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Best Place to Work Out Topeka | Get Fit with Colaw Fitness

HELP! Where is the best place to work out Topeka? We proudly introduce the one and only Colaw Fitness. Our phones are answered by human or machine at 785-409-8823 24 hours a day. Voice messages will be returned on the next business day. We are easy to communicate with and value our members.

Come into any Colaw Fitness location while searching for the best place to work out Topeka. Get a personal tour by a warm, knowledgable staff member. Try this at any fitness center, gym, or tanning salon at 2 am on a Sunday morning. We are there! We are disinfecting and cleaning and able to assure your questions are answered in a timely manner. You can take a tour in a peaceful nurturing environment. We are here to help you succeed, no matter your need.

Truly, we have members that just want to maintain a deep dark golden tan all year around. Maybe you’d like to get some color before an upcoming family event or reunion. We have members that like to tan before traveling or going on a cruise.

If you need the best place to work out Topeka, Colaw Fitness has it all. How great would it be to stop in after work and get a full body massage? Imagine some personal “me time” to push the day away and greet your evening with a smile. Memberships start at $5 per month. That’s 16 cents per day. Why haven’t you joined already?

best place to work out topeka

We understand that in this day of cameras surrounding us, the gym locker room situation is quite unappealing. So we have created private showers to all of our members and guests. Yes, Guests. Your guests will enjoy the same privileges as you. You can always bring one buddy to help keep you motivated. Many of our members begin as guests.

One day a month we celebrate progress and hope during Member Appreciation Night. We partner with local food locales and dinner is on us! Surely you can eat $5 worth in one evening. Stop in and see when the next one is. If you show up and bring a few friends along, you could get a FREE YEAR of membership. Ask how while you are there. We have a party and dance and award prizes. One day a month, just enjoy the moment and life and we will be right there to cheer you forward.

We have a large aerobic area and equipment surrounding it to get your heart pumping. Bring your favorite smart device and sign in to our free WiFi to find the beats that move you. Load some videos and see how to use the aerobic balls most effectively and safely. Search for some kettlebell challenges for some areas you want to pinpoint. You can grab a jump rope and remember what it used to be like at the playground. The basics we learned in elementary school have all the roots of every program still ever evolving today. Push ups, sit ups, squats and all the space and equipment you need to do them in a safe, clean environment.

Colaw Fitness is a family business. Family owned and operated, but also a family of members, staff and guests coming together for the health of body, mind, and spirit. Even the best place to work out Topeka won’t always talk about whole body fitness. We would never think we are the best, but our members have expressed this over and over and again. We are the most and highest reviewed place to work out in every market we reside in. Our whole staff truly care about you, your progress, and your success.

We love to have members give testimonials of success for our in house channel. Please ask a staff member how you can have your videotaped when you join and we can add another video for progress updates. Our motto is youareworthit. YOU are WORTH it. Because that is what we are all about. YOU knowing that every minute you invest in your health is a small pebble in a vast ocean. Without your health, those that depend on you cannot succeed as easily. You are valuable to yourself and you are worth this time to work on longevity.

For as little as $5 a month, you can have 24 hours per day staffed access to ellipticals (stationary and swinging arms), bicycles (recumbent and upright) treadmills, circuit training, and various types of these. With your smartphone and our circuit training, you can instantly watch proper form and benefits from each unit. This circuit offers a complete body workout with the least amount of exact gym knowledge. Even without your smart device, the unit displays your muscle group being exercised and proper form. There is a built-in timer and rep counter on every unit when the exercise completes a cycle properly for your convenience at our best place to work out in Topeka.

We offer a great line of seasonal wear to grab and show off your progress proudly. We have beverages available if you forget yours or work up a thirst. Colaw Fitness sports bottles are available for you to mix your favorite work out additives with. Don’t forget to wear clean shoes just for the gym! We have the perfect Colaw Fitness back bag just for you to keep them in.

We really want to give you a personal tour, but if you prefer, day passes are available to test drive it for yourself. In no time you will understand the best place to work out Topeka will be at Colaw Fitness Call us right now at 785-409-8823. Let us understand what your needs are and allow us to motivate, cheer and share that journey with you. We would never say we are the best place to work out Topeka. We are the best place for you to know YOU ARE WORTH IT!