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Arlington TX Fitness Centers | Bring A Friend For FREE

This content written for Colaw Fitness

Wouldn’t it be great to get all your fitness needs in one place for one low price? Then check out Colaw Fitness and their amazing FIVE dollar a month membership. You can read and research all day, but just come in right now for a tour and be convinced. Maybe you have just a few minutes, so call us at 417-437-9345. Although our locations are staffed around the clock, phones are answered digitally and all messages returned the following business day.

We always encourage tours because people really think there is a catch, or a gimmick, or small print. FIVE DOLLARS A MONTH? You’ll be hard pressed to beat that price in any of the outstanding Arlington TX Fitness Centers. It’s not only the price you should shop for, it’s the value. What do you get for such a low price? Just EVERYTHING. If it is in Colaw Fitness, you have access to it for only $5 a month. Not only that, but our amazing Bring A Friend for FREE policy allows you to allows have a buddy along for encouragement.

We know doing new things can be challenging, not to mention going to a strange place and working out or tanning and showering. So bring a friend, family or date and show them around. Most of our members are actually guests that joined their very first visit to Colaw Fitness. People do find it hard to believe you get so much for so little and the free stuff is like we pay you to be here with a two for one membership.

Arlington TX Fitness Centers

We know your options in Arlington TX Fitness Centers are as different as you and your bestie. Some things are very different, but lots of things are common. Colaw Fitness has workout equipment and room to stretch out and tons of steel and cables, just like everyone else. We have a Christian based philosophy and have created a sanctuary of peace, harmony, and respect among likeminded people. Faith-based music can be heard all across our property, if you want to walk around the building on a sunny day.

Colaw Fitness has decades of health and fitness knowledge and believe everyone should have access to a safe, clean, facility with privacy for all and community for all who desire it. Our staff is diverse and we consistently pay it forward within our communities and across the globe by building water wells in Africa. Your low $5 a month contributes to these programs and so much more. You’ll be very challenged to find that in just any of the other Arlington TX Fitness Centers.

It doesn’t matter if you are furthering a life of fitness or if you are trying to work off some years of neglect, Colaw Fitness can help you. You will never feel alone when you need to know how to use our equipment or programs. For only $5 a month you get access to live trainers almost every day. They can demonstrate equipment, help you track success, and even talk to you about the Colaw Fitness dietary plan to make the most of your workout in the first 30 days.

You can join Colaw Fitness and never workout. We’re fine with that. In fact, we have many members that show up just for tanning and bring their tanning guest right along with them. For $5 a month it would be difficult to get a tanning salon package. We offer lay down and upright units for your convenience. Stop by the front desk and buy some safety goggles and bronzer and you’re on your way to a golden year-round glow. Check out all the Arlington TX Fitness Centers tanning inclusions when shopping around for prices too.

The most popular equipment in Colaw Fitness is without a doubt the massage features. We also have members that just stop by after work and take ten minutes to shut out the stress of the day and head home to enjoy family time. Taking care of yourself is the best and only known way to be able to take care of others. Stress has a hold on everyone these days. You can grab a post or pre-workout massage, but you can head straight for the tables and chairs without ever working out. We are here to help everyone just feel better. That means so many different things to each of us. Let us help you and Bring A Friend for FREE for only $5 a month. We have Day, Week, and Monthly passes available if you prefer.

Arlington TX Fitness Centers may not all have private showers either, so if that’s important to you, don’t forget to ask. Colaw Fitness values everyone’s privacy and knows public showers and locker rooms are something people seem to have childhood PTSD from or the social media share phobias. We offer private restrooms with a built-in shower. Lockers are available for use while you visit and out in the common area. Purchase locks at the front desk, if you forget yours.

FREE FOOD is always everyone’s favorite thing in the world. Colaw Fitness is here for you with that need too. Once a month we have Member Appreciation Night and bring in food and have a party with you and the entire staff. We celebrate life and relax and have fun. We give away merchandise and you can even get ONE FREE YEAR of membership by just bringing your friends. Most friends don’t turn down free food.

Meanwhile, just come take a tour. Words on a page or screen can never assure you quite like walking in and staff greeting you with a warm smile and a listening ear. Our staff is all like a family and they love showing off their home. Colaw Fitness is the highest rated and most reviewed fitness center all throughout the Midwest, so don’t just take our word for it. The friendliest and the cleanest.

Tour every other one of the Arlington TX Fitness Centers first, so you know for a fact that the best value and care are at Colaw Fitness. Staffed around the clock to keep it clean and keep it working and keep you feeling safe. Because you are worth it.

From ages 12 and up, bring us your needs and let us show you our answers. Call right now at 417-437-9345. Leave a message and a knowledgeable staff member will get back to you asap. For faster results, again, come take a tour. Any time. NOW is perfect, because, again, you are worth it. The sooner you start with us, the sooner you’ll know that about yourself too. Thank you for your consideration. If you don’t join Colaw Fitness, please, take care of yourself!