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Arlington Gyms | Stay in Shape

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Our goal often times is to get in shape. However, how often do we talk about staying in shape. We work incredibly hard trying to get ourselves to the next checkpoint. Yet we very rarely focus on celebrating where we are at and maintaining it. At Colaw Fitness’ Arlington gyms, we want to fight against this. Our culture tells us that we are never good enough, but someone else is. This creates a negative feedback loop of failing to reach an unreachable standard. Therefore, we hope that when you come in, you feel welcomed as you are. We love you just as you are. Additionally, we love you enough to not allow you to stay that way. Therefore, our motivation shifts from shame-based, to love and honor-based motivation.

We believe that this will outlast other forms of motivation that simply put you down. Many people have experienced this in parenting. They felt as though their parents were only proud if they kept on improving. At Colaw Fitness, we celebrate every win you have, but do not expect you to keep going. We do not expect this but will always encourage it and will celebrate it. Creating a culture of celebration has to start from the very beginning. Therefore, most gyms are lightyears away from achieving this. At Colaw Fitness, we have been doing it for decades. Call us for more information on this topic at 918-766-3353 today.

Shame-based encouragement can push a person to do some incredible things. However, it does not see the person through to being a better person in the long run. For instance, if a coach shames his players, they will likely push themselves very hard. This might lead to some spots on the all-state team and even some championships. However, once the season is over, it will be replaced with resentment and frustration. At Colaw Fitness, we are looking to push our members to be their best. Additionally, we want to follow through well. It doesn’t work very well if our members do not like who they have become afterwards. Ultimately, our goal is to help shape the entire person.

Arlington Gyms

That means for as much time as we spend coaching, we spend the same amount just listening. We find that many of the members of our Arlington gyms are simply looking for a listener. Our team anticipates this for every person that comes in. This does not necessarily mean that they have to be super deep or emotional with us. Far from it! We hope that they have other people closer to them that can go there with them. Our only responsibility is to be there for them in whatever capacity they need us. That means that sometimes they need a coach. Other times they need a supporter. Still other times they need a mentor. Our Arlington gyms are well equipped for this.

The apostle Paul said it well when he said that he would be all things for all people. By this he meant that for the poor he would become poor. For the broken, he would also be broken. This is essential in our eyes. We find that by doing this, we are able to meet everyone exactly where they are at. Most gyms almost expect you to already be fit whenever you come into the facility. This does not seem to make much sense to us in our Arlington gyms. We believe that everybody should be in our facility, regardless of their spot on the path. Ultimately, those that are in shape can simply be mentors and coaches for those that are not.

Therefore, we are always looking to welcome in those that are fit as well! Often times, they become great mentors and encouragers for those that are struggling. Many people come in with different backgrounds in the world of fitness. Some people have a strong aversion to it. Others feel that they are incline to do it regularly because they enjoy it. Whatever it is, we want to be the gym for you. Thus, our culture cannot be static regarding location on the fitness journey. We have to be ready and able to accept everyone in their current state. The only precursor to joining our Arlington gyms is a positive attitude towards others.

At Colaw Fitness’ Arlington gyms, we do not allow gym jerks to come in and bully our members. A gym jerk is someone that shows off intentionally. This could mean that they are constantly trying to show off their body. Additionally, these people are often rude to other members and they show it often. This means that they try to grunt loudly to make it seem like they are lifting more weight. We do not allow this because it makes everyone else feel uncomfortable. The founder of Colaw Fitness is a body-building champion. Yet, he does not feel the need to grunt excessively or be rude to other people.

This just goes to show that gym jerks can take that mentality somewhere else. At Colaw Fitness, we will always stand up for those at are being respectful to other members. Note that this has nothing to do with the person’s physical journey. Often times, these are simply people that are somewhat in the middle of the pack. They are looking to simply feel good about their bodies. We encourage this with everything in us.

Finally, we find that our Arlington gyms are the best place to be. Of course, this is regardless of how long you have been exercising or not exercising. We are simply looking for people that will encourage one another towards health. If you feel that you are the type of person we are looking for, we encourage you to call us! We are always excited to speak to potential new members and answer any questions. This means that we will be completely open and honest every step of the way. Call us anytime at 918-766-3353 for more information. Grace and peace to you!