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Arlington TX Gyms | A Place for the Whole Family

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Do you want to create a culture of healthy living in your household? Do you often find it difficult to get you children active in physical exercise? Often times, it can be very difficult to create this without some sort of medium. Therefore, our Arlington TX gyms are here to be that catalyst for your family. Our facility is family-friendly, and you and the whole family can exercise together. This is significant because it creates a great culture of healthy living for your family.

We do this in a few different ways. For one, our minor policy supports young people exercising. Another way that we encourage this is through bringing a family member as a free guest. Overall, the atmosphere of Colaw Fitness is geared towards healthy family living. We hope that you join the family at Colaw Fitness and sign up today. Call 918-766-3353 for any further questions you might have.

Our Arlington TX gyms are made for the family. Therefore, you and your child or your spouse can come in to exercise together. With this in mind, we shaped our minor policy to reflect a safe environment for young people. At Colaw Fitness, you only have to be twelve years old in order to use the facility. Statistics show that many of our habits are formed by the age of thirteen. Therefore, it is a great window to help your child get used to exercising.

Arlington TX Gyms

We love having some of our younger members in the facility. As a result, we get to see them grow stronger and more confident in themselves. Overall, we see that teenagers tend to struggle with body image issues and confidence. By the time they have been working out for a little while, they tend to feel much better! Their confidence levels boost dramatically. Similarly, their body image issues begin to soften in their mind.

Did we mention that you can bring one family member for free? That’s right! You can bring one friend or family member every time that you are in the facility. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything. Therefore, you are essentially getting two memberships for the price of one. As a result, this helps your pocketbook and your family at the same time! What is there not to love about that? We find that families that exercise together have a tighter bond than most.

Parents that exercise with their children spend nearly an hour in the gym together every day. These days, most children do not spend that much time with their family in an entire week. We love having the opportunity to foster these precious moments. Therefore, we always try to remember the duos by name so that we can encourage them! This is of course as soon as they walk through the door.

Alongside these two points, we also create a family-friendly atmosphere in our facility. We do this through a number of avenues. All of our Arlington TX gyms are fitted with comforting colors like blue and green. None of the uncomfortable ones like black and red. Many gyms foster a hardcore attitude towards fitness that doesn’t feel comfortable for most families. Additionally, we keep the facility bright and clean. What parent would want to bring their child into a grungy, smