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  • Bring a Friend FREE… Everyday!
    (*Friends can tan and massage free, too!)
  • NO long term CONTRACT
  • 24 Hour Facility Access
  • Free Unlimited Tanning Units
  • Free Unlimited Massage Units
  • Free Trainer Instruction
  • Free Nutrition Instruction
  • Member Appreciation Night
    (1st Monday of the Month)
  • No Risk – 30-day Money Back Guarantee
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are you wondering how expensive it is to get a gym membership? Chances are, Arlington Texas gyms don’t have topper what we have to offer here at Colaw Fitness. We determined to reach your fitness goals? Are you training for a triathlon? Do you want to lose weight for your best friend’s wedding? Are you trying to get a lot of muscle and impress a girl that you have a crush on? We can help you reach all of your fitness goal here at Colaw Fitness. When you are a member here at Colaw Fitness you will get the best service, ubiquitous equipment, and get amazing benefits.

Why should you join Colaw Fitness? When you were a member is only five dollars a month. Yes, that’s right. Think very unique and doing to be safe so much money. You want to buy everybody a new water bottle, do you want to buy new parent Doc Martin? Do you want to turn your ball pit? You can do all of that whenever you save so much money on your general percent. Do you like to save money? Yes, everybody does. We believe that you should not have to pay outrageous money to get healthy and fit. Whenever you join us as a member at Colaw Fitness, you can help others as well. We donate one dollar from every membership sold to Water4Life.

So, you’re interested in getting a membership at Colaw Fitness? Whenever you get a membership here you get to bring a friend for free every day. Yes, that’s right a friend everything okay at no cost. You find the theater workout, you guys can gossip on the treadmill, talk about each other’s husband, braid your hair, have a time of fun, and keep each other accountable. And after you can go and get milkshake together to balance out the work out. When you’re a member, you also get 24 hour facility access season, and work out whatever time you want.

Do you like to look like you just got back from a resort in Mexico? User free and unlimited heating unit, you can be your friend will continue. But the free and unlimited canning unit that you get to use as a member, you will look like you have a warm glow year-round. You also get free and unlimited massage units at your disposal. You have a stressful day at work, when the kids are just being annoying as usual, or your husband is being done, you can work out the stress by getting a tree massage with our free and unlimited massage unit. Bring your friend to do that too.

We love and appreciate our members so much. We are membership appreciation night on the first Monday of every single month. At a member with Colaw Fitness, you also get a low-risk 30 day moneyback guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with any of the services that we have to offer here Colaw Fitness you will get hundred percent of your money back. We are one of the most highly reviewed and rated gyms in the area and you can see all of the wonderful reviews that we have and video testimonials on our website@www.colawfitness.com or you can call us at 918-766-3353 to get more information on how to join.

Are you looking for a new gym? Are you spending way too much money on your current gym membership. Arlington Texas gyms are very expensive. We know that you have health and fitness goals, everybody does. Do you want to join the other crazy people on TV to jump over walls and track through my head and I really fit? Do you want to lose weight for your wedding? Do you need to gain some muscle so you can join the military? With whatever happens fitness will they have, we can help you. We offer the best service the greatest equipment and the most incredible gin benefit ever. Join us at Colaw Fitness.

For only five dollars a month, you can experience the best gym in the world. When you join as a member at Colaw Fitness you pay a low price for wonderful numbers ship perks. Think of everything they can do whenever you save so much money. Other Arlington Texas gyms charge an arm and a leg for memberships. What we do with all the money that you save? What will you do you want to be half so much disposable income? You can get them the balls for your entire house with all the money that you say. You can turn your daughters bedroom into a ball pit with all of the money that you say. When you say so much money, you can do responsible things, or irresponsible things. You can put money in a college plan or you can spend it on McDonald’s French fries.

What does a membership at Colaw Fitness include? Membership include the benefit of bringing a friend every single day, yes, you can bring a friend every day that you come to work out at the gym, when you bring your friends the gym, you guys can get fit together. Studies show that you will get more done at the gym when you have someone to be accountable. You guys can stay motivated together and also work out on the treadmill next to each other, lift weights together, or take advantage of our free and unlimited tanning or massage units.

Do you want people to think that you are more busy than you actually are? You want people to think that you take vacations every single week to a tropical island you can make people think that when you look like a island and have a great tan. These are free and unlimited tanning units to get that time. Do you have two get massages that are expensive? Do you like getting massages by little people you have massage chairs in the middle of the mall? You can take advantage of our free and unlimited massage units when you are a member here at Colaw Fitness.

We back your membership with a no risk 30 day moneyback guarantee. We appreciate our members so much. When you sign up and if you are ever unsatisfied you will get your money back, guaranteed. We are the highly rated and reviewed Jan that you might see on Google or on yelp. You can read our reviews were watch video testimonials them are incredible members online@www.colawfitness.com or you can call us for additional information on becoming a member at 918-766-3353. We promised the are the best gym out of all the Arlington Texas gyms out there.