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5 Best Gyms in Oklahoma City | Quarantine Got You Down?

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Colaw Fitness is one of the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City, without a doubt! With over ten thousand reviews on Google, we are the highest rated gym in our city! With memberships starting as low as $5, you get a vast array of amenities. Furthermore, we offer free tanning, massage, trainer, and nutrition instruction. Our Customer Service team is open to answer these questions any day at 417-437-9345.

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, fitness is a great way to stay positive. In addition, “You Can Do This” podcast to offer fitness tips and tricks. Charles and Amber Colaw bring listeners a ten-minute segment all about questions that you have! You can find this podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. In addition, we offer free trainer instruction for all of our members and guests. We offer orientation style classes. These are made up of upper body, lower body, abs, cardio, and nutrition classes. We offer these at a variety of times, so you’ll never have to wake up at 4am to get in a good workout. You’re a champion, we are just here to help you along the way.

Furthermore, our nutrition class is the CF-30 program. This program guarantees you will lose ten to thirty pounds of body fat in only thirty days. However, unlike most weight loss programs, the CF-30 will keep you feeling energized! The goal of this program is to use your body’s stored body fat as energy. This differs from normal routines that leave us feeling hungry and exhausted at the end of the day. The CF-30 keeps you satisfied and in front of cravings all day! This makes us one of the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City.

5 Best Gyms in Oklahoma City

If you’re like me, you would not want to sign up for something you haven’t seen for yourself. Subsequently, we have come up with a solution for that! By visiting our website, you will be able to virtual tours of all of our facilities. This will help you get an idea of what to expect for the Oklahoma City location before you sign up. As a result, you can virtually see every square foot of our building before you even go in. Experience the sights, sounds, and maybe even smells if you’re lucky! We make sure that Colaw Fitness doesn’t smell like a dirty sock. We sanitize all of our equipment on a daily basis. In addition to this, we also supply our members with sanitizing spray for their equipment. Our greatest goal is the comfort and safety of our entire team.

One reason someone might avoid one of the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City is that they don’t know anybody. We have you covered there as well. Along with our other free amenities, our members can bring a friend for free every day. This friend can work out, tan, massage, and do everything that you can as a member. Whereas at other gyms that friend might not be able to use everything that you can. You are essentially getting two memberships for the price of one! That is a deal that is nearly impossible to beat.

Some members might not like open shower rooms or bathrooms. In response to this, we’ve made sure that every member has access to a private shower. That is right! You no longer need to worry about awkward locker room experiences. Our staff cleans them numerous times per day, so it will always be clean and ready to go for you. This fits into the three daily goals of our team. Our first goal is to make sure that the facility stays clean for all of our members. Next, we want to make sure that all of our equipment is up to date and working well. Finally, as one of the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City, we aim to love on our members.

All of these things help create an atmosphere in which all of our members feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, we pride ourselves on being the Chick-Fil-A of gyms. We want every experience that you have with us to be a positive one, or we’ll make it right. We have put a few policies in place to make sure that is the case.

First, we offer a thirty-day money back guarantee for all new members. So, if you try out a membership with us and don’t enjoy it, we’ll give you your money back! In addition, you’ll also have those thirty days of access absolutely free! Whereas many fitness centers rope you into long contracts that are hard to get out of, we do not. As one of the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City, we always make freezing your membership a hassle free experience. We do this because we would not enjoy that experience either!

Our staff will greet you like you are the highlight of their day, every day. Just look at our google reviews! A vast majority of them are left with names of specific staff members that they loved working with. Therefore, our staff is a wonderful reflection of God’s love towards our members. Consider thanking them the next time that you are in the facility! Most of our team members have been working with Colaw Fitness for over a year. If you are interested in working with Colaw Fitness, apply on indeed today! We also have our Human Resources team ready to connect with you on possible employment opportunities.

People love Colaw Fitness because it is such a close-knit community. Often times, our members start to have genuine friendships with our team. Furthermore, this is due to the friendly and welcoming nature of our facility and our team members. Stop in to say hello and get some more information today!

If you are not entirely convinced to sign up for a membership with us, that is okay! We are always offering membership deals and specials that will be of major benefit to you. You could even get a whole year for free if you have three people sign up under you! If you have any questions about memberships at Colaw Fitness, call us at 417-437-9345. We’ll prove that we are in the 5 best gyms in Oklahoma City.