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As your friend or guest, they can visit the gym with you when you are here at no additional charge. This means that for one super low price, two people can use our gym and access all of the benefits. You get benefits like free tanning, free massage and, and of course all the exercise equipment that you will ever need. You can get this for the super low rate of only five dollars a month when you visit us more. So for people asking what is the best gym in their city they are finding out the answer is Colaw Fitness.
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If you look at our reviews online, you will see that we have a great record of consistency with service. That’s because we truly love our job and our members and love to see you visit us every single day. You won’t have to wonder what is the best gym in your city, you will know the second you walk in. At Colaw fitness we have a Christian and family-friendly environment, which is always welcoming and nonjudgmental to any visitor. We have the cheapest rates as well and the most benefits at no additional charge from the other gyms also.

There are so many benefits to go over with you in detail, which are always included with every single membership. Our staff is always happy and ready to assist you with any questions you have, so come visit us today. We are ready to greet you with a smile and a high five, because we are so excited for you. We know that you are taking the correct steps to change your life for the better with Colaw fitness. Just wait until you see all the benefits and amenities that you get, just for signing up with the best fitness center in your city.

Along with the cheapest rates and best facilities in our cities, we offer the best benefits as well as no extra charges. One of these benefits includes free training instruction, which is small classes led by our staff to get working out. We will offer you a free workout plan with this class, to cover every body part and some cardio machines. We will show you how to set up all of the machine so you’ll know exactly how to use them. We will guarantee you success as long as you follow our plan, and will help you pick the right weight.

There will be no questions left when it comes to exercise and after you attend one of our free training instruction. We also highly encourage you to combine this with our free nutritional instruction, to get the best weigth loss results. Most people who take our nutritional instruction will lose 10 to 30 pounds of fat in just 30 short days. You can accomplish this to if you commit to it, because it is easy and we make it very fun. We will show you exactly what to eat and about how often to eat it with your free nutrition plan.

We set you up for success as a member of Colaw Fitness, so come by and see us. We have other benefits and amenities to go over with you, and we are excited to go over them also. We would love to give you a tour so you can walk to and see everything for yourself. We know you will be away with how amazing our gym is and what we have to offer you. Come by and join Colaw Fitness today for as little as $1 down.

Here are some of our customer reviews: “It’s super clean. No hassle. The price cannot get any better unless it was free. The employees are very helpful and friendly. They’re good for a quick conversation but won’t talk your ear off trying to sell you on stuff, like other gyms.

“This is the place for me!”
– Danny White

“Great place to get in shape. The staff is always friendly with positive attitudes. It’s always clean and there is plenty of equipment. And you can’t beat the price.”
– Larry Stewart