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Are you looking for the best value in Arlington TX Fitness Centers? Well, look no further than Colaw Fitness for all your gymnasium, aerobic, and physical health needs. Give us a call right now at 417-437-9345. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. It doesn’t matter if only want to visit for our free massage chairs and tables or just to get a dark golden tan all year, we are here for you. Colaw Fitness is on a mission to share the benefits of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Our goal is always to make everyone feel relaxed, peaceful, and safe. We take pride in the accepting atmosphere throughout our facility. It doesn’t matter if you are a knowledgeable lifetime fitness fanatic or the first time gym curiosity seeker, come get to know us. With decades of fitness, dietary, physical health, and physiology experience, Colaw Fitness is truly a one-stop shop as your fitness center.

More than any other Arlington TX Fitness Centers, we have structured Colaw Fitness directly for your comfort. First off, no locker rooms. Private showers are just one way we know you will feel at ease every time you visit. Lockers are available in the common area, so bring a lock or purchase one at the front desk. Come and just take a no obligation tour and see for yourself.

Arlington TX Fitness Centers

Also at the front desk, free stuff! Plus lots of great Colaw Fitness gear to show your gym pride. We give away pens, vinyl decals, t-shirts and even an entire year of fitness for free. You don’t have to jump through hoops or even some internet chain posting fiasco. Just come in and bring a few friends and see what we’re talking about.

We play a variety of genres of uplifting and faith based music for you to enjoy. We have free Wi-Fi available at all of our facilities to enjoy your own entertainment on your favorite device. There are television screens available with landline cable networks of various programming for your distraction. Plug in your 3.5mm earbuds into rows of cardio equipment and distract your mind while working on body fitness.

Founded on Christian principles for the betterment of humanity with knowing oneself through health. The Colaw Fitness family is really just that. We are not just a gym. Our members and guests and staff are family. We all go through good times and bad times together. We help each other through many hardships. Rally around each other’s challenges. We love to encourage and motivate our members. Arlington TX Fitness Centers may be mostly the same, but our atmosphere is even more impressive than our pricing.

At Colaw Fitness we know how difficult it can be to stay motivated to do the things you know you should to stay healthy. It does not matter how long it has been or how far you have to go, we can help you reach your goals. First off, pricing starts as low as $5 a month, so forget about that reason. Next, you can always bring someone with you for no additional charge. You both get complete access to everything. We never want you to feel alone at Colaw Fitness.

We offer free training assistance, tips, and dietary information. You can work with a live trainer almost every day of the week, twice a day! Everything is included and so much more can be yours. Just check out all the reviews, if you don’t want to believe us. We aren’t selling anything. At these prices, it’s like we pay you, right? Colaw Fitness is the highest rated and most reviewed fitness center throughout the entire Midwest and that’s just a fact.

We are famous for our above and beyond reaching staff that focuses on your needs. A close second to our staff is cleanliness. We maintain a staff around the clock to ensure needs of sanitation and disease prevention are more than met for comfort and safety. Come take a tour right now or even late at night. Then go get a staff guided tour at all the other Arlington TX Fitness Centers in the middle of the night. It simply is not an option everywhere.

People hesitate to do things. Especially taking care of themselves. Remember, if you don’t take care of yourself first, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else for very long. It takes several weeks to develop a habit. Good or bad. We are all guilty of having a bad habit or two. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones that has good habits. Life is more hectic, stressful, and faster than it ever has been. Between work, the kids, the parents, and even maybe some pets; many days there is no time left for yourself. So pop in after work and get a massage before heading home. Joining a gym/fitness center doesn’t mean you have to workout!

Try getting just a tanning membership these days and you’ll know right away that the $5 a month you spend at Colaw Fitness is a far wiser investment. Invest in you. Invest in your family.

Walking 1,000 miles? One step at a time. Building a home? One nail at a time. Getting your body back in shape after years of neglect? One minute at a time. Don’t be fearful. Don’t hold yourself back anymore. When you take a tour check out what it reads on every wall. You are worth it. We promote it because we believe it. It’s not just a catchy gym slogan. Come let Colaw Fitness make you believe that you really are worth it.

Arlington TX Fitness Centers and gyms will all have workout equipment. Feel free to try out our elliptical, rowing, bikes, stairs and tons of steel and cables. Sign up now because satisfaction is guaranteed. Bring your friends, family, or even service registered trained dogs. Your fitness needs are all met at Colaw Fitness.

If you have any special needs or accommodations necessary please call us at 417-437-9345. We always have membership promotions and even free items available constantly. Always leave a voicemail, so we may return your call the following business day when we are unable to answer for you personally.