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Arlington Gyms | Feel Like a Champion

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Everyone wants to be a champion in one way or another. Some people want to be star athletes, others want to be awesome parents. Likewise, some people want to be experts in their field. Other people might want to create a new field. In any scenario, everybody wants to be a champion someway somehow. At Colaw Fitness’ Arlington gyms, we can make you into a champion. Now, this does not have to simply be in exercise. No way! We are looking to help our members in any way that we can. If you want to be a great educator, we have your back. At Colaw Fitness, we are always looking for new ways to take care of our members.

Similarly, we have a company-wide giveback program. In this program we do the Lord’s work locally and globally. Therefore, we are excited to make you a part of our Arlington gyms. That way, you can make a difference in the best way that you know how. We will be discussing what opportunities may arise in the paragraphs ahead. In the meantime, we hope you consider joining us at Colaw Fitness. If you need more information, we have plenty of resources at your disposal. We always love a good phone call. You can reach us at 918-766-3353. Our team is excited and ready to hear from you whenever you are ready.

At Colaw Fitness, we are always looking to give back to our communities. This has manifested itself in a number of awesome ways. By doing these, we truly feel like champions in our cities. Most other gyms will be satisfied with your money, but we want than that. We are looking to get you invested in the awesome programs that we have. On one hand, we want to give back on a local level. This simply feels right for us. Therefore, we believe that you will feel the same. Charity is great, but it feels even better when it is in your own backyard. The communities that we are a part of have grown to welcome us with open arms.

Arlington Gyms

For this, we are forever grateful. Similarly, we look forward to being integral members of the community for years into the future. If our impact simply stops with us, we do not feel that there is much point! Likewise, we want to make an impact that will cause a ripple effect for generations to come. With this in mind, each of our clubs adopts a certain charity to work with. This is individualized by each team at each facility. Therefore, our Arlington gyms will serve differently than our Topeka gyms. We love doing this because we feel that we can have a much more specific impact on our community. This way, we get to see a need and fill it immediately.

Whereas our Joplin team might serve at a homeless shelter, our Arlington gyms might do it differently. For instance, Arlington could help serve at an after-school care program. Similarly, they can pick up garbage in a local park! We want to do anything that we can to serve our communities to the best of our ability. As a result, our staff is made up of servant hearted people all across the board. Our servant nature truly draws some of the best staff members into our clubs. We are thankful for them and the impact that they make on our community!

Similarly, we want to make an impact globally as well. Therefore, we have partnered with a number of organizations to help fight the water crisis. So far, we have dug numerous water wells in multiple countries in Africa. Thus far, we have built water wells in Mozambique, the Congo, and Uganda. All of these countries have a serious water crisis that Arlington gyms can help with. As a result, we look to give out of our abundance. We truly believe that there is plenty to go around. Therefore, we want to give away as much as we can to help with these issues.

We have partnered with a few companies to make this happen. The first that we partnered with is called Water for Life Mozambique. This is a Christ-centered organization that wants to eradicate the water crisis. The best part is that we do not simply send in a team from the United States. Often times, companies will do this and ultimately cripple these communities. Because it is a technical process to build a water well, it is best to empower their people. By doing so, we create jobs for local Mozambicans. This helps their families and strengthens their local economy.

Because of this, they are more capable of feeding themselves and their families. These communities are like one large family. As a result, this money goes to feed an entire village! With this in mind, we empower Mozambicans with the abilities to create and repair their wells. By doing so, this creates job opportunities in the community for decades! We are grateful for Water for Life Mozambique and the amazing work they have done. Similarly, we are grateful for our Arlington gyms for making it happen!

In conclusion, we are incredibly thankful to our fitness center communities. Especially the communities around our Arlington gyms. We would not be able to do this amazing work without their help. At Colaw Fitness we love making you feel like a champion. Therefore, we are going to be champions fighting the water crisis around the world. All the while, we are going to be doing good works in our own communities. This is all because of our mission statement. We exist to make Jesus famous and to change lives. We believe that we are doing this all around the world. It is all thanks to you and your support. Thank you for being a part of Colaw Fitness! We hope that you consider joining us as your next fitness home. If you are interested in more information, call us at 918-766-3353 today. Grace and peace to you.