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  • Free Unlimited Massage Units
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  • Member Appreciation Night
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Arlington TX Fitness Centers | Take A Tour, You’ll Never Leave

This content written for Colaw Fitness

Check out Colaw Fitness and their amazing FIVE dollar a month membership. Take a tour of all Arlington TX Fitness Centers and you will know you have found your fitness home for life with us. Not only you, but all your friends and you’re entire family. Feel free to call us at 417-437-9345 for any personal questions or worries you may have. We answer every message left the following business day too, so please ask us to call you back.

Really just go, right now, to Colaw Fitness and take a tour. Most of our members used to be guests until they got in the door. It is hard to believe we offer EVERYTHING included in our facility for only $5 a month, but it is true. From the moment you are greeted with a warm smile and a curious manner eager to assist, you will know you are not in just any Arlington TX Fitness Center. We have decades of knowledge and fitness education just ready to be yours right now.

Once you find out all the free stuff we offer, you will feel like we are PAYING YOU to be part of the Colaw Fitness family. Our staff and members are like family and you can feel that in the building. You can’t understand it by reading a web page, but we’ll do our best to explain. The favorite of all our freebies seems to be food, but there is merchandise and even an entire year of fitness membership paid for by us too so please read on.

Arlington TX Fitness Centers

In every market there is a Colaw Fitness, you can read the reviews right now too. We are the highest rated and most reviewed gym, fitness center, tanning salon, etc. everywhere we go! We are the friendliest and the cleanest too! So go tour all the other Arlington TX Fitness Centers and then come see us. We love to tell folks to take a staff guided tour late in the night or late on a Saturday night even. Not every place will be open to the public at 3am, but Colaw Fitness is open, staffed and cleaning around the clock. Not only that, but disinfecting and stocking up too.

Right at the front desk we always have a few items we are giving away. So stop there first and take a look around. We are also selling great Limited Edition Colaw Fitness gear too! From tanks to wear to your gun show to hoodies to keep them warm in the cold breeze, we have it all. Grab designs you like right away, because we change them constantly. We have a special shirt dedicated to building water wells in Mozambique, Uganda, and Congo among others. Not only that, but part of your $5 a month goes towards these amazing programs too.

Please remember you don’t have to join Colaw Fitness to work out and wear tight leotards. That’s just some people’s choice. You can come in, stop and grab some goggles and bronzer and head to the lay down or upright tanning units. It has to be difficult to find a tanning specialty location for $5 a month, but you can try. Use as little or as much as you want. For this price, you aren’t wasting anything but time until you get here!

Your low monthly rate is ALL INCLUSIVE. That means you have access to everything in Colaw Fitness. Many Arlington TX Fitness Centers dissect and divide this part of the gym from that part of the gym based on how much money you give them. Colaw Fitness is a Christian filled sanctuary of inclusion in so many ways. Bring a Friend for FREE is our favorite way to share. You can always have someone come with you and they get access to EVERYTHING inside the facility too!

Over the decades we have paid attention to what our members did not like about their previous gym. We decided to do the complete opposite and it seems to be working out quite well for all of us. Colaw Fitness got rid of the locker room. That’s right, NO LOCKER ROOM! Enjoy your private restroom with built in shower to feel safe and secure and confident. We have lockers you can use while you visit and then just take your belongings away when you go.

Another great thing Colaw Fitness decided is not to take your money and leave you hanging, feeling lost. Don’t you hate when Arlington TX Fitness Centers do that? Your $5 a month includes live human trainer access almost every day of the year, more than once per day usually. Learn about our proprietary dietary program created to get you the most gains on your first 30 days in the door, if you so choose. Whatever you need in a fitness center, Colaw Fitness delivers.

Tons of steel and miles of cables. Check. Clean and friendly. Check. Private and respectful. Check. What else? FREE FOOD. One night a month we throw a huge party for members and guests and people just curious and passing by. When you come take a tour, please ask when the next Member Appreciation Night is! We have thought of everything. Mostly though. We just think about you and wonder why you haven’t left your Arlington TX Fitness Centers far behind and taken the trip to Colaw Fitness. Even if they charge you to cancel, your bargain with us makes it all worth it.

From ages 12 and up, all shapes and sizes in between. Come home to Colaw Fitness. Call us right now and let us answer any other questions you might have at 417-437-9345. Leave a message and your call will be returned the following business day asap. Thank you for your consideration. If you don’t join Colaw Fitness, please, take care of yourself!