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  • Member Appreciation Night
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Arlington TX Fitness Centers | The Only Place You Need For Everything

This content written for Colaw Fitness

At Colaw Fitness our five dollar a month plan includes everything for everyone ages 12 and up PLUS you can always Bring A Friend For FREE. Other Arlington TX Fitness Centers just cannot compare with Colaw Fitness. Give us a call right now at 417-437-9345 and ask about memberships or all the free stuff we offer. So please read on to discover what exactly Colaw Fitness means by everything.

Colaw Fitness is a fitness center or gym with a few things in common with all the other Arlington TX Fitness Centers. However, mostly we have a lot of things that are different. A start with equipment to work out with. It doesn’t matter if here doing circuit training, or hit training or even plyometrics, Colaw Fitness has you covered. We have plates and bars and benches and barbells. Bells, balls, and bands, oh my! Colaw Fitness has your cardio covered with rows of ellipticals, treadmills, and bicycles. We got the rowing machines and stair climbers you need to get your heart pumping and start a great sweat.

Colaw Fitness loves to tell you about bring a guest for free. You can bring the same guest every time or different guest every time it doesn’t matter. For five dollars a month you can always bring someone with you. You can have someone else help motivate you and for you to be accountable to. Those things really help you succeed in a fitness program. Another great thing about bring a friend for free is someone else can find out you get everything for five dollars a month and we really mean it. We realize it sounds too good to be true, but we mean what we say.

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Now let’s get to the important stuff. Free things. Colaw Fitness has so much free stuff besides bringing someone with you that you will definitely get your five dollars’ worth. Bring a friend for free, first of all, is like getting two memberships for the price of one. Then you can also get an entire year of membership for free. That’s why we shine encourage everyone to come take a no obligation tour. You can find out how to get your year for free, and how to get your free dinner from Colaw Fitness. Once a month we have Member Appreciation Night and the entire staff comes out and we celebrate life together. Ask what night that is while you’re taking a tour.

Your five dollars a month includes everything. Other Arlington TX Fitness Centers in going to take your money and leave you alone. Colaw Fitness can leave you alone if that’s what you desire, however, we want to help you. Colaw Fitness partners with you and for five dollars a month you have access to a live human trainer six days a week. You can also learn about our proprietary dietary program. This is all included. Yes it’s incredible, but true. With our decades of health and fitness knowledge we have created a program to give you the most progress in your first 30 days when you partner with us.

Colaw Fitness includes tanning with your membership. We have lay down and upright units available for you to get a Golden-Brown tan. There are single use moisturizers to try out for sale right at the front desk. There also bottles want to find a favorite. You can purchase tanning goggles to protect your eyes. We have members that join only to tan. They never even work out ever. Other Arlington TX Fitness Centers may have tanning available, but there are some that are going to charge you extra for accessing it. That’s why Colaw Fitness says we include everything.

You never have to take our word for it though. Just go and research the tens of thousands of reviews on Colaw Fitness throughout the Midwest. In every market we are available, Colaw Fitness is the highest rated and most reviewed fitness center. Let other people tell you how friendly we are. We are staffed by a fine and diverse group of people that are not there to punch a clock. We are also staffed 24 hours cleaning and sanitizing the facility, rooms, and equipment. People comment often when they review it’s about our cleanliness and that is why.

Back to the staff though. Real quick. Colaw Fitness is staffed with people that are curious about you and your progress. They are trained to assist you with fitness, but you can’t train someone how to care. Our staff partners with you and cares about your progress, your life, whatever you may need at the moment. Our staff is available first and foremost to love on people. Colaw Fitness is created with Christian philosophy and all about giving back and paying it forward.

Colaw Fitness has tons of free swag and merchandise available right at the front counter. Your five dollars a month also includes massage and your friend can massage as well. Your friend can actually do everything in the facility that you can. We have lots of merchandise for sell right at the front desk. And we have free items available for you to. When you come to take a tour you can leave with something free and up great membership to the best value in all of the Arlington TX Fitness Centers.

Finally, why the most exciting things to everyone that hears about it is the fact that we have private showers. Other Arlington TX Fitness Centers probably have locker rooms, but Colaw Fitness does not have a locker room. We do have lockers available for you use with your own lock right out in the common area. We have locks that you can purchase at the front desk. Colaw Fitness has built private restrooms with showers right there see always feel safe and secure. Colaw Fitness has created a serene and peaceful fitness center for all. Everyone is respectful and kind and that’s just another aspect of the Colaw difference.

So just give us a call right now at 417-437-9345. You get everything for only five dollars a month. What do we mean by everything? EVERYTHING! You have nothing to lose and just everything to gain. You will never find anything like us in all the other Arlington TX Fitness Centers. This isn’t just where our staff works, this is where they work out. #youareworthit