause when you eat your blood sugar rises, then it gives your brain energy. It gives your muscles. Energy gives you the ability to function at a certain point. You’re not eating on the treadmill.

So at a certain point, the blood glucose, the energy expenditure is exceeding the about the ability to, to maintain it just to in regular resting, metabolic functions, just sitting there.

So at a certain point, your body’s now saying I have to start giving more energy to my body. And what happens is your body’s going to start switching over to burning fat into a fat burning zone. So holding that heart rate about 120 to 130 beats a minute, it’s not too difficult. You’re not going to eat up muscle. If you go really hard, your body’s actually going to pull energy from the muscle tissue too.

So we don’t want to go too hard and burn up muscles. So just enough to give a heart health benefit and just enough to still keep in a, in a cardiac output that you’re still gonna pull from fat, but not much. 120-130 beats a minute on the heart rate monitor, hold that at about 30 minutes, you’re now pulling into where your body’s going to be using primarily ketone bodies.

This is energy pulling from fat reserves. Think of each fat cell like a Ziploc baggie. And at a certain point that baggies didn’t start opening the G for glute, for Fairfield receptors, where it allows nutrients in or out at a certain point, the blood glucose gets low enough. It’s cell signals to allow ketones to released into the bloodstream to be utilized as an energy substrate.

So now your cardio is being fueled by fat instead. Stay with me here. So it’s a little bit wordy, but the main point is the first 15 minutes. You’re mainly just burning carbs or sugars in the blood at about 30 minutes in your routine.

Now your body’s starting to pull ketone. This is fat. It’s pulling the fat, the ooey, gooey hips and thighs and button gut. It’s pulling that off. And it’s now utilizing that as a substrate energy substrate.

The reason I have my clients in the book, it talks about 500 calories every day. Certainly going to take about 45 minutes, 40 minutes to an hour to do 500 calories on that. So you have a good, you know, 15 to 30 minutes that you really, for sure, no matter what are in a fat burning zone, the cool part to this is, is if you do the cardio.

Like I recommend cardio one 2,230 beats a minute and holding that for 500 calories every day. If you do that, a good portion about half of that, even if you’re eating the carbohydrates in your diet is still going to really be pulling a lot of fat.

Now, the cool part with the CF 30 book that I have out that C F 30 books that you need to pick up, it’s already on a ketogenic plan. So the moment you get on the treadmill, you’re already burning ketones because the diet is forced you into ketogenesis on the front side.

So it’s a highly ketogenic diet with a little more protein to help build muscle so that you basically tone up faster with the weight routine. That’s not the cardio routine that we’re talking about, but the main thing is the carbs are already depleted within the three days enough that when you get on that treadmill and you go to one 20 to one 30, it’s not going to make you a low blood sugar, but it’s gonna pull ketones that whole time.

So now you’re pulling 500 calories of just pure fat off the body and doing that every day for 30 days, like it says in that CF-30 plan, you’re really gonna shred that fat fast. So anyway, so this is what I’m talking about today. Did you know that most of the time when you do cardio, your body’s mainly eating sugars and carbs, but not the fat off your body.

So if you’re just eating a lot of carbs in your diet, you run in and you do a 15 minute run. You really aren’t pulling much fat. It’s like exercise. Bulemia, you know, you just eat bad, you work out, you still stay the same weight, but you’re not really pulling any fat. You’re just burning what you just ate, but it doesn’t really pull off your body. So what I want you to do is focus on getting the food down.

Like it says in the CF-30 plan hitting those 500 calories. And you’re going to really pull fat fast, and I’ve done it with thousands of clients. But the big, big point is pick up that, see a 30 book, follow that plan. Everything is in there to T to keep you on track, but the first 15 minutes is just sugars and carbs.

And then after that, about 30 minutes in you’re really into a fat burning zone. So you gotta keep pushing, you gotta stick it out for about 45 minutes to get a lot of fat burning out of it. And I just tell clients hit 500 calories, put a 120-130 beats a minute on that heart rate monitor. Some action steps for you guys. What I want you guys to do.

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I encourage you to go to YouTube and go to type in YouTube and go to Colaw fitness reviews. Colaw fitness reviews, and listened to thousands of clients that have lost weight and got in shape following these principles or similar principles to that. I also encourage you to go, Go to Google, to go to the Google and then type
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You can read that, learn about us anyways, just to get a good take on us and anyway. So go get that CF to go to this YouTube Colaw fitness join Colaw fitness, start that CF 30 class.

Get that CF-30 journal and start following that plan. And you’re going to be fast on track to burning fat during your cardio session. And thanks for listening. We’ll see you guys next time. Talk to you soon. Bye bye.