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5 Best Gyms in Topeka | Never too old to start exercising

Hi, this is Charles and Amber Colaw today. Amber is gonna tell us the win of the week.
The win of the week is Scott. Scott’s lost 25 pounds.
At 72 years old. Twenty five pounds at 72.

Way to go Scott. Yeah, no, our fitness tip of the week is you’re never too old to exercise, but I want to change it up a little bit that you’re never too old to start exercising. Yup. Yup. So we definitely want to encourage all of you that have never exercise before you were thinking about it maybe to get started at any age.

Yes. And the fitness tip I’m going to go into, there are six benefits. I was researching online and looking up stuff and of course I have uh, like eight certifications and training and I’m certified in physical fitness for the elderly. Um, some of the key benefits to exercising for older adults is what they call it, but is number one, it prevents diseases and heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Um, those are all the top killers in America is having to do with circulatory system of the heart and how that works and diabetes, heart disease, um, a stroke.

All of those are functional, uh, fundamentally, um, related to your circulatory health. And um, it prevents a lot of that. When you exercise your body releases nitric oxide, they talk about the pump or your heart beats and your blood vessels actually dilate and that actually cleans out some of the plaque buildup in the arteries and veins.

It clears the capillaries in the brain. It helps your body’s health, like your mental clarity and some of the things. So it prevents disease a number one, it prevents a disease of every sort and all the major, major killers in America. Um, number two, it improves your mental health. It releases endorphins, it helps your body sleep and do the rem sleep, which causes recovery and the natural pulses of growth hormones and so on in the body for him repairing and regenerating tissue. So it releases endorphins and also reduces stress.

So improved mental health, mental clarity, like I talked about this capillaries dilating when you exercise your body. Vasodilators is what vessels dilate. Same thing with the brain. So the mental clarity has improved. Number three is decrease the chance of risk, the risk of falling. And for older people like to fall, it can cause a very, very, very major issue for them. If you start at the 5 best gyms in Topeka you can improve that.

Um, and that’s very, very common. So, um, and increases your strength at the 5 best gyms in Topeka. When you’re doing exercise and increases your muscles and the strength of the muscles, the muscle density, the muscle mass. Also the bone density, it helps with flexibility, your improved balance and coordination. All of this reduces the risk of falling. And so it’s so important for people to, that are older to start exercising. I actually had a client that uh, I used to train and I actually started training her at 96 and we trained her all the way to a hundred and she did very well. She was very functional and maintained her health. She actually drove all the way up until about a hundred. Yeah, she drove her stuff all the way up until like that last year.

You’re so right. And her reasoning for wanting to start exercising at 95 with all of her friends had started keeping all of their cans of food on the counter because it was too heavy for them to reach up into a cabinet and get a can of food. And she said, I’m not gonna do that. Yeah, I’m going to keep my cans in my cabinet. So she was so cute. So she would work out with even just the littlest of weights. But to her in her mind that was that can of food that she was going to be able to
keeps your independence, makes you feel competent.

Yeah. So it was good. And so we are actually trained for personally for about two years and its heads and my trainers work with a wonderful lady. So anyways, it’s really, really cool. So it helps with that, um, for is social engagement. As you get older it’s really good to stay connected and to get out of the house and have some sort of activity. So I highly encourage people to not just be a hermit in their house. It actually is harder on your body. You do. You evolve very, very quickly when you don’t do anything. So I encourage you to get out of house, stay engaged, have that social engagement.

Yeah, the people with battle, depression, loneliness, depression. And so social engagement, working out with others is a great social event with a family member or friend and go into the 5 best gyms in Topeka and exercising. It’s a social event. Plus it got a lot of health benefits. So flirting into, yes, we can do that too. Yeah. So okay. But in PR a number number five, the fifth one is improved cognitive function.

This increases the blood flow to the brain. I talked about it earlier but so important because it helps with the uh, the, the part of dementia and dementia is where you start to forget things and you have less mental clarity. Sometimes I feel like I have it, but the thing is is the more you exercise, it releases those, uh, this, the capillaries dilate, the blood flow increases in all the tissue in your brain gets healthy oxygen and cellular respiration, which helps with improved cognitive mental function.

So exercise increases the blood flow to the brain and the body. Making you sharper mentally and physically. Exercise is shown to lower the risk of dementia regardless of when you begin exercising. So even if you start exercising at like 80, you’re still gonna help reverse some of that dementia. So it’s very, very good to start exercise. And number six, just like a Scott here, he’s 72 is very healthy. He lost 25 pounds. So you’re going to lose fat and you’re going to tone up and strengthen the muscles want to lose weight and look better.

And as their owner, adults,and we have a lot of people that say they do it for their mental health and they do it. I’ve got a lot of moms that want to go get a little time away from the kids, get a little exercise, got a lot of working professionals that need to de stress after a long stressful day at the office, uh, get moving again. So we’ve, you know, we encourage couples to work out together. Yes. The best thing for a marriage and to be social and know we work pretty much every day together, even like seven days a week to tried to do it every single day just fine.

Um, but anyways, the, the, the quote, uh, I have a motivational quote for you and uh, and I’ll let you do the quote. I get to do the quote. I like the idea of getting older people lifting. You just have to get them in and do it. That’s why John Gilmore, he’s a 92 year old power lecturer, that crazy. So say John is a 92 year old powerlifter and he just loves the idea. He says, all you gotta do is get him, get him in there and start doing it.

They’re going to love it. So you just got to get in there and do it. So, right. That brings me to my action step and the action step is start working out now. Even now you’re 70 or 80, or 90, or maybe even 95, like a like that, like that lady we’re talking about earlier. So, uh, so anyway, I start working out and let’s watch a Scott’s video. He did a great job of losing 25 pounds and Colaw Fitness the top of the 5 best gyms in Topeka.

He’s 72. He’s really motivated and you need to put yourself around other guys like this that will make you to be successful for sharing that testimony. And congratulations on weight loss and the one the week. So good job, Scott. Watch this video.

My name is Scott Roots, the full range of equipment, very positive and productive. Feeling better. I’ve lost 25 pounds since I’ve been coming here for the last year, and I feel great at the age of 72.