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Arlington TX Fitness Centers | No One Has This Much Value

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What is the best of the Arlington TX Fitness Centers? If you are searching for the best value in a fitness center, your search has come to an end. Colaw Fitness simply has what you are looking for in a fitness facility and more than you even knew you wanted. Just give us a call right now, to answer any questions you might have at 417-437-9345. After hours, voicemail is available for you to leave a message. All voicemails are answered the following business day.

If you have ever been to a gym or fitness center, then we will be a breath of fresh air. We have everything you have seen before and the latest techniques in full body, mind, and spirit health. If you have never been inside of a gym or fitness center, let us partner with you to help you reach your goals. We are staffed and ready to give tours 24/7. At a much higher price, it would be a deal, but for only $5 a month, it’s a steal! AND you always get our famous “Bring A Friend For Free”. Which is like having two memberships for the price of one.

Shop carefully at the other Arlington TX Fitness Centers and make sure tanning is included with your package, if you so desire. We have many Colaw Fitness members and guests that only work on their golden summer tans all year long. Natural moisturizing bronzers are available to purchase at our front desk. These help deepen and preserve your tan. Goggles are also available to protect your precious eyes. Guests have access to EVERYTHING in the facility just like members too.

Arlington TX Fitness Centers

Do you have a party, event, or reunion coming up that you need to trim down for? Are you post or pre-surgical and need physical therapy equipment to use suggested by your physician? Our staff enjoys teaching the novice and discussing options. We have over a hundred years of fitness experience in all of our facilities combined. Don’t have just employees punching a time clock. We have a family atmosphere. The staff welcomes you with a smile and is anxious to assist your every need. We care about our members and develop many personal relationships with our members. We even have members that have met at Colaw Fitness and are now married.

Like most Arlington TX Fitness Centers, we offer elliptical machines, recumbent and vertical bicycles. Also included, circuit training, power racks, Smith machines, free weights, and even some old school equipment. It’s impossible to list everything here in your short glance. However, please trust that when you enter Colaw Fitness you will find more than you could ever experience in one visit. Most members that are getting back to fitness start with some cardio and slow add strength training to build healthy bones and muscles. It’s great to fight things like osteoporosis too.

Our aerobic floor is fully stocked with options like kettle bells, medicine balls, stretch bands, jump ropes, and even plyometric equipment. If you are simply curious, just come in. Any time day or night, we can discuss your fitness goals and how Colaw Fitness can partner with you to succeed. Sometimes you just have no idea where to begin. We know it can be overwhelming the first time in a new place. We have done everything to create an amazing first time and every time experience for all.

You don’t have to just read about us on our own website though. Feel free to Goggle are the thousands of reviews at any of our Midwest locations. Members and guests are so blown away by our friendliness and knowledge. Most times, guests become members because of all we offer. It is hard to believe you can get so much for so little. Take a tour. Tour right now. Tour tomorrow. Just get in here and see for yourself. Tour any of the Arlington TX Fitness Centers late on a Saturday night and then compare even. We are cleaning and waiting for you right now, so what are you waiting for?

But wait, as they say, that’s not all. Our proprietary dietary program offers maximum weight loss with muscle gains in your first 30 days. Meet with a trained professional and see if it is right for you. You also have access to a live trainer over a dozen times a week too. INCLUDED in the $5 per month rate. What else could we say to get you to stop by? How about FREE FOOD?

One evening per month, we throw a party. A celebration for everything you have achieved in the past month. Along with anticipation of so much more to come. When you come by for that tour, find out when Member Appreciation Night is scheduled. We have a great time. Fun for everyone and, again, FREE FOOD. Most people could eat $5 worth of food and your membership is like free then. Plus you can bring even more friends on this night and end up having us pay your monthly membership fees for an entire YEAR!

So it can’t be the price. Don’t worry that everyone is going to stare at you funny and look at what you are wearing. Honestly, they are all worried about you looking at them and what they are wearing. So just relax and come into Colaw Fitness and you feel the serenity and acceptance. Our members actually miss coming to the gym after a few days. Many of our staff has been with us for a year or more. Their dedication is what makes us successful. Many Arlington TX Fitness Centers will just have employees and your health deserves better than that.

Finally, we have lockers available in the common areas, but no locker rooms. Can you believe that? You will feel right at home in your private restroom with built in shower. Locks are available for purchase right up front with all the awesome seasonal Colaw Fitness gear. You can get free merchandise too, so ask about that when you visit. Call now or come on in! 417-437-9345 is available 24 hours a day.