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10 Best Gyms in Topeka | Come To The Best, Forget The Rest

content written for Colaw Fitness

There are lists all over the internet. Lists of 5’s, 10’s, 25’s and even 100’s. Colaw Fitness comes out on top of most 10 Best Gyms in Topeka lists. Rightfully so, say our members, guests, and staff. Give us a call right now and hear about all we offer. 785-409-8823 is our number and outside of business hours, there is voicemail available. We return all calls within 24 business hours.

Where to start with all we offer? Well, since we are a 10 Best Gyms in Topeka facility, let’s make a list. 10 Reasons You Should Join Colaw Fitness.

10. Service. Our customer service is amazing because they care. We are flexible to everyone’s needs. We can assist with payments, billing questions and general information to please the pickiest consumer.

9. Availability. Staffed around the clock to assist in member and guest urgent matters. When the phones are not answered, you may leave a message, and know someone is concerned with your matter and will get back to you right away.

8. Variety. As a 10 Best Gyms in Topeka location, we know how important these things are to everyone. From the thousands of types of exercises and strength buildings options, to the beauty of our members. We offer cardio, circuit training, recumbent bicycles, ellipticals, kettlebells, free weights, cable machines, etc. The list would go on and on, but the best way to know is to come into Colaw Fitness and take a tour.

7. Diversity. Our staff is passionate about what we do and enjoy sharing with new visitors. One is the loneliest number, so we let you bring someone with you to work out, EVERY time you visit. Even if you are just considering joining, come in and see for yourself. Everyone is loved, welcomed and has a place at Colaw Fitness. From our staff to our members, you can feel the positive energy when you walk through our doors.

Colaw Fitness Topeka best gym

Colaw Fitness Topeka best gym

Colaw Fitness Topeka best gym

Colaw Fitness Topeka best gym

6. Cleanliness. We take being one of the 10 Best Gyms in Topeka, very seriously in so many ways. We clean around the clock to assure everyone enjoys an atmosphere made just for them. No matter what time you come by, we are always cleaning, because we do care about your experience here. The gym can be a dirty business. You know you work up a sweat. We pride ourselves in keeping the clean level perfect all day and all night. There are no locker rooms at Colaw Fitness. Privacy and comfort are plenty in each restroom that is furnished with its’ own shower.

5. Sanitation. There is no cold and flu season in the gym. Every day we combat billions of tiny attackers from disturbing the health of anyone. You would be quite surprised if you walk into our back cleaning area. We constantly add, study, and experiment in new ways to improve an already superb process. Almost every week, in the news, there is some new food recall due to unsanitary conditions. Could you imagine that in a fitness facility? Well, neither can we.

4. Storage. Have you ever walked into a gym locker room, put your stuff in your locker and smell something foul in the locker next to you? Could be shoes. Could be a mouse. It doesn’t matter, it’s stinky. No chance of that at 10 Best Gyms in Topeka location because we have lockers. Not locker rooms. Use them while you visit and then simply take your stuff back with you. No muss, no fuss. Locks can be purchased and the front desk. You can bring your own lock. Many members simply don’t lock their lockers and leave their valuables in their vehicles. Lost and founds are available when things are turned back in.

3. Personalized. We interact with you. Free trainers are available to teach, encourage and assist you. Availability is posted at Colaw Fitness, so come in and check it out! Our proprietary dietary program can help us lead you along your journey. You will be guided as much or as little as you need. We will also assist you in where to find more information. We want you to succeed. Colaw Fitness has been considerate of all your desires. #youareworthit isn’t just a slogan. It’s our goal that you feel it for yourself as deeply as we do for you.

2. Affordable. 10 Best Gyms in Topeka must be affordable for every budget or income level. Cost should never again be a reason not to take care of yourself. To be the best self to care for your family and loved ones. It is more important is these stressful times. People are working harder and sleeping less. Starting at only FIVE dollars, we know this can be attainable for you. If you average out our specials, promotions, and benefits, your membership actually pays you.

1. FREE FOOD! Yes, you can eat more than five dollars worth of food at a time, correct? Most of us can and have a million times without a thought. Once a month we celebrate the success of every member, guest, and visitor. Everyone is welcome to Member Appreciation Night for food from the local community. It is a party of fun and laughter because we want to have a good time. We always have surprises going on, too. You do not want to miss this night. Stop in today and check on the date of the next one available. While you are there, go ahead and look around.

What more can we say? What do you want to know? This list is just a superficial glimpse into what we offer because there is so much. Being in the 10 Best Gyms in Topeka is a list too. A list we are proud to be at the top of because we care. Even if you just stop in and take a tour, we know you will love what you see. A great gym for a day pass, a monthly membership, or just tag-a-long with your buddy. Call us right now, while you’re thinking about it, and ask us the question that we can answer to help you join our family. Voicemail is available and we do return all messages. 785-409-8823 is the only number you need to succeed.