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Arlington Texas Fitness | Troubling News

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

There is troubling news floating around in the world of Arlington Texas fitness. You might have heard it. If not, we are sorry to be the bearers of bad news. Unfortunately, we think this might be affecting you as we speak. As difficult as it is to say it, we feel that we have a responsibility. The bad news is that your gym is probably cheating you out of money. We know how difficult this must be to read. At Colaw Fitness, we were shocked to hear the news as well. Therefore, in response to this epidemic, we are being the opposite of that. At Colaw Fitness, we give you a membership that is cheaper than anywhere else.

We are also offering all of the amenities that you pay extra for, but for free. We are trying to right the wrongs of the gyms that came before us. With this in mind, we think that you might be in danger of paying more than you need to. If you join us at Arlington Texas fitness, we can guarantee your protection. Therefore, we want to help you out as much as we possibly can. We do this in a multitude of ways. Our team never tries to sell you extra amenities in our facility. You get them all simply by joining our side. Together, we can put an end to the corruption in Arlington Texas fitness centers. Call us today at 918-766-3353 for more information.

We have all been victimized by the gym industry in one way or another. Therefore, we want to take a stand against the abuse. It is like all of our favorite movies when the bullied stands up to the bully. We not only do this in the Arlington Texas fitness industry, but also elsewhere. Colaw Fitness partnered with Justin Wren’s Fight for the Forgotten in 2019. Justin Wren was bullied for being overweight as a kid. It made him want to stay away from school. This led to his experience in martial arts. He states that likely 60% or more of the children involved found it through chronic bullying. Wren states that it gave him a sense of honor, respect, and discipline.

Arlington Texas Fitness

Colaw Fitness felt an urge to do something about bullying across the spectrum. We have been the victims of bullying ourselves. We opened our doors in Bartlesville, OK in 2005. Since then, our competitors have moved in across the parking lot from us! If this is not corporate intimidation, I do not know what is. Therefore, it is our mission to battle bullying wherever we find it! Fight for the Forgotten has created anti-bullying initiatives all across the United States. They call it “Hero in Waiting”. They believe that everyone can spot bullying and put an end to it when it shows itself. In order to accomplish this, we have to be educate on the signs of bullying.

When we spot bullying in progress in our Arlington Texas fitness centers, we put a stop to it. One story that affected us was the story of a teenage bullying victim in our gyms. When our staff befriended him, he let us know an awesome detail. Colaw Fitness was the only place that he did not get bullied. This melted our hearts. We are looking to look out for the left out. With this in mind, we want to continue pursuing this mission. Justin Wren has also taken an international stance against bullying. In Uganda and the Congo there is a group of people called the Maputi Pygmies.

This is by far the most bullied people on the planet. They are regularly stripped of their basic human rights. The local tribes have traditionally resulted to cannibalism of the Pygmy people. They believed that it gave them special powers. In the midst of this, the people do not even have access to clean water. Often times, they have to drink the same water that they bathe in. Frankly, this is painful to see and hear about. Colaw Fitness has worked hard in order to drill water wells in these areas. However, we cannot do it alone. Therefore, we are asking for your help.

For every membership that is start at Colaw Fitness, we donate one dollar to Fight for the Forgotten. They take that money and build water wells in Africa and especially for the Maputi Pygmy people. As a result of this, Justin Wren has suffered numerous life-threatening circumstances. He frequently has to undergo treatment at America’s best hospitals for his ailments. All of which he acquired by loving the Pygmy people. He is also a professional MMA fighter. Since starting Fight for the Forgotten, he has been dubbed the Big Pygmy. He is appreciative of the name as it represents his Pygmy family. When it comes to Colaw Fitness, we are grateful for Justin Wren and Fight for the Forgotten. Our Arlington Texas fitness centers would not be the same without him! If you see Justin around the Oklahoma City area, be sure to give him a big bear hug.

In conclusion, Colaw Fitness will work hard to fight against the bullies of the fitness world. Our Arlington Texas fitness centers are uniquely equip to do this. We offer a low monthly payment membership that you can love. We do this because so many other gyms try to manipulate you for money. They do this by forcing you to pay for extra amenities. However, they do not tell you this upfront. Often times, they tell you that you have got it all.

However, they try to sell you on it later on. This feels like a knife in the back to so many members. As a result, we want to push against this kind of culture. We want to give you everything and be honest from the very beginning. We hope that because of this, you will consider being a part of the Colaw Fitness family. If you are interested, give us a call at 918-766-3353. Grace and peace to you.