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5 Best Gyms in OKC | Unlimited Massages at Colaw Fitness

This content was written for Colaw Fitness.

Is your sciatic nerve causing you problems and you’ve been Googling 5 best gyms in OKC? You should check out Colaw Fitness. Colaw Fitness has Hydro massage beds and massage chairs which are perfect for working out those sore muscles and loosening up those tight nerves. It’s a perfect place to relax, unwind and even after your massage you can get a tan or workout. If you have never used a hydro massage bed you are missing out.

All you have to do is lay down and use the screen in front of you to select the exact areas that you want massaged. The hydro massage beds are great because it uses water to massage all your sore muscles. If you prefer massage chairs Colaw Fitness has you covered there are traditional massage chairs with the rotating massager and the best part, you can recline as well. Sit back, relax and take in your favorite TV show. Interested in learning more? Take a tour today or call 918-331-0404.

Not only are the Hydro massage beds and massage chairs amazing, but they’re extra clean. The Hydro massage beds and massage chairs get cleaned on a regular basis. They are wiped down and vacuumed, that way they are always ready and clean to use. It’s also recommended that after you’ve used your bed or chair that you wipe it down as well, that way it’s ready to use for the next person. If you’re looking for the 5 best gyms in OKC, Colaw Fitness definitely has the cleanest facility in town.

5 Best Gyms in OKC

To add, another great thing about Colaw Fitness is you can get unlimited massages. Colaw Fitness has two amazing memberships. One is their $5 reward membership which starts at $20 if you frequent the gym 11 days or less but drops down to $5 if you frequent 12 days or more. It Has a $1 start payment and a $39 annual price rate guarantee that guarantees your monthly payment never goes out. It’s billed 30 days from you start and the same date every year after that.

The $10 a month flat rate doesn’t have any stipulations on often you come, has a $39 start payment and a $39 annual price rate guarantee but it’s billed 60 days from your start. Both of these amazing memberships have a 30-day money-back guarantee and all of their membership have a commitment of 12 monthly payments. Can you think of 5 best gyms in OKC that offer that?

Speaking of unlimited massages Colaw Fitness is open and staffed 24 hours a day, so no matter when you want to get a massage you can make it work within your schedule. You can get a massage early in the morning, on your lunch break or in the evening after dinner. Speaking of the evening, say you are hanging out with friends and decide you want to get a massage. The great thing about Colaw Fitness is that you can bring a friend for free! This means your friend can join you while you get a massage. At Colaw Fitness you can bring a friend for free everyday.

Furthermore, your free friend can do more than just massage, they can tan for free and they can work out with you for free. You can bring that free friend everyday and you can also bring a different friend everyday. All you have to do when you bring your free friend is make sure that they get signed up at the front desk just remember that they’ll need their ID. Once they’re in the system you can bring that friend as often as you like. Just remember it’s one friend at a time but as many friends as you like. When searing for 5 Best Gyms in OKC, did any other places offer to bring a friend for free?

Not only does Colaw Fitness offer unlimited massages and you can bring a friend for free but they have a great nutrition and workout program called the CF-30. If you’re interested and getting fit and losing weight head to the front desk and ask for the CF-30 program. It’s a diet and workout program that guarantees you’ll lose 10 to 30 lb of body fat in 30 days. You can even do this program with your friend.

Another great thing is that you can purchase the journal at the front desk for $10 to keep track of your progress. The one thing to remember about the CF-30 program is that you have to follow the plan exactly to hit that goal of losing 10 to 30 pounds of body fat in 30 days. If you’re not interest in the nutrition program you can still use the workout program that outlines exactly what workouts to do each day and how much cardio to do.

Speaking of working out let’s talk about all the amazing equipment at Colaw Fitness. There’s treadmills, ellipticals, row machines, and bikes. All of these machines are perfect if you’re doing cardio. You can use your CF-30 program to determine your ideal heart rate while doing cardio to burn the most calories. Cardio is great for burning calories. But if you’re interested in sculpting your body the next thing you want to do is weight training. Colaw Fitness has plenty of machines to start building muscle, like the Matrix machines and synergy machines. There are also lots of free weights to help you start getting strong. No need to keep googling the 5 Best Gyms in OKC, Colaw Fitness has everything you need.

In conclusion, you should definitely check out Colaw Fitness if you’ve been searching for the 5 Best Gyms in OKC. Colaw Fitness has amazing membership, tons of weight training machines, free tanning. Free massage, free nutrition programs, free trainer instruction, and you can also bring a friend for free. And don’t forget, the staff is super friendly. They are always there to answer questions, provide encouragement, and help keep the facility clean and in great shape. If you have any questions or want to take a tour call 918-331-0404.