If you are interested in employment at Colaw Fitness, please contact:  [email protected]

Thank you for your interest!

Are you looking for a career and not just a job?

If the answer is yes, then the award-winning Colaw Fitness might just be the right opportunity for you.

We are seeking a diligent, coachable and highly motivated individual who has the passion for fitness and loving others. If you want to join our elite team of fitness professionals apply today.


The Atmosphere:

In order to create a positive fitness experience, we hold our team members to a quality standard of customer service that is different from our competitors. When you experience our customer service you will immediately know what we’re all about. Our fitness facility has been designed with the beginner in mind. Our service features an attention to detail, a wide range of customizable service options, and friendly/reliable service.


What Colaw Fitness Isn’t?

At Colaw Fitness, we pride ourselves on the details such as customer service and the overall experience we show to beginners in fitness. We don’t focus on cutting corners and reducing our standards of quality in order to offer the less expensive fitness facility in the country.


So what type of people are we looking for?

ATTITUDE OVER SKILL: We hire attitude over skill and experience every day of the week. We are a
much better company by hiring somebody that brings a good attitude every day than somebody
who feels theyíve learned everything already and unwilling to learn.

HIGH ETHICS: An ethical person refuses to go along with something that is wrong because it
violates honesty. What matters is how people behave when they think no one is watching.

GOAL-ORIENTED: We also are looking for people that are goal-oriented and knows where they are
headed. Being self-motivated starts with having a definite chief aim that drives you throughout the
day and if itís your managerís job to come in and have to motivate you every morning, then this
may not be the best fit for you.

GROWTH MINDSET: We also want people who are willing to learn. To be humble enough to
understand that there is a lot to learn here shows a lot, and continuing to learn we help you move
up in the company. As you learn more, the opportunity for moving up in the company also grows.
We only promote from within when managerial type positions are open.



To provide a great value fitness experience in a positive, uplifting environment that glorifies God.



To educate & encourage our members in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle; physically, mentally, and spiritually.



  1. Devotion to God – Desire to make Jesus famous in our clubs. WE LOVE AND SERVE OTHERS
  2. Discipline in living – We do the right thing when no one is watching. WE ARE HONEST
  3. Denial of self – It is not about us. WE HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE THAT ENCOURAGES OTHERS
  4. Dream great dreams for Gods glory ñ Everyone is destined to achieve great things. WE HAVE A HUMBLE COACHABLE HEART THAT IS WILLING TO GROW
  5. Determination to stay the course ñ Excellence honors God. WE WORK TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY


Our gym is the city’s highest and most reviewed fitness center in Joplin. Our members constantly praise the friendliness of our staff, the cleanliness of our equipment, and the maintenance of our equipment. This has given way to our internal motto of ìKeep It Clean, Keep It Fix, and Love on People. We take pride in offering super clean facilities with a super friendly staff. All the equipment in our gyms get cleaned daily ensuring a pleasant experience to our members.

We are passionate about using our business as a ministry because we believe that God gives everybody a unique platform to impact others. We feel this is our calling and our goal is to make Jesus famous in the fitness industry. This goes in line with our core values which are devotion to God, discipline in living, denial of self, dream great dreams for God’s glory, determination to stay the course.

These are some comments our members have left about our staff and gym:
“There’s nothing but positive things I can say about this gym. From the friendly staff to the new equipment inside the gym. Colaw Fitness makes me truly feel at home. Probably the best thing I love about this gym is that when I walk in everyday, the staff all knows me by name and says hi. That says a lot about a business. The good connection they have with their customers is very important. I highly recommend this gym to anyone young and old. You will never feel intimidated in the Colaw Fitness environment.”

“I love this gym and people are so friendly and courteous. They always go out of their way to make you feel at home and tanning bed and massage table plus chairs rock!”

We hope you join our team of A-players dedicated to provide an awesome, friendly, and uplifting gym experience for our members.