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Hey there, superstars. This is Charles and Amber Colaw. Today we’re going to give you a fitness tip. And this is probably the most important fitness tip ever for me and myself and my wife that we have put into our lives. And that fitness tip is morning routine equals fitness success. A morning routine equals fitness success. Okay, so Amber, I’m going to tee it up to you. How has a morning routine equaled and helped us make Fitness cause of success over the last 16 years of being together?

Oh, um, it has been every bit of our success because you always have to, you have to have a starting point and an ending point to your day. And so if you can start your day off right then it typically rolls in the direction of good choices, better choices throughout the day. So we always talk about book ending our day. So, um, we always start first thing in the morning when we get up, make our bed gotta make your bed, we make her read. Um, and we just go through the same routines every morning like clockwork. We know,

could you walk me through, walk me through exactly what we do for a morning routine that will set us up for fitness success and then work success.

Yup. Um, so we get on our workout clothes, feel good about ourselves. We’re dressed, we’re ready. Um, we mix up our protein shakes, mix up our pre-workout drinks, we take our vitamins and then we know we’re ready to hit the 5 best gyms in Arlington. Got your headphones charged. You can’t forget the night before to charge your headphones. So it’s the same routine every morning, uh, within, Oh, the getting up from the, getting up to getting out the door. I mean, anywhere from, you know, probably 15 minutes, 15 minutes.

We’re generally out out the door. I would say in 10 to 15 minutes. Like wake up, throw clothes on, take our workout shakes, grab our vitamins, and we head out the door right away and we go and attack the jam and knock out our workout done. And probably what, 45 minutes to an hour.

You can do this podcast

Yeah, I mean, depending on how much time we have and some days we schedule more time because we want more time. That’s what we love doing. Um, it’s our, it’s our industry. It’s what we’re going to stay on top of. So for us it’s like studying or job or you know, and there’s just enjoyment to it and there’s other days we have a really full schedule and we have to stay on task and we have to focus on the workout and get in and get out. Um, there’s a lot less socializing those mornings. And so

yup. I would say we’re out of the house and go in it basically to the 5 best gyms in Arlington within 15 to 20 minutes. We work out for about 45 minutes, maybe an hour, and then we’re back to the house and ready to go clean up.

But that routine is not just when we’re at home. Even when we travel, we pack the same things. We know that we’re packing our protein or pre-workout drink or packing her vitamins. We’re packing our head bones. We have about, I mean, those things are so routine that it doesn’t change if we’re not at home.

We get up at the hotel room, take our drink, our drink, head out the door by five 15. We’ve already researched 5 best gyms in Arlington in the area. That we know we can go to if we don’t have a 5 best gyms in Arlington there. I mean that’s um, it’s part of traveling. It’s an every single day routine. It doesn’t change. It’s not up for discussion. Our kids know we’re going. Um, so just like you said, so to wrap it back up.

Yeah. And you guys do that about about four hours before your actually Workday starts because you’ve got to be ahead of the day and you know, having a morning routine, waking up three to four hours before the rest of the world gets up. They might wake up 30 minutes an hour before work and then rush. They’re already behind. They’re already going to be struggling. They will not be successful.

Every single successful person wakes up three minimum, probably four hours before work starts. That’s before the real day starts. So by the time most people are waking up, I’ve already gotten in a workout. I’ve already got it cleaned up. I already got my med at planning my whole day, my schedule done, and I’m already to execute and fully aware and ready and cleaned up and prepared. And that’s what I like. Preplanning.

So a morning routine equals fitness success. And then that success leads into business success and personal life success. Now, you cannot control what happens throughout the day, but you can control your morning routine and that gets you back in control of your life and you will be successful. That’s the fitness tip for Charles and Amber Colaw morning routine equals fitness success. A good morning routine equals fitness success and stick to it. This a Charles and Amber Colaw. Have a blessed week. Bye bye. Bye bye.

5 Best Gyms in Arlington