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Arlington Fitness Center | You Wouldn’t Pay More At A Gas Station

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

We all get excited when gas prices start to drop. Even a few cents difference makes us feel like we are saving tons of money. Often times, we will drive far out of our way just to save a few cents per gallon. This makes perfect sense to us. That being said, you wouldn’t drive out of your way simply to spend more money for the same product. Therefore, why would you think that way about your gym? Our Arlington Fitness Center has the lowest prices you will find anywhere, guaranteed.

Thus, why would you drive the same distance only to pay more for the same product. These days, many gyms have similar amenities. They have a somewhat low monthly payment with fitness equipment, tanning, and other things. At Colaw Fitness, we have the lowest monthly payments. In addition, we have more free amenities than anybody else. This means no hidden fees! If this seems like someone that you would be interested in, call us at 918-766-3353.

We aren’t kidding you, we really can save you an incredible amount of money every month. Depending on where you are going, you could be spending ten times more per month that at Colaw Fitness. Based on your activity in the facility, you can pay as low as $5 per month for a ton of amenities. You can access all of our fitness equipment, free tanning, and free massage. Amongst these things, you also have access to free trainer and nutrition instruction! Most other facilities will charge you an arm and a leg in order to use even just the fitness equipment. Additionally, they do not allow you to use any of the other amenities. Instead, they will suggest that you pay extra money to use the additional benefits. This makes us the most valuable Arlington fitness center without a doubt.

Arlington Fitness Center

Therefore, we try to also give you a great location for your fitness journey. Our team researches locations for months before we open a facility. We do this to make sure that our Arlington fitness center will be exactly where you want. Additionally, it will be the right size compare to the local population. Many other gyms will try to cram as much equipment as possible into a tiny space to save money. We have spared no expense to make sure that you have plenty of space to use our equipment. As a result, we also supply at least two of every machine. That way, even when our facility is busy, you won’t need to worry about waiting for your machine. Therefore, we are the number one fitness center in every category that you can imagine.

Have you ever felt like your gym wasn’t telling you the whole story? Then, you find out they have been billing you more than you felt that you agreed to. When you’ve brought it up to them, they showed you find print that they didn’t go through with you. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done. At Colaw Fitness, we walk through an in depth payment schedule with you. Therefore, you will know exactly what you will be billed over the coming months. As a result, you can feel confident there will be no hidden fees! Our goal at our Arlington Fitness Center is to ensure that you have a positive experience every time. Of course, we can’t guarantee that if we try to charge you hidden fees.

When we give you a payment schedule, we show you your first four months of payments. All of the payments that you will make are highlighted, underlined, and bolded on our contracts. We do this to ensure that you are aware of every charge that will be coming from us. Additionally, we also provide our members with access to an online portal. This portal will show them all of their payment history as well as upcoming payments. Therefore, we make sure to hold ourselves accountable where other gyms do not. We are grateful to have an Arlington fitness center, and do not want to hurt the community!

Community is incredibly important to us at Colaw Fitness. We believe that without healthy community, it is impossible for us to grow into healthy people. Proverbs tells us, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Therefore, we should not surround ourselves with people who are going to dull us! For our members to make real progress, they have to have healthy community. Therefore, our goal in our Arlington fitness center is to help provide that positive community.

This group may be made up of staff members, workout buddies, or both! A good community can be made up by really any person that is encouraging you towards your goals. I have no doubt that the other members in our facility will accept you with open arms! This is a huge part of what we are all looking for when we sign up for a gym. Nobody wants to join a gym where they feel singled out and alone. Thus, our members are some of the most welcoming that you will likely find anywhere you go!

In conclusion, Colaw Fitness’ Arlington fitness center does a great job with transparency for the community. We do this by making sure that you feel that the information on our memberships is clear. Therefore, we hope to avoid all hidden fees at any cost! You can rest assured that what you signed up for is as good as it seems. Besides that, we want to create an awesome community around you. We believe that community helps us reach our full potential. In the language of Jesus, you will be like seed spread on good soil. We believe that we can accomplish this together at Colaw Fitness. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 918-766-3353 for more information! Grace and peace to you.