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10 Best Gyms in Topeka | The Highest and Most Reviewed

content written for Colaw Fitness

Welcome to information about the most reviewed and consistently highest rated of all the 10 best gyms in Topeka. It is great to have previous reviews from actual people to help form your own opinion. We never fear closer examination of all we have to offer at Colaw Fitness. We would never proclaim ourselves to be the best. Our members, their families, and friends have done this for us year after year. While we may be newer to the great capital city of Topeka, fitness has been a passion for us since way back in the 20th century.

We staff each location with friendly, motivational folks eager to help you reach your health goals. Cleanliness is something we value for your health and we do it all day and all night. Please call us today at 785-409-8823 for answers to your questions that you cannot find here. Our phones are always answered, but voicemail is taken outside of business hours. However, we anxiously return your calls on the following business day.

So many things can form your opinion about what makes the 10 best gyms in Topeka. How about FREE FOOD? With great low monthly rates starting as low as $5 a month, you can eat that much food on Member Appreciation Night. It’s a monthly party we throw to celebrate everyone’s positive success. We also celebrate upcoming goals and life in general. It’s a celebration for and of members, but it’s also a great big open house to non-members. It is a perfect night to join and see us relaxing and having a great time together. We look forward to this night all month long.

Partnering with local restaurants allows us to serve various treats to everyone. Some are healthier than others, but all are delicious. People even ask why we might have pizza after all the hard work you’ve accomplished. Pizza is fun! Pizza is filled with nostalgic memories and it can be messy and gooey and everyone smiles. No one should be on any strict diet constantly. It is only natural to have cravings and now and then you must indulge. This makes your other disciplines safe with only an occasional nimble to keep that temptation at bay.

What else can make a facility one of the 10 best gyms in Topeka? Respect. So much respect from the moment you walk in the door until you head back to your vehicle. We know going to the gym can be a chore sometimes, in the moment. At the same time, you know the benefits of long term health are worth the momentary sacrifice of extra time under the covers. We greet you with a warm smile. We are ready to guide you on your way. Or just stay in the shadows and assure everything is clean and in working order. We respect your privacy and so do all our members and guests.

There is no locker room experience to overcome in Colaw Fitness. We are a gym without a locker room. Imagine the nerve! That’s right, you can go into a restroom and there is a private shower waiting for you. We do have lockers for you to use while on the site though. We also respect your special needs and are happy and willing to assist you with any equipment necessary. Handicap parking is available right up front too. Every single individual has different needs and goals and we respect that. Our staff is from many different walks of life, like our members and guests.

With multiple locations, we are able to see, catch and share trends nationally with our members when they are tested and scientifically found to benefit the human machine. Gadgets and widgets are rampant on any late night infomercial. Billions of dollars are invested in fitness equipment and wardrobes every year. To join Colaw Fitness, it takes one thing. Show up. It’s simple, right? Just show up to our location, fill out a one-page basic information paper and you’re on your way to the best you. Most of the time we have promotions and you don’t even pay us for days or weeks and you get all the benefits of membership.

Bring a friend! Don’t feel like the new kid in school all alone on the first day. Bring your buddy. Bring your mom, dad, or spouse, just bring someone. It is proven that buddy programs in establishing any new habit lead to more instances of success than alone. Humans are hardwired to be connected and social with each other. Sometimes our members just come in to visit with friends and get a relaxing full body massage. Every now and again our members meet, fall in love, and get married. You never know what you’ll find in the very exceptional Colaw Fitness when looking through the 10 best gyms in Topeka.

We are givers. We give love, encouragement, support, training, products, knowledge, empathy, hugs, and smiles. It makes our hearts light to help each other. Life is hard and short on a good day. Wouldn’t it be great to know you always have a sanctuary to go to when the world seems to crowd you out? Take ten minutes for yourself and run by and add a healthy glow before work with a sun-kissed tan.

Get your energy going in the morning before work and be bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Not for your employer, for yourself. For a better day. If your morning routine is packed full of lunches and buses, stop by in the evening and get a full body massage. We truly have massage only and tan only members. Don’t let the word “fitness” bother you in any negative way. Think of it as a mini vacation from everything that life and responsibilities do to wear you down. Take a hot shower and wash off the day, then head home good as new and ready to be your best for your family and loved ones.

Sure, you can search here for the 10 best gyms in Topeka, but we know you have options. There are thousands of things you can do in Topeka to get fit. Outdoor fitness is ready and accessible at any moment. When the weather cooperates because unredictable. Fitness equipment is now for sale in every department store and you just know you’ll do that while watching TV at home. When you have time because of busy lives. The infomercial with the latest full body sliding folding rubber band excitement tempts every late night channel surfer. We have many members with those items in their homes. Most are now converted into clothing holders and more flat areas to pile things on.

FIve-pound barbells are perfect for strengthening around the home and portable for the beach. Most often though, they make great door stops and paperweights. Why should you come to Colaw Fitness? To make an affordable commit to your health. For your future. Perhaps the effects of living on Earth a few years have started giving you a “dad bod”. Come in with goals of trimming down a bit and then realize how great your heart and lungs feel afterward. Endorphins are real. Exercise is necessary. No matter what size or health your doctor may be in. We all instinctively know when we are healthy because you feel great. We perform better in every aspect of our lives. Call right now at 785-409-8823 and join the Colaw Fitness family today.