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Fitness Centers in Bartlesville | Fitness Trends Are Everchanging

This content written for Colaw Fitness

Of all the fitness centers in Bartlesville, we feel that we can offer a more complete package with unparalleled value. Colaw Fitness is the only home for all your mind, body and spirit needs. Please call us as soon as you finish reading this at 918-766-3353. Voicemail assistance is available after regular business hours and on the weekends. Calls are returned the following business day. Colaw Fitness isn’t something we are selling. It is simply an offer to help you feel better and know you are worth it. You are the most important person to many people in your life. Most of all, you should be the person most important to yourself. Let us help you succeed and add years to your health.

We know you have a choice in a gym and fitness facility. That is not something that bothers us at all. Every facility has a unique personality and niche. Our culture promotes faith, love and determination for success. We have been fortunate enough to be in communities that we support as a business and throughout our many volunteer efforts in each. The other fitness centers in Bartlesville have workout equipment. We have a family of community members that help each other grow. Some of our members have even met and married! We know getting up 2 hours early to work out is not the most pleasant part of your day. So we welcome you with warmth, a smile and an ear to listen and really hear you. #youareworthit is not what we sell, it’s what we know.

We promote our price as “starting at $5 per month”. We can’t tell you exactly what you will pay because we have so many promotions! Last year members joining at one point got 3 months free. That’s less that $4 a month! Come by and ask us how to get an entire YEAR for FREE! It isn’t difficult at all. You don’t have to pass out information or get 1,000 likes. You just have to have friends and family that you care about.

Come to our once a month Member Appreciation Night celebration and get dinner on us! You drive by every day, you may as well come in and find out what night that will be. FREE FOOD! We partner with community businesses to bring in food to celebrate life, success and goals achieved and created. Also we offer free gym gear on these nights to new members too.

We have a full line of seasonal wear to grab in case you forgot yours or just want to proudly display where you go to work on your mind, body and spirit. Hoodies can help you warm up in the winter and tanks can show off your progress in the summer. We have bags to put your street clothes in or carry your clean gym shoes in. If you work up a thirst we have beverages availalble to cool you down. Water bottles are also available with the great Colaw logo! Stop in all the other fitness centers in Bartlesville late on a Saturday night and take a live tour. That will help you narrow down a choice as well.

We love to research trends on health and fitness, but are always open to new discoveries from our members and guests. Whole body fitness is something that we pride ourselves on. We know you can hop on a treadmill at any of the gyms and fitness centers in Bartlesville. We want you to have a home away from home in your fitness partner. Feel the Colaw Fitness difference. We play uplifting motivational faith-based music. Songs you may hear at any time on your local station. Various genres and messages keep you focused.

An age old issue with getting and staying healthy is motivation. All bad habit breaking is more successful when we tell someone else and let them help us stay accountable to ourselves. So at Colaw Fitness we welcome you to “Bring A Friend For FREE”. Don’t feel pressured to run out and make a friend, it can be your family or co-worker. Just grab someone that can’t decide between all the fitness centers in Bartlesville and bring them to yours. Or maybe your next door neighbor has a complimentary Colaw Fitness vinyl decal in their car window.

We are proud of Colaw Fitness and our members testify again and again. We are the highest, most reviewed fitness center in every market we exist. Ask them to bring you along sometime as their guest. We have day passes available if you want to test drive it on your own, but people quickly realize the true value is in membership of their own.

The greatest scientific discovery in the last quarter century regarding health and fitness truly is HIIT training. High-Intensity Interval Training. We encourage you to find a streaming video that will inspire you to at least attempt a HIIT program. Scientific studies are proving that HIIT can accomplish twice as much progress in the same amount of time OR cut your time in half for the same results as now. That is worth researching before you decide between the fitness centers in Bartlesville.

You should always consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise programs. We have free trainer instruction access available to all of our members. This is not in a giant classroom. You have personal conversations with the trainer for questions that arise as you change goals..

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour.” William Cowper

Bartlesville Gym Colaw Fitness Outside 1

A definitive key to fitness success seems to be a variety. Life gets habitual and workout routines should change as your health needs change, which could be daily. You may have a life that allows you to move heavy boxes repeatedly and just need to work on your cardio. Summertime assures the grandkids will give you plenty of cardio. Stop by for a little strength training and a relaxing massage.

We have rows upon rows of cycling, strength training, elliptical, rowing, treadmill and self-led options via your smart device. Technology tracking of your fitness progress is an ever-evolving trend and will only continue to assist us in complete mind, body, and spiritual fitness.

Like all fitness centers in Bartlesville, we are here to help you with your goals. All clubs offer WiFi for you to use with your own favorite smart device and the videos or music that gets your heart pumping. We have landline cable televisions available for you to listen to and watch while using your own plugin earbuds on our bicycles, treadmills, and ellipticals to help time pass. Our clubs offer aerobic areas, complete with balls, bells, and bands, oh my, to our free weights, cable machines and weight racks with or without mechanical assistance.

Our circuit training has video assistance with your smart device to assure you are doing every movement properly for safety and protection. The tanning options allow you to lay down and relax in peace or stand up and get your groove on! Maybe you just want to get a massage at the end of a tension filled day and our machines can rub the stress away. You can customize the massage chairs and tables to those sore achy muscles or go for an all over post-workout relaxation massage.

There are many fitness centers in Bartlesville, we understand you have choices. Start now by giving us a call at 918-766-3353. Let Colaw Fitness staff members lovingly share how your success is important to us. Ask your questions and share your worries. But don’t worry about privacy issues. You won’t be in any locker rooms! Private showers will help you to de-stress and relax to enjoy the rest of your day or night. Remember, You Are Worth It! Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you soon.