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5 Best Gyms in OKC | Asking Questions

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

The first step to kicking off a fitness journey is without a doubt simply showing up. It means that we get up off of the couch and begin to make a change in our lives. This can be hugely empowering to a person that is just getting started. The first step usually feels like the hardest. Therefore, we always want to encourage our members to do exactly that. We love seeing people that do big things by simply putting one foot in front of the other. However, it is not the final step. It is exciting to call it the first step until we realize that many more steps follow it. Following through can be one of the biggest giants facing people’s physical exercise. It feels like a small mountain trying to simply get started.

Then they find that they have to show up every day to another mountain. Unfortunately, this can be hugely demoralizing. Simply put, it is an extinguisher to the fire that people often begin with. With this in mind, Colaw Fitness wants to do everything possible to mend this situation. When it comes to our members, there are no questions that are out of bounds. We recognize that not everybody has experience in the fitness industry. Therefore, a certain level of patience is required. That is something that we can promise to show up with every day. We hope that you will consider joining us soon. Give us a call at 918-766-3353 for more information. Check out the 5 best gyms in OKC.

Showing up is often times more difficult than the workout itself. Simply put, it is the 5k that we run before we begin our marathon. Another example could be in relation to mountains. Showing up feels like coming upon a false summit. At first, it comes with a feeling of elation to know that you made it there. Check out the 5 best gyms in OKC. Unfortunately, it is also categorized by a sense of frustration and let down. We come to the realization that the work has only just begun and that we are already tired. This is why the apostle Paul tells us to endure suffering as a discipline. We do not have to like it or enjoy it in any sense of the word.

5 Best Gyms in OKC

However, we can endure it knowing that it is the refining fire of our holistic health. In many ways, it is a crucible that separates the slag in our lives and brings it to the surface. We will begin to notice areas in which we know that we are not who we want to be. For instance, going through this crucible might reveal poor eating or sleeping habits. Check out the 5 best gyms in OKC. It helps reveal cues that our body has been sending us for years about our habits. When we finally begin listening to these, we have the opportunity for change in our lives. This is a huge step for many of our members. The common hypothesis is that the grind is something that we come to love.

At that point, we are no longer concerned about the end result, but the journey is what is important. This is great but can be wildly discouraging for many people in the industry. Often times, the grind simply feels like a grind and is not enjoyable at all. Similarly, they still want to see the end result. Otherwise, what is the point of going through the grind? Therefore, we do not encourage our members to simply love the grind. They need to understand that it is a discipline. What loving parent does not discipline their child? Though we did not enjoy it as children, we see now why it was so important. As a result, we show gratitude to our parents for their role in our discipline.

Exercise is almost exactly that, yet we have to discipline ourselves. Paul again says that we ought to put our fleshly desires to death. We instead put on new desires that supersede the old ones. In doing so, we do not have to love the discipline. Check out the 5 best gyms in OKC. We likely never will I might add. However, we do need to continue to show up day after day to receive it. In doing so, we will find ourselves well equipped for the mountain that lies before us. We feel empowered to do something with ourselves because we have been trained. No long-distance runner got there without running and running a lot. No, we have to discipline our bodies to do something different than it is used to.

Therefore, we encourage our members to ask questions along the way. Though it is a discipline, it is certainly not one that we do alone. Check out the 5 best gyms in OKC. We all have the opportunity to encourage one another amidst the difficulties. Some days are certainly harder than others. Therefore, an encouraging community can do wonders to our discipline and tenacity. Thus, we ask that you become a part of this awesome atmosphere of people.

Regardless of where we are on the fitness journey, we can all relate to this. As a result, our members are great at consistently showing up day in and day out. With this in mind, would you consider joining us on this mission? We have the unique opportunity to see some incredible growth in people’s lives. It is a pleasure unlike any other. This is mainly because we know what it takes to grow in this way.

It takes massive discipline to be able to see these changes. Therefore, we ought to consider this our training for the race ahead. We show up every day to whatever it has in store for us. We do not have to like it or enjoy it one bit. However, it is guaranteed that we will look back on it to see that it was to our benefit. We hope that you will consider becoming a part of this awesome experience. Call Colaw Fitness today at 918-766-3353. Grace and peace to you. Check out the 5 best gyms in OKC.