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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles colo, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven growth path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the UCAN do this podcast.

Hello, this is Charles Cola. And today I’m going to talk to you about my diet and workout routine on the, you can do this podcast with Charles and Amber Cola with Cola fitness. So today I’m going to go over my story, my routine, my, uh, my workout routine at Arlington gyms, my diet routine, giving you a motivational quote, which is a proverb that I live by. It’s the number one verse that has inspired me my whole life. Uh, talk about finding a good coach or a goat or a greatest of all time to follow so that you can be mentored and become the new you. Um, to remind you to have a coachable heart and to get followed to follow a simple idiot proof plan that I’m going to give you an access to you at the end of this podcast and some other motivational things and social proof of testimonies of me and others that have been successful.

So to know a do, I’m going to jump right in here to the Charles Cole laws, diet and workout routine. My current one and the one I pretty much used throughout all the years to maintain great shape year round. Um, so to start off in high school I wanted to get bigger and I wanted to play football so I would eat a lot and eat tons of junk and pizza and ice cream and on weight gainer shakes and workout. And I achieved a weight at 17 years old, of three Oh three in high school, um, at my highest and uh, three Oh three, yet by the time I was a junior, senior in high school. And I then lost all of that fat 83 pounds of weight and started competing in fitness and bodybuilding and winning fitness shows and competitions for bodybuilding and got, uh, like eight certifications and training.

Then started a fitness business, uh, for personal training and then grew that into a multimillion dollar multiple state, um, uh, business far as in, uh, basically helping people lose weight, get in shape, um, called colon fitness and Arlington gyms, really focused on beginner fitness people to lose weight, feel great, uh, with a Christian environment. So to start off in high school, I was three Oh three, and I wanted to lose weight. I blew out my knee my senior year. I had some colleges looking at me and thought, you know, I don’t know if I want to continue to be this heavy and big. So I talked to a guy who was a trainer. He was like my goat, the greatest of all time for me. Um, and that type of fitness reign has seen him lose a bunch of weight and getting really good shape and be competitive and fitness competitions and looked amazing.

And I said, what do you do and how can I be like you? And he gave me templates to follow and I simply was a coachable person, especially coming from former athletics. And I walked right into his templates and in eight, sorry, nine months I lost 83 pounds and started competing and fitness and being uh, very, very motivated, encouraged and comfortable in my skin. When I was three or three, uh, I was more self conscious, I was more introverted. I did not feel confident in myself. So, um, I didn’t want other people after doing that, I wanted other people to feel that way and I wanted to get into fitness as a business and be a fitness trainer and be like a good motivator, encourager for people. So that’s my story. I went from three Oh three to two 20 for my first competition. And then over the years I’ve maintained around 250 at about 6% of body fat year round.

Um, and so I’m going to tell you about my workout routine and my diet routine. Not a lot of guys can maintain under seven or 8% body fat year-round for you know, 15 years and never go back up ever again. Um, and I’m going to talk about the key things for my success after being in the obese, overweight category high school and then actually maintaining and keeping a year round, lean, ripped physique. And so just to start off, I’m going to talk about my workout routine. My workout routine that I’m currently doing is very similar to what I’ve done in the past right now. I will do a breakup into more of a bodybuilding cadence since I was a former bodybuilder for Arlington gyms. I do a chest and triceps emphasis day and one day. And then I go to back and biceps on the next day. And then I do a shoulders and traps my upper shoulders and traps on the next day.

And then I go to a leg routine, which is quads, hams, calves. And then I repeat that cycle, uh, over again to chest and Tris one day back and buys the next day, shoulders and traps the next day, quads, hams and calves the next day. And I pretty much rotate that all the time. I never take a day off from Arlington gyms, not because I don’t need to because I just love working out. I love training. I’m a super driven person. Um, and to just to basically like since eighth grade, well, since about sixth grade, I started working out as much as I could get access to a gym. And since eighth grade, I’ve never ever missed a week of working out, maybe not even three days in a row of working out. So seriously, I’m almost 40 years old. I’ve never missed a week of working out since I was in eighth grade. And so, um, I don’t know.

