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10 Best Gyms in Arlington | Keeping Things Fixed

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

One of the biggest complaints we have heard about other gyms is their broken equipment. You might have to pay a membership premium, but you will only get broken equipment. For whatever reason, this tends to take weeks before anything is done about it. It tends to be incredibly frustrating because people simply just stand around and look at it. This does not seem to actually do anything as the machine just stays broken. Often times, the staff simply recommend that you use another machine or do a floor workout.

However, you could do that workout at home without having to pay anything. You thought they were the 10 best gyms in Arlington, but obviously not. At Colaw Fitness, it is our mission to make sure that our equipment is ready to use every time. We never want you to have to postpone a workout because of broken equipment. That seems ridiculous! As a result, we maintain a week-long maximum for broken equipment. If this seems interesting to you, please call 918-766-3353 today. Similarly, you can find this information on ColawFitness.com as well.

When it comes to fitness equipment, there is no one faster with repairs than Colaw Fitness. Being the 10 best gyms in Arlington comes with its responsibilities. Therefore, we work tirelessly to make sure that our equipment is well maintained. Most of our equipment is from Matrix Fitness. We have a great reputation with Matrix for knowing as much or more than some of their technicians. This is great for us, because we know exactly what it takes to keep a gym running. As a result, we maintain an incredibly high standard with our routine maintenance.

10 Best Gyms in Arlington

Thus, we not only focus on repairs, but we also do our own preventative maintenance. This works for us in quite a few ways. For one, your membership rates stay incredibly low. This is because we do not have to hire an outside company to do our repairs. Similarly, it gives our staff great learning opportunities in our facility that they can take elsewhere. Finally, it keeps our machines from going out in the first place! That way, we only have to worry about it in extreme cases.

When it comes to technician repairs, they can get pretty pricey very quickly. For instance, if a machine were to go down, we would have to start a long process. First, they would have to come to the facility to create a diagnosis. Often times, the nearest technician is over an hour away. Thus, we have to pay for two hours of travel simply for a diagnosis. From there, we have to order and pay for a part that will take at least two business days to ship. Once we receive the part, we have to call the technician again and schedule them to come back.

This means that it could be another few days before the technician is available to do the repair. At the time that they are able to come again, that is two more hours of travel. Of course, all of this is still charged on top of the actual labor costs. At that point unfortunately, there is still no guarantee that the issue will be fixed. Therefore, we have to pay for four hours of travel, parts, and labor for the one machine. If that happened to every machine one time per year, that could do damage. That could potentially run up your membership fees to the 10 best gyms in Arlington.

Additionally, this also gives our staff at the 10 best gyms in Arlington great learning opportunities. They can use this as an opportunity to diversify their talents in the fitness industry. Many places would be willing to pay good money for someone to understand this. Of course, at Colaw Fitness, we are willing to take initiative in training our staff in this field. Because there is always equipment breaking, the staff gets limitless opportunity to learn. This is important to us because we love developing our staff of the 10 best gyms in Arlington.

We have a growth mindset at Colaw Fitness. Therefore, we are always looking for people who are willing to grow and learn. Ultimately, we want to equip them well to accomplish their goals for the future. Colaw Fitness is grateful for the staff and the work that they put in in order to keep our facility running. Often times, this also comes with employment opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise. For instance, we are more likely to hire a person for a management position if they know these things.

Finally, doing preventative maintenance on our machines keeps them from going down in the first place. By taking these preventative measures in our 10 best gyms in Arlington, we save time. Ultimately, if we do not have equipment that is out of order, we do not have to worry about fixing it. This helps everyone because we simply take a little bit of time to do so. At Colaw Fitness, we have a routine schedule that we follow on a day to day basis. We have our maintenance broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly categories.

Our staff has done a great job making sure that everything is working properly in our facility. Generally, it even feels good to repair a treadmill. This helps us get our hands dirty and see the direct effects of our work. Often in our time, our work does not have any fruit besides a pay check. We believe that repairing a piece of equipment has an inherent sense of accomplishment. Because of this, we want our entire team to experience that joy. Therefore, our 10 best gyms in Arlington stay in tip top shape.

In conclusion, at Colaw Fitness’ 10 best gyms in Arlington, our equipment stays repaired. That way, you will never have to worry about waiting for a machine to be repaired. This works in a number of ways. Our staff get valuable learning opportunities that they can take elsewhere in life. Similarly, our members do not have to pay premiums for technicians to repair the equipment. Finally, by doing preventative maintenance, our equipment rarely if ever goes down. Call 918-766-3353 today! Grace and peace to you.