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5 Best Gyms in Oklahoma City | Building New Habits

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

If you are searching for the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City, we are at the top of that list. At Colaw Fitness, our desire is to help you grow. We aim to do this by first nurturing positive new habits in your life. Often times, we do not all of a sudden start making bad decisions. Hence, it is a slow process of building poor habits that lead to our unhealthiness. Similarly, we do not become healthy by taking a day to just do good things.

We believe that in order to be healthy, you have to create space for healthy habits in your life. The best part is that typically this starts on a very small scale. If this seems interesting to you, call us at 918-766-3353 for more information. You can also find information online at ColawFitness.com. There we will provide a virtual tour and information about our memberships and amenities.

We at Colaw Fitness believe that we have access to everything we need to lead a healthy, joyful life. This may start with research on the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City. From there it might simply be to start walking for thirty minutes a day. Over time these new positive habits begin to compound upon each other to create a new life. People that have just started turning their life around are notoriously green. As a result, they are often prone to making mistakes and relapsing back to their old habits. Fortunately, this is completely expected of someone just getting started! Therefore, if you feel discouraged because you are not immediately seeing results, you are not alone!

5 Best Gyms in Oklahoma City

At Colaw Fitness, one of the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City, we are here to help. Building new habits is a scary and difficult process. Often we simply forget to continue implementing them once we lose our initial zeal. Thus, we are here to empower you to continue these good works. By doing this, we help push you towards the goal that you have set for yourself. There are plenty of metaphors and allegories relating to how we build and nurture new habits. We believe that it all has to start from your desire to see growth in your own life. In the sermon on the mount, Jesus says, “Blessed are those who hunger…for they will be filled.” Therefore, it is impossible to manufacture growth in a person who is not searching for it themselves. As a result, we simply give our members the tools they need for success.

At the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City, we believe that growth often comes with struggle. Think about running in a race. The person that begins a marathon in a full sprint is actually the least likely to even finish it. There will come a time when the race begins to get difficult and we have the desire to quit. Unfortunately, this is a negative feedback loop that we see many of our members fall into. They begin their journey with excitement and zeal, but once it gets difficult, they quit.

Once the race gets difficult, they have no fuel in the reserves to continue the race. Hebrews 12:1 says, “Let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us.” Our goal is not to start well, it is to end well. Understandably, there are often hiccups in this process. However, because we did not exhaust ourselves in the beginning, we still have energy to overcome it.

Therefore, at the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City, we encourage our members to start at only three days a week. Anything more than that will lead to burnout in the first few weeks. As we begin to deepen these new habits in our body, it will become easier. Someone once defined maturity as the unwavering commitment to reality. It is imperative in this beginning portion of our journey towards health that we are honest with where we are beginning. Overestimating our abilities at the beginning can lead to burnout or even injury. These are the hiccups that we can easily avoid by being committed to honesty with where we are truly starting. The Apostle Peter recognized that this process does not happen overnight. Rather, one virtue grows in us and leads us towards another virtue.

In his second letter, Peter claims that this journey begins with faith. Now, faith in the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City can look different. Hence, faith for us might look like a belief that positive change can really happen to you and I. From there, we move on to knowledge. Therefore, it is imperative that we are aware of ourselves in this process. We need to be aware of what foods, activities, or the lack thereof will be our biggest tempters. From knowledge, we then can grow into self-control.

In this stage, we actively push away from the old, bad habits that we created for ourselves. Therefore, we actively choose to nurture our new positive habits instead. Peter claims that from this point, we will grow into perseverance. Most of us assume that we are able to persevere without these other virtues. At Colaw Fitness, we aim to take the proven steps towards growth that we believe will genuinely work.

This is why so many modern diet and health plans fail. They encourage you to start by completely changing everything that you are doing overnight. Therefore, they do not portray what it is like for a real person to experience it. At Colaw Fitness, we want to be honest with everything that we do. As a result, it may seem slow at first, but it will have much more longevity than most. At the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City, we think that this is a real possibility for anyone willing to try.

Alongside this, we also have to be willing to fail and get back up. This can feel demoralizing at first. However, over time we learn how to forgive ourselves as we receive grace from those around us. This makes the process of growth easier than any diet hoax every could. If this is something you feel would be beneficial, call us at 918-766-3353. We would love to talk to you more about positive growth that can be made in your life. Grace and peace to you.