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5 Best Gyms in Oklahoma City | More Than Just Physique

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

As one of the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City, Colaw Fitness has to offer more than just six pack abs. Although they are great, they will go away some day. That being said, Colaw Fitness exists to help our members find health mentally, physical, emotionally, and spiritually. This adds quite a bit of extra work on our end, but we feel that it is worth our time. Also, our memberships start as low as five dollars per month. We do this to make sure that everybody has access to the great benefits that come with our memberships. With that in mind, our goal is to shape whatever community we are in for the better. Whether we are in OKC, Joplin, or Topeka, we want to make an impact. You can find more information online at ColawFitness.com or by phone at 918-766-3353.

If we were to only focus on our members’ outward physical appearance, we would be doing them a grave disservice. Additionally, if we level up their physique, often times people are not satisfied. When that is the only thing that we focus on, our members continue to feel that they aren’t doing enough. Therefore, it is our responsibility to also address underlying issues that come wanting a healthier life. As an example, larger biceps will never be good enough for somebody with body dysmorphia. They will continue to feel like they are not in shape, which can lead to deeper issues than before. In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus points out that we need to focus on the inside as well. He says, “First clean the inside of the cup, and then the outside also will be clean.”

Using this as a metric for success at the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City, our priorities change. While we address the physical desires of our members, we also acknowledge their internal needs. That is why we have created a culture and atmosphere to suit this. Hence, we want every person that walks through our doors to feel a deep sense of peace. With that in mind, our desire is to help people grow in the many areas I addressed earlier. As a result, our members find surprising changes occurring in them. All the while they are making important changes for their own physical health!

5 Best Gyms in Oklahoma City

At Colaw Fitness, we believe being one of the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City comes with extra responsibilities. Growth always comes with a certain pain. We have all experienced this in our childhood. When our bodies begin to grow, it begins aching. When children begin growing teeth, it is often a painful process. Similarly, when we begin to grow internally, there is inherent pain involved. Thus, our goal is to come alongside our members in that difficult season. We try to provide an environment that fosters growth while also soothing pain. Whereas people may use our massage beds to relax muscle aches, they often do so to calm their minds as well. Overall, the members that use our facility are going to experience this at some point or another.

Even though there is pain involved, it can still be a wonderful process. Similarly, childbirth is by no means a comfortable process, but it brings about new life. Likewise, the pains of our internal and external growth will always bring about new life if we allow it. In fact, we believe that this is needed more than ever in our community. Being the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City means that we take care of our communities. People come to us frustrated by work, family, school, or the lacking of any of them. For this reason, we want to supplement wherever we can the optimism that people are lacking. We aim to have memberships at such a low cost, anybody can do it. We are not a gym for exclusively the elite. Admittedly, we are very proud of this fact.

Studies show that using the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City for routine exercise creates an optimistic mindset. By exercising regularly, we create positive endorphins that encourage us to do more positive things. For example, whenever we go for a run and follow it up with healthy food, we want more! Deep down we know that these things are beneficial for us. However, we often times self-sabotage and take the easy way out. This shows itself in the food we eat, the activities we take part in, and the habits we proliferate. “Seek first the kingdom and His righteousness”, Jesus says. When we focus on ourselves for too long, we fall into negativity. However, when our focus is outside of ourselves, we begin to have a more positive outlook.

The 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City have something unique to offer then. We create a community atmosphere inside of our health clubs to help take the focus off ourselves. After attending Colaw Fitness for a while, you will find that people want to get to know you. Eventually you will find yourself socializing with a whole group of regulars! As a result, you will find yourself encouraging others. This in turn encourages you deep down. The golden rule, “Love your neighbor as yourself”, comes into play here. You certainly would not discourage your neighbor from making healthy changes. In fact, you would probably encourage them to do more! When this is a driving factor in our lives, our mindset shifts. Truthfully, we encourage ourselves through encouraging our neighbor.

In conclusion, being a member at the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City has more perks than we realize. In addition to becoming healthy on the outside, we help you become healthy on the inside. We do this by creating an environment where you can grow in a number of different ways. In addition, you can do so with a community behind you. We believe that you are worth it. Similarly, we hope you find this to be true as well. Call us today for more information at 918-766-3353. Grace and peace to you.