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Arlington TX Fitness Centers | Welcome To The Matrix

This content written for Colaw Fitness

While sifting through all the various Arlington TX Fitness Centers, be sure to take a second look at Colaw Fitness. We know pricing is urgently important in this quickly evolving world, so ours is superb. Pay only FIVE dollars a month and ALWAYS Bring A Friend For FREE! It’s nearly like a BOGO! Give us a call right now at 417-437-9345 to verify anything you read here today or just ask general personal questions to help you make up your mind.

Matrix Fitness Equipment. Are you familiar with it? Well let a trainer help you realize your full potential on our rows and rows of Matrix treadmills, bicycles and circuit training. Trainer access is included in your membership nearly every day of the year. Stop at the front desk and check out the latest schedule. We know other Arlington TX Fitness Centers may just take your money and leave you feeling lost and disappointed. This will knock the motivation right out of you in a short time. At Colaw Fitness you are NEVER alone. We are a faith based facility and here to help with your fitness and share love and hugs and maybe just an ear to let you share your day.

We are staffed 24/7 and there for you with your questions or needs. When you stop at the counter to check the trainer schedule, be sure to check out our cool gym gear and tanning supplies. You can also grab a cold drink to keep you hydrated and motivated. We know motivation is key to a successful fitness program. That is why our decades of experience have created our very own CF30? dietary program. This will get you the most gains and greatest losses in your first 30 days of joining.

Arlington TX Fitness Centers

When you tour the other Arlington TX Fitness Centers, find out if they have multi level pricing for access to amenities. At Colaw Fitness you have ONE low price and you have access to EVERYTHING in the facility. Your guest can also use everything as they choose, while attending with you. You can come in a tan to warm up and start you cardio while they lay happily on a massage table and relax before tanning. The options are only limited by your imagination. Don’t forget to ask if the other places feed you once a month too. We LOVE to celebrate life and progress once a month with Membership Appreciation Night. We bring in the ENTIRE staff and FOOD. If you bring three friends in to sign up, you will get an ENTIRE year of fitness membership for FREE.

Colaw Fitness is not like any other fitness center you have ever been too. We can promise you will be surprised often by all that you get for $5 a month. Not only that, but your membership funds help the planet and people living all over it. We have partnered to help build water wells in Africa, Mozambique, and the Congo. We have The Big Pygmy himself, Justin Wren, helping us stop bullying and promote love and Jesus all over the world.

Our music is also faith based and completely ready to get you heart pumping and your spirit glorifying all that is holy while fine tuning your temple. This isn’t your practice body and only your teeth replace themselves once. Life is not a rehearsal. Jump on that stage right now and be the best you there is. No one else can or knows how. You are worth it. Not just an empty slogan on our walls, but the only thing we really sell. Love.

Now about the Matrix equipment. We researched and tried many things over the last few decades and this equipment has the capacity to get you to your goals safely and consistently. They are the world’s premier brand and dedicated completely to all fitness enthusiasts at any level. Matrix equipment may be in all other Arlington TX Fitness Centers as well, but they may not help you learn all that Matrix can do for you. Their equipment has sleek designs, advanced functionality, dynamic performance and durability that lasts for decades. Matrix is a brand you can trust for their redefinition of the fitness and wellness experience across the globe. They are recognize and awarded for their dynamic performance, exceptional comfort, approachable aesthetic and unmatched durability.

Colaw Fitness offers everything you need for a full fitness center experience PLUS. Plus a staff of trained empathetic listeners that want you to succeed and excel in your own program and goals. We are always open and cleaning and disinfecting the facility and the equipment for you health and safety. We focus on complete mind, body, and spirit progression. You are worth it. Remember that and keep coming back. It takes about 8 weeks to make a new habit start to stick in your natural schedule.

Whether it is before your day or after your day, there is always something here for you to partake in. We honestly have members that do nothing but get a massage after work. That’s fine too. Whatever you need. For only $5 you can pick and choose. Like our tanning only customers. You will be hard pressed to find and other Arlington TX Fitness Centers or Tanning Salons that can compete with our pricing, convenience, and service.

What else will it take to get you to join? How about private showers? That seems to be very popular with everyone. Also while researching we wanted to know the best and worst of your lifelong gym experience. Showers seemed to be a hot spot with others in these time where cameras are everywhere. Enjoy your own private restroom with a shower built right in. We ask that everyone proceed quickly so others will have access as well. These are cleaned and sanitized consistently and especially after those virus issues the world faced.

We understand your fears and desires and we are here to assist you however you may need. Our members and guests are comprised of people from all over the world and all walks of life. Our No Gym Jerk policy assures everyone is respectful and kind. The energy in our gyms is uplifting and exhilarating. You will WANT to go to the gym every day, even when you don’t work out. We have created an atmosphere of harmony that you feel immediately.

Thank you for considering Colaw Fitness among all the other Arlington TX Fitness Centers. Also please feel free to tour them all late at night and see the difference. Because you won’t be able to enter many of them. WE are always open and always staffed for your convenience. Anything we haven’t cover here can be answer for you personally anytime at 417-437-9345. Voice mails are answered the following business day when we are not available, so please leave your name and number so we can converse about your concerns.