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Arlington Texas Fitness | Love Your Body

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Many times, people will confuse loving their bodies with having a body that everyone people are attract to. This can lead to body dysmorphia, physical exhaustion, and even eating disorders. Often times, people look for the fastest route to nothing but skinniness. However, rarely do people find satisfaction with this kind of lifestyle. More often than not, they find themselves sick and in need of serious help. Therefore, our Arlington Texas fitness centers stand in opposition to this culture. We want to build up people’s view of their bodies instead of breaking it down. Thus, our members find themselves encouraged and feeling better than ever.

By making this change, we have the opportunity to see how beautiful our bodies actually are. This is regardless of whether or not we have flat abs like the people in the commercials. The sad reality is that those people likely are still not satisfied. Therefore, we want to begin by accepting ourselves for who we are. From that place, we can begin to make truly healthy changes in our habits and routines. We encourage our members to accept who they are before trying to change themselves. With this in mind, we ask that our member take into account that it is a long process. Any plan or pill that says it will happen quickly is likely lying to garner people’s money. For more information, call us today at 918-766-3353.

Because our culture is so heavily focus on the numbers on the scale, we want to help you avoid that. Whereas they equate your BMI to your beauty, we do not. Therefore, it is important to us that we reemphasize that whenever possible. Our members do a great deal of the work here. When they encourage other members without simply telling them to lose weight, it does wonders. Unfortunately, we are having to break down a paradigm before it can be replaced with a new one. With this in mind, it is difficult at first. However, our Arlington Texas fitness centers are great at making people feel valued.

Arlington Texas Fitness

More often than not, people do not even care to be a size zero. Typically, they are simply looking for affirmation from their peers, their coworkers, and their spouse. Thus, at Colaw Fitness, we give that affirmation away freely and without cost. Because of this, our members feel validated every time that they come into our facility. This is something that money cannot buy for the larger gyms. A culture of welcome becomes contagious and cannot be bought. Thankfully, this has been a culture that we have encouraged since the very beginning. Thus, our members have been accustom to it and perpetuate it as much as they can.

If it were not for our encouraging members at our Arlington Texas fitness centers, we could not help. Ultimately, we are dependent upon our regulars to help perpetuate this culture. We could not do it alone. Thus, they are a valuable asset to Colaw Fitness. At Colaw Fitness, we try incredibly hard to set a standard unlike any other gym. Therefore, people feel drawn to it. This is likely because they have experienced other gym environments before. Most other gyms are known for shaming members that are not already in shape. To us, this seems counterintuitive. A person has to use the gym in order to get in shape. However, these gyms shame them if they are not already in shape when they begin. It does not make sense to us, and it does not make sense to their members.

Therefore, we want to create a culture where everyone is welcome. Of course, this is regardless of where they are at on their fitness journey. At our Arlington Texas fitness center, we want to be the leader in shaping the culture at large. We truly believe that by doing so, we are shaping it for the better. As a growing company, we see the opportunity that lies before us. We can either be complacent with what is set before us, or we can rebel and start something new. Starting something new has always been appealing to us. That is why Colaw Fitness began in the first place. It was this revolutionary idea that everyone should feel welcome when they enter into a gym. Similarly, that they should not have to focus on the numbers on the scale. This feels like honorable work at our Arlington Texas fitness center.

With this in mind, we are always looking to bring in people that will be encouraging for our members. Likewise, we do not want people that are going to perpetuate the negative culture of most gyms. There have been a few occasions where we have had to ask a rude member to go elsewhere. This is not because we do not love that member. It is simply because we do not feel that we are a good fit for them anymore. Thus, when you walk through our doors, you are guaranteed to be well taken care of. Similarly, many people’s favorite places to eat are the ones where they are kind to you. Unless you are an elite, most people do not like eating at the uppity restaurant where they are rude. Thus, we feel that we are running in the lane we are meant to be in.

Finally, it is our conviction at our Arlington Texas fitness center that everyone should feel welcome. Now, this should not stop whenever they enter the door. We feel that it ought to continue throughout their whole journey. In light of this, we believe that helping people love themselves is always the first step. We do not want to operate out of a culture of comparison. Instead, we want to operate solely out of love and hospitality. With this in mind, we work to create that atmosphere from the moment you walk through our doors. If this seems interesting to you, please call us at 918-766-3353 for more information. Grace and peace to you.