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Arlington Fitness Center | Make New Friends

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

The saying goes that if you walk with wise men, you will be wise. Likewise, if you walk with fools, you’ll be destroyed. At Colaw Fitness’ Arlington fitness center, we hold that close to our hearts. We believe that you eventually become the people that you surround yourself with. Therefore, if you spend time with mature people of wisdom, you will become like them. It is the same reason that Paul says, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.” Ultimately, we become the people that we surround ourselves with. Often times, we see people in our facility that have left some pretty rough circumstances. Therefore, the best thing we can do is befriend them to a healthy mentor. From there, this person can help lead them in the right direction. If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of, call us at 918-766-3353.

Because we turn into the people that we surround ourselves with, we have some decisions to make. We can either choose to surround ourselves with people that we want to be like, or not. If we decide not to, there is a very strong chance of not liking what we turn into. The Christian philosopher Dallas Willard put it best in saying that transformation happens to us all. Additionally, he states that we do not turn into good people haphazardly. Therefore, we do so by consistently making choices that will turn us more and more into that kind of person. We choose every day that we will make moves towards being that person. Ultimately, our eighty year old selves will be thankful to us for starting at the Arlington fitness center.

We often hear from our older members that they wish they would have simply started sooner. The worst thing that we can find ourselves doing is just waiting. Choosing to wait like that is nothing more than trying to prolong disaster. People find similar excuses with things like exercise. It isn’t until someone has heart problems that they decide to start exercising. Therefore, why not start now and save yourself the trouble? We will either experience the pain of hard work, or the pain of regret. Unfortunately, there is nothing pragmatic to do when regret sets in besides simply moving forward. We want to take a proactive stance on health at our Arlington fitness center. This looks like having tough decisions with friends that really just pull you down. These people are constantly dragging us through the mud, even worse, we let them!

Arlington Fitness Center

It takes courage to make decisions now that do not feel good in anticipation of something to come. Thus, these decisions will never be easy. However, they are not any less good of a decision to make. Additionally, we do not become joyful people haphazardly. Therefore, we need to begin making decisions now that will lead to that. Psychologists point out that our life always has a trajectory. Either we are moving towards being a loving, joyful person, or not. Unfortunately, the opposite happens if we don’t work towards it. If we don’t make decisions that will lead to us being joyful people, we’ll likely be cynical and calloused. That being said, these decisions could be anything from choosing to forgive to starting at a gym. We can tell you that our Arlington fitness center is the best place to be as you grow older.

We are convinced that you will meet your best friends at Colaw Fitness. These will be people that will stand by you through thick and thin. This is because they know the struggle. They are only a little ways farther down the road than you are. As a result, they can relate to the struggle of having friends that drag you down. Because of this, they will be better friends than ever before. Also, this won’t just be in a shallow acquaintance sort of way.

Likely, they will work side by side with you towards your health goals. There are no better friends than ones that push you past your comfortability point. Likely, you will wake up one morning to a phone call asking why you are not at the gym with them! We see this all the time at our Arlington fitness center. People who workout at the same time naturally begin to have conversations over time. The beautiful thing is that these go from gym friendships to real genuine friendships very quickly.

Aside from your gym friends, our staff are also there to make sure you stay encouraged. As odd as it may be, we are happy to have tough conversations with our members. This is because we truly care about their success and have seen their hard work. The last thing that we want to see them do is throw all of that away! Of course, there is only so much our staff can do. Ultimately, it is up to our members how far they will go on their journey towards health. That being said, our Arlington fitness centers are made for this. We send out encouraging messages every week to keep people in the race. These might include messages from the owners, fitness tips, and much more. If you feel that this would be helpful for you, we would love to see you in the facility soon.

Finally, we truly believe that you will meet some of your best friends at Colaw Fitness. Especially at our Arlington fitness center. It would be an honor to have you join us. Because we are always becoming someone, we think it is important to make wise decisions. We all want to be healthy people in our elder years. Thus, we have to begin now. It is imperative that we do not wait to figure it out at that age. When we find ourselves twenty, thirty, sixty years down the line, we don’t want to have regrets. Let’s choose to work hard now and not face the pain of regret. If this seems interesting to you at all, consider joining us. If you have more questions, give us a call at 918-766-3353. Grace and peace to you.