That’s one thing about me is I would just, I’m super driven. I don’t know anybody that’s more driven and consistent than I am. I’ve never met anybody, but uh, but I can stick to something and kill it. Um, so kind of like a pit bull, I just latch onto something and do it. Um, and I try to help other people accomplish that. That’s why a lot of people helped me coach them, hold them accountable to reach them. I have a lot, like about 90 some people on staff. My job is to push them, coach them, I care. But I also care about them growing more than the comfort of the conversation. And that’s what makes me a great trainer and a great boss because I truly care about them and my highest desires, their greatest gain in their future. Sometimes not the comfort of the conversation because what they’re paying me to do or what they’re leaning on me to do as the leader is to help them move to the next level.

So all my workout routines at Arlington gyms, cha a chest and triceps back and biceps, shoulders, traps, quads, hams and cast roots and rotate it. And so I’m always about what, four or five days until I hit that same muscle group again. Plenty of time recovery. I hit anywhere from eight to 15 repetitions. Um, if my joints are more sore, I just adjust the weight based upon that. My goal is to really stimulate the muscles to feel full, tight and uh, overloaded. Somewhere between the eight and 15 rep range, I start to fatigue and that’s enough to create, um, uh, muscle muscular strength, muscular endurance and some muscle density and pretty much everything falls within that category. So I’ll do sets of 15 for a while and then I’ll go back to sets of eight for a while. I just kind of feel my body out and feel that it’s either stimulate my body or I need to kind of switch it up.

So I mainly just change the rep schemes between eight to 15 repetitions till failure. Um, and I do that with chest Tris, back buys, shoulders, traps, quads, hams, cap, and then, and then the, uh, Quanta Hampton calves on the leg day. So I rotate those. And um, I do about eight to 15 repetitions. I focus on about four key exercises for each muscle group. So, you know, from eight to 12 exercises per workout. And I have done that pretty much religiously, um, since eighth grade, never missing a week. Now when I was in the heat of competing in my twenties and I was up to two 87 and under 6% body fat, I was huge and I was repping over 400 pounds for reps, um, like three 65 for eights on inclines and four Oh five for like six and eights on flat bench. Um, uh, you know, I did put like a lot of time and kind of like over-trained and stuff, but um, but now first just an easy quick routine in and out of Arlington gyms in 40 minutes or less.

Um, I’ve maintained, um, a two 50 lean physique and almost 40 years old. And, uh, I do that every day. I never miss a day. I always get my workout in if I’m traveling. Um, I generally try to do what I can wear. Um, but rarely do I ever miss even a day. Um, but never missed a full week. So that’s my workout routine. Chest Tris one day back by its next day, shoulders traps, and then quads, hams and calves on day four. And then rotate that four day split. And I only take days off when I have to and are traveling. I don’t have access to a gym. And that seems to be enough time to give me recovery to go back into that muscle group again. Um, and I do about eight to 15 repetitions and about four exercises per muscle group and a, that’s the routine. The diet program that I follow is a very, very, very far as in like nutrition plans.

I’ve studied almost everything out there for eight now. So certifications and training. Um, and I tell people, you know, the whole takeaway on most Atkins make your South beach paleo point systems, diets, uh, calorie counting diets. They all fundamentally push, um, lean quality proteins and high fiber-based vegetables. And so all I eat is literally lean meat, vegetables and protein shakes and water. Somebody said again, lean meat, uh, sorry. Lean meat, a high fiber vegetables like STEM stock leaf vegetables, STEM stock leaf like, uh, lettuce, celery, um, asparagus, anything that’s the STEM, the stock of the leaf, not the seed of the root. So not the seed of the road, um, that has high five or so. Uh, lean meat, vegetables, protein shakes and water. And then I do eggs, uh, limited eggs. I’m a big egg fan and, uh, I stay away from dairy. I stay away from, uh, all fruits, uh, just cause it affects my physique.

Um, even the fruit dose, uh, softens me pretty quick. Um, I’m a former fat kid, so I respond river easily to sugars and high fruit. Anything that has to do with refining base carbohydrates and sugars, I will bloat subcutaneously and my skin layer between my fat and I’ll look bloated, bloated, and soft and start gaining body fat extremely fast. Um, with any type of carbohydrates that are high-glycemic. So, and I’ve worked with most, everyone responds to the best off of a low-glycemic diets. That’s primarily foods that don’t absorb fast and the blood sugar. But so all these diets, paleo makers, South beach, all the lower carb, higher protein emphasis, um, high end lean meats high in um, a fiber-based vegetables. So anyways, that’s what I eat. So I’ll wake up in the morning, I’ll eat like a 12. I drink a four scoop shake throughout my pre-workout and workout and about an hour and a half later, then I’ll have about 12 eggs.

And then I’m just all just, just the Oaks and everything. And then I eat pretty much meat and vegetables all the rest of the day. And then I do about a two to four scoop shake, um, in the evening, probably about two, two scoop shakes, two hours apart before the evening and then go to bed. And I sit on a four scoop protein shake all throughout the night. I probably get about five to 600 grams of protein a day, which is way overkill for everybody else. But it’s always worked for me. I’ve never had any issues with health and I’ve never missed a week of working out. So I need a super high protein, low carb diet, lots of high fiber vegetables. And I do that day in, day out and don’t count, don’t count calories at all. Right now when I’m doing competitions, there’s, when I’d really get into kind of counting and weighing and measuring everything right now I don’t, and I always stay under 7% body fat.

I always have abs you around and I’m always around 250 pounds. Um, and uh, maintain a really muscular, I’m six foot four tall and muscular and I and I, that just works great for me. I look great and lean and fit and I feel great about it, feel good, feel, have, have high energy. Um, and that’s pretty much my diet and anybody I have eat similar to that within about six months, they’re all in the single digits. They’ve always looked great and felt great. It’s just ho how helping somebody coach them through those new nutritional habits. I can’t change somebody in one talk, but I can’t help them change in a few months. Uh, so if you have 40 years of bad habits, it’s hard for me to change that in one talk. But I can do it when I work. And hold you accountable and have awkward conversations with you all the way through until you’re self motivated.

Do you feel like the results have came and it’s become a new routine? But that’s the diet quote. It comes from Proverbs 1320 says, walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. So what you want to do is surround yourself with people that are going to bring you up, says walk with the wise, and you become why. So surround yourself with people that are better than you, mentally, physically, spiritually are going to challenge you to grow. Here’s the deal. Like you become what you’re around. So if you’re hanging out with people that are really driven physically and want to get fit, they’re going to help you. I’m also focused around people that truly care about you and they’re care enough to give you candor and talk to you straight. Um, that’s, uh, that’s, that’s my feedback for that. That’s the Proverbs 1320.

Write it down. Put it on top of your paper, put it on top of your fitness journal, and then commit to being around people that will bring you up. And then also also includes narrowing the scope, cutting out people in your life that you know are pulling you down. So Proverbs 1320 it’s what changed my life when I was a knucklehead kid and a bunch of trouble and I really live by that. Walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. Then finding a coach, finding your goat greatest of all time in what you want to become. So surround yourself with somebody who’s a mentor and you can become like that. Like Proverbs 1320 says you’re going to become like that. So surround yourself with the coaches and the the greatest of all time type people. So if you could picture, who’s the greatest of all time person?

I want to be spiritually, mentally, physically, and then be around that, live around that, as to work for that for free. Be just, what’s going to do is coach you to grow into that type of person. So what’s your, you’re going to be what you’re around. So they’ll say like with kids, they won’t, the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. So a lot of times you, if you’re around your parents all the time you become, you pick up a lot of attributes. If you’re around friends, you become pick up a lot of their attributes. So be around a coach or a goat. Greatest of all time and what you want to be asked to work for them for free. Go and show them Arlington gyms. Show up early, stay late while them in every area of life so that you can become a favorable with them and then they’ll invest into you.

Be coachable is my next part. You have to have a coachable heart. You gotta want feedback. You’ve got to go and ask to say, Hey, how can I improve? And then really we willing to let that sink in and then make action steps from that. When they give you feedback, be coachable, be coachable. So many people I talked to you try to coach them up and they don’t want to hear it. And so it’s really difficult to have a running back that you’re trying to run a play and they don’t really want to run it. They’ve gotta be all in. They say, I got it, I got it. The hand him the ball and they just blast through the lineup full blast. She got to have people that are coachable so you have a coachable heart. Be coachable. Um, it’s not about the comfort of where you’re, where you are right now.

It’s where are you going to go in the long run. And I tell people that, Hey, I’m not concerned with the comfort of the conversation as much as I’m concerned with where you’re going to grow in the next few years. Um, I want them to personally develop mentally, physically, and spiritually. That’s my highest desire is their greatest game. So next step, get a start. How to get started on all this. What I tell people, if you’ve never worked out, you’re wanting to get you in shape. It’s a lot to try to put into your brain. And anytime you try to think critically, think it creates a cognitive dissonance. It’s a mental dissonance with the whole program, the whole idea, the whole concept. So dissonance is like a disease. It’s a mental disease to have to critically think. It frustrates you. Think about doing a math problem and algebra at high school.

You work on it, work on it, you do like 10 minutes and get to the back saysX equals seven it’s wrong. So frustrating creates a mental dissonance. So what you need to do is get a mind frame document. It tells you step-by-step in a very simple form how to be successful at Arlington gyms and I’ve got that for you for free. If you got a cold off fitness, any of our gyms, we have the CF 30 it’s a diet and workout plan. If you follow it to a T, you’re going to lose 10 to 30 pounds, guaranteed a body fat in 30 days. So CF 30 colon fitness, 30 colon fitness, CF 30 colon fitness, 30 day workout and nutrition plan. It’ll tell you exactly what to eat, what time to eat, how to shop for the food, how to prep and how to plan it. It’s all within a document, day to day thing that you can follow, that you can scorecard yourself and hold yourself accountable.

Super simple. We’ve got a free trainer there to help you start doing that. So get started by following the CFE plan. Um, and then never quit. A lot of people when they make up and have a mess up, they’re like, well, we’ll get started on next Monday. Just get started right away. So if you eat something wrong, jump right back on it. Next meal. Don’t just keep pushing things off and be a procrastinator. Jump right back on the plan. So if you mess up on your food, jump right back on it, mess up on your workout, you miss a day, jump right back on it. So that’s the thing that never quit. Mindset is more valuable than about anything more valuable than knowledge. It’s just that tenacity to stick with something never quit. Okay. Um, uh, never, and this is a quick takeaway, how to never fall off track on a diet.

There’s a key thing in the [inaudible] plan. If you look at that, it talks about what to do if you’re hungry and there’s, I’m going to actually not tell you, so I want to make you go get it, but you will never mess up on your food plan. If you follow this principle, you will never mess up on a food plan. If you follow this principle, it’s a trick. It’s a secret. But you gotta get the CF 30 journalists who go get it. Go get the plan, go get the workout plan, start following it, and you’re going to be successful. It says what hits a in here on see exactly where that’s at. But if you, it’s on some of the section that says, here it is right here, tips to be successful. It’s under that part, tips to be successful. And if you look under tips to be successful, it’s going to tell you exactly what to do to never fall off your plan and you’ll always be on track.

Um, and then, um, uh, my before and after story, I was three Oh three in high school, lost 83 pounds. I want to fitness competition as a teenager. Got me really motivated. I lost 83 pounds in nine months. I’d done it with tons of thousands of worked with other 5,000 people in multiple States personally as a trainer, and you can be successful too if you don’t believe me. Go look it up. Type in on YouTube, colon fitness reviews, Cola fitness reviews on YouTube, type in Cola fitness reviews. There’s thousands of people that have lost weight and got in great shape and have followed our plans or plans very similar to that. So I suggest to not believe me, but to go to YouTube and type in Cole law, CEO L a w fitness if I T N E S S and then reviews. Type all that in and just watch some videos so it’ll motivate you, encourage you so that you too can be successful. This is Charles Cola with the daily podcast on the, you can do this podcast and that’s my diet and workout routine and my story. Bye bye. We’ll talk to you soon.