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10 Best Gyms in Arlington | For The Church

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Very few people would feel comfortable simply walking into a church building by themselves. However, those some people would feel very different walking into a gym by themselves. Our mission at Colaw Fitness is to make Jesus famous and to change lives. Because of this, we want to be the church for people that would never step foot in one. We think that Jesus is compelling enough as it is, so we do not need to worry about convincing people. Therefore, we are simply here to love our neighbors and love them well.

We hope that you consider joining us in this effort in taking good care of our community. Therefore, we find ourselves in the 10 best gyms in Arlington. If you are in the Arlington area and are looking for a great place to exercise, this is it. We love having the opportunity to be a part of this city and we are sure you do too. If you would like more information, simply call us at 918-766-3353. Likewise, you can find more information at ColawFitness.com.

The great thing about the gym is that anybody from any background can come in without feeling judged. Everybody needs to exercise. Therefore, we have created a place for people to do that. We enjoy having people of all walks of life come through our doors. Unfortunately, these days churches are off-putting to many people. Often times, people have some bad memories surrounding the church.

10 Best Gyms in Arlington

Therefore, if the church is the only way people hear about Jesus, then it goes unheard. As a result, we became the voice of good news for the unchurched. This is significant because we simply get to love them and introduce them to Jesus. Fortunately, being the 10 best gyms in Arlington gives us a decent sized platform. By doing this, our members meet Jesus without having to sit in a pew and feel uncomfortable.

We give away free bibles to all of our members and encourage them to download the YouVersion app. Having all of these free resources at their disposal increases the possibility of people looking into it. From here, we are convinced that Jesus will do the rest of the work of convincing. Therefore, all of the convincing is out of our hands at Colaw Fitness! We simply get to create a hospitable environment and love on our members.

There are a few ways that we do this. First, our team serves dinner at homeless shelters on a regular basis. Generosity in the Bible is almost exclusively used to describe our interactions with the poor. Additionally, that is why the 10 best gyms in Arlington are so inexpensive. We want to remove any boundary that someone might run into while striving for health.

Speaking of health, at Colaw Fitness, we have a holistic approach to health. Biblical theology tells us that we do not have a body. Rather, we are a body. Therefore, our health in multiple areas are all intertwined. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are not divide from one another. As an example, when someone experiences physical trauma, it always affects their emotion health. Because of this, Colaw Fitness aims to lead the whole of a person to health.

Therefore, while they are exercising their body, we also want to do the same for the rest of them. At the 10 best gyms in Arlington, we want to help heal our communities. We do this by starting with our members who will then go out to heal their families. This ends with a community that is commit to taking good care of one another.

As a result of all of this, we believe that it is our responsibility to use our platform for the good of all. Therefore, we are constantly celebrating our members that are making huge progress. This might be that they have lost weight, gained muscle, or even feel more confident in themselves. As I stated before, we are looking to lead the whole person to health. We do this because it will have a greater impact than just getting gains. This is a conviction and responsibility of ours!

If you are interest in being part of this process, sign up today! Often times it is our members that can encourage another person the most. It means a lot when it comes from the staff, but they can only do so much. Therefore, we love seeing other members taking care of one another. This creates an atmosphere at the 10 best gyms in Arlington that is out of our hands. It just goes to show what people really want deep down.

It is an honor to be one of the 10 best gyms in Arlington. Can you imagine walking into a gym where everyone is encouraging one another? Wouldn’t that make the process of getting started so much easier? Often times, the most difficult step is the first one. This is especially true when it comes to exercising. We try really hard to make sure that every person that joins us feels welcome. Of course, we feel that this is something we had to do from the beginning. Our values ought to dictate our priorities, not the other way around. Therefore, we could not build a huge fitness center and simply expect it to be welcoming to first timers. Therefore, from the beginning, we have valued the environment we feel that we’ve created.

In conclusion, we hope that you become a part of this awesome community. Additionally, we hope that you help contribute to making sure people feel welcome. If you feel that this is something you want to be a part of, sign up today! We even make it super easy for you. Thus, we make sure not to charge premiums for our memberships. Therefore, for a low monthly payment, you can be a part of something huge! From there, you get the opportunity to make a lasting impact on yourself, others, and the community. We hope that you consider becoming a part of Colaw Fitness and the 10 best gyms in Arlington. Please call us anytime at 918-766-3353 for more information. Grace and peace to you.