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Arlington TX Fitness Centers | Why Haven’t You Joined Yet?

This content written for Colaw Fitness

Are you a member of one of the other great Arlington TX Fitness Centers? At Colaw Fitness our five dollar a month plan includes everything for everyone ages 12 and up PLUS you can always Bring A Friend For FREE. Call us right now at 417-437-9345 and ask questions you might have about your own fitness plan or all of the free stuff we offer. Read on to find out more, but please stop by and take a no obligation tour and see for yourself.

We know when people hear that they can join a fitness center and everything is included, but cost only five dollars, it sounds outrageous. That’s the greatest part about bring a friend for free. Honestly, most of our members joined the very first night as someone else’s guest. Almost all of them have actually said they didn’t believe it was really true.

You will never find anything like us at of all the other Arlington TX Fitness Centers. Colaw Fitness has lots of swag. We always have free merchandise available right at the front desk to you can grab when you come take a free tour. Again that is our emphasis because you may not believe it’s true either. You can even bring a friend with you to take a tour. Since maybe they want join.

Arlington TX Fitness Centers

So, again, right at the front desk you’ll find free merchandise laying around just for the taking. Not only that you’ll find lots of great hoodies, tank tops, and T-shirts with the Colaw Fitness logo. We also have seasonal limited-edition prints, so grab them us as they show up because they won’t be back again. Be sure to check out our great T-shirt that all proceeds benefit the water well project in Africa to. Part of every five-dollar membership contributes to building water wells in Mozambique, Uganda, and the Congo. Colaw Fitness is all about giving back and paying forward.

Like every other Arlington TX Fitness Centers you will find equipment to make your body stronger, leaner, and maybe smaller. Whatever your fitness goals are Colaw Fitness is here to partner with you to make sure you succeed. For example your five dollars a month grant you access to a trainer six days a week who will help you target certain areas you want to work on or answer general fitness knowledge for you. We have a very diverse staff so please feel free to come at different times if there’s a certain person you prefer.

Colaw Fitness has developed a dietary program to assist you with getting the most gains in your first 30 days. Unlike any other Arlington TX Fitness Centers that just want to take your money and let you loose in the building, Colaw Fitness is here for you. Colaw Fitness is based on Christian philosophy and loving on people. Colaw Fitness Place faith-based motivational music from various genres. However, we do offer free Wi-Fi so bring your own device and play whatever it is they get your heart pounding.

Colaw Fitness offers televisions throughout the facility with various programming. You can hop on any of our great cardio equipment such as ellipticals, treadmills, and bicycles, and plug right in to listen to your favorite channel. Like all the other Arlington TX Fitness Centers we have tons of steel to build your muscles and miles of cable to develop your strengths. It doesn’t matter if you have been in a gym your entire life or you need to go to one your entire life. Since there’s no need to run out and by fancy work out clothing, or special Fitness devices. Just bring your will and partner it was our motivation. You cannot fail if you just try.

Colaw Fitness loves to get free no obligation tours because then you can see for yourself everything we say is true. For five dollars a month you can bring a friend for free, show up one night a month for Member Appreciation Night and eat for free. Every single day even walk into the front desk and get some free swag. There’s also other merchandise available for free if you help Colaw Fitness. Not only that, you can get an entire year of fitness for free. We have members that have a paid for their membership in over two years. It isn’t hard to do so come find out how when you take a tour.

Colaw Fitness has dozens of members that never even work out if that’s what you want to do. Unlike all the other Arlington TX Fitness Centers that charge you more for additional access and the same building, we include everything for five dollars a month. So we have members that come in after work every day with their favorite device and hook up to our Wi-Fi and sit in a massage chair and get their cares taken away and 10 minutes or less.

Massage is the easiest way you can take care of your health and you deserve it. You will see printed on every wall in Colaw Fitness the words “you are worth it”. This is in a motto or an empty slogan for us this is all the only thing that we are selling to you. That you are worth it to be healthy and fit.

The other group of folks to come to Colaw Fitness regularly and never work out are the folks that tan. You and your guests have access to tanning lay down beds and stand up units for the same price. We sell single use natural bronzers right at the front desk. You can also pick up a full bottle of various products. Tanning goggles for your eye protection are available right there as well.

Please give us a call right now at 417-437-9345 and let us answer your questions. You get everything for only five dollars a month. What do we mean by everything? EVERYTHING! Voicemails are returned the following business day. Our staff, our management, our owners, all greet you, meet you, and love you like family. This isn’t just where our staff works, this is where they work out. #youareworthit