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Membership Includes:

  • Bring a Friend FREE… Everyday!
    (*Friends can tan and massage free, too!)
  • NO long term CONTRACT
  • 24 Hour Facility Access
  • Free Unlimited Tanning Units
  • Free Unlimited Massage Units
  • Free Trainer Instruction
  • Free Nutrition Instruction
  • Member Appreciation Night
    (1st Monday of the Month)
  • No Risk – 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • youareworthit!

Get Started for Only $1 Down

Are you eventually needing to joing a gym but the high price of Arlington Texas gyms away from reaching your goals? We, that can help you reach those goals no matter how high. We know that gyms can be expensive, but we value your health and fitness over a prophet. With great services, excellent equipment, and the most incredible membership benefits that you could ever think of, Colaw Fitness is the gym for you.

Other Arlington Texas gyms cost an arm and a leg, but we only charge five dollars a month, one dollar down and join us as a member and receive wonderful benefits, enjoy working out in a positive environment, and feel better about your body and your mind and overall health. With all of this money you are saving, imagine what you can do that. By saving money, you can do things like pay off debt, pay for college, for get that pumpkin spice latte everything all day on the way to work. With your one dollar down payment for joining as a member, we donate one dollar for every single membership sold to Water4Life. Water4Life organization that gives clean water to those who do not have clean water. So, you are saving money, doing good for yourself, and helping others.

What other Arlington texas gyms can do that? When you were a member here at Colaw Fitness, you get a time of incredible benefits. Part of being a member includes the benefit of a friend for free every single day. Yes, that’s right. Bring a friend to work out with you every day at no cost. We do not have long-term contract. You have 24 hour access to our workout facility can come and work out every time that you want to. If you are a morning owl come as early as you like, if you’re a night owl, come deadly as he went. Are you interested in keeping your summer tan all year long? You had the opportunity to look like you just got back from a beach trip when you use our free and unlimited tanning unit. Do you have a stressful job? Are you a mom that works hard? We all know that you get stressed out a massage sometimes. You can get a massage every single day with our free and unlimited massage unit.

Have you ever been interested in getting help with what to cut when you are trying to be healthy? Free nutrition instruction when you are a member. Nutrition instruction can help teach you how to properly fuel your body for maximum optimization. Are you training for a special race? Do you have a big event coming up and need to lose weight or gain muscle? We also offer free trainer instruction to our members. Free trainer instruction cost hundreds of dollars on other Arlington Texas gyms, but not here.

We love our members. We have member appreciation night on the first Monday of every single month. We also back your membership by a 30 day no rest money back guarantee. We are one of the highest rated and reviewed Jan in the area and you can see what sort of results can come from being a member here at Colaw Fitness. Visit us@www.colawfitness.com or, at 918-766-3353.

Are you looking for a gym to join? Look further into Colaw Fitness. Here at Colaw Fitness we are determined to be reach all of your fitness goals. Do you need motivation? Do you need determination? Do you need to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or get better at a skill? If you are working on training for a special event, a triathlon, or you want to be on that one show where you jump over a lot of things, we can help you do that. No goal is to high or too weird.

Why should you doing Colaw Fitness? No other Arlington Texas gyms offer what we have to offer. For only five dollars a month you will be able to save so much money and get the best benefits ever. With the most amazing membership benefits, you will be able to work out as much as you want to. Think of everything they can do and everything so much money. When you save so much money, you will be able to spend all of that money on things like new Expo markers, a new desk areas, or even a just about. Of the money that you save on your gym membership and dying at just about with that. I bet that makes you so happy. With all of the money that you save, no other Arlington Texas gyms can do that.

What does having a membership at Colaw Fitness feel like? It feels great. When you have a membership, you can bring a friend for free everything okay. Whenever you bring a friend for free, you guys can work out together, guessable together, walk on the treadmill next to each other, and have so much fun. It is proven that whenever you have a friend work out with you, you have better motivation, and you have someone to keep you accountable. You can get fit with your friend up for free. We also have no contract here at Colaw Fitness. Whenever you join us as a member, you also get free unlimited and tanning and midsize.

Other Arlington Texas gyms allow you to look like you just came back from Mexico? Whenever you use our unlimited and free tanning, you can keep that summer glow with you all year round. Do you have a stressful job? Do you have to work with children, or work at it, or deal with all day? When you are stressed out, it is awesome to get a massage after work. Take a marriage of her free and unlimited massage units.

Have you thought about getting a personal trainer but it just costs too much? Other Arlington Texas gyms charge you hundreds of dollars to get personalized work out routines. You get that for free here at Colaw Fitness. We also love our members. We have a membership appreciation I on the first Monday of every single month. You also get a no risk 30 day moneyback guarantee when you join us as a member at Colaw Fitness. Probably five dollars a month, he can experience the absolute best gym around. There one of the most highly rated and highly reviewed gyms around. For additional information on how you can join for only one dollar down, give us a call at 918-766-3353 or you can visit us online@www.colawfitness.com.