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5 Best Gyms in Topeka | Accessible Gym

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Colaw Fitness is the best fitness center in Topeka for many reasons such as our diverse equipment, wonderful amenities, and staff. But one of the things that sets Colaw Fitness up for success is how accessible information is about our gym. We are dedicated to making sure that all of your fitness needs are met, and you have all the knowledge you need before committing to a membership. Our accessibility makes us one of the 5 best gyms in Topeka. Come see the best fitness center in Topeka for yourself at Wanamaker and 19th Terrace in Topeka Kansas to see what we are all about! Or you can call us at 785-409-8823 to talk to a wonderful staff member.

While Colaw Fitness didn’t start in Topeka Kansas, our founders Charles and Amber Colaw wanted to make fitness more accessible to communities. This meant that they would make membership costs lower, and make sure that their gyms weren’t just gyms. Furthermore, memberships come packed with goodies such as access to private bathrooms, free lockers, massage stations, and tanning stations. No matter which membership you sign up for, whether it be our rewards system or a day pass, you have access to these amenities. Our wonderful staff here at Colaw Fitness is dedicated to making you feel taken care of and that self-care is attainable.

Because our Topeka location is located on Wanamaker, we know that we are guaranteed to get our mission to more people because Wanamaker is so central. We are close to the mall, a few super grocery stores, and close to the highway. We have customers from closer to Lake Shawnee and downtown Topeka, and even Lawrence! This accessibility makes us one of the five best gyms in Topeka. Colaw Fitness is certainly one of the best gyms in the city, which is proven by our diverse members. This makes us one of the most accessible gyms in the city because there are no weird back ways you have to take to be able to get the gym time you need.

5 Best Gyms in Topeka

Speaking of gym time, we also are open for 24 hours and 7 days a week! That means that no matter how busy you are, we will always have our door open to greet you (except Christmas Day, of course). Whether you are a night shift doctor or an early bird who wants to catch the worm, you have access to our gym whenever you need it! Here at the best gym in the city, we realize that everyone is at different points in their lives, so they have different needs and wants for their gym experience. You are worth it, here at Colaw, and we want to make sure you have the space to prove that to yourself.

Our gym is accessible for people who are beginners in their fitness journeys. Or for people who are more common gym goers. We have equipment for all types of people to ensure that our members can focus on what they need to. Our treadmills and ellipticals are some safer options for people who are just getting started at the gym. Because they are more common. We also have weight options and Matrix machines to help you learn how to lift weights. However, we realize that people should not be limited to where they are in their fitness journey, so we hope you feel like you can use all the equipment you’d like. If you have any questions on how to use any of our technology, you can always ask a lovely front desk person who would be happy to help out.

Not only do we have equipment for every one of our members. But we also have amenities to give you a more pleasant Colaw experience. We pride ourselves on being one of the best fitness centers in Topeka. Not just a gym, because of all of these amenities. We have tanning beds, massage stations, free lockers, and private bathrooms that are equipped with showers! You deserve to have a positive experience no matter when you come into our gym. So we want to give that to you. Each member has access to these amazing amenities whether their membership is a day pass or part of our rewards program. This makes us one of the most affordable and one of the top five gyms in Topeka.

It is important to note that our equipment is always cleaned after every use to ensure that you feel safe and clean here at Colaw. Our staff is committed to making sure that your gym is clean and ready for your use. We recognize that being open 24 hours a day can create a facility that has germs and grime. But here at Colaw, we clean our equipment every few hours. And we ask that our members clean the equipment they use. If there is something that is not to your cleanliness standard, feel free to notify one of our staff members. So we can take care of that for you right away!

There is also a lot of information about our gym online, which makes us one of the most accessible gyms. We have articles online that talk about our gym equipment, tanning stations, massage options, and amazing staff. To ensure you have all the information you need when making a decision about which gym to go to. Another reliable source to find out more information about the best gym in the city is to look at the reviews online. We encourage our members that are happy with their results at Colaw to leave a Google or Facebook review. This ensures that you get a well-rounded view of what your future gym looks like. You can also always give us a phone call to ask questions, too. Always one of the most open gyms as we are one of the top 5 gyms in Topeka.

One thing that makes Colaw Fitness one of the best gyms in the city is the fact that we are also the most affordable gym in the city. So join today for only as low as $1 down on our best-selling membership. Cash in as well with monthly payments as low as $5 a month. What? As low as $5 a month and you get access to the entire gym plus all the benefits? One of the 5 best gyms in Topeka giving you the best deals in Topeka. That’s a great deal if I have ever seen one. So never worry about whether you’re getting your money’s worth at Colaw Fitness. We will guarantee that you will, so take advantage of our deals while you can.

Here at Colaw Fitness, we know that we are the best gym in Topeka. But we are also one of the cleanest and most affordable. When you come to our fitness center and get a membership, you have access to the entire facility! From the tanning beds to the Matrix machines to the massage chairs to the private bathrooms. We are accessible because we are affordable, and we have reliable information about our organization online. But if you ever need more information about the best gym in Topeka. Feel free to give us a call at 785-409-8823, to talk to one of our amazing staff members! Always one of the 5 best gyms in Topeka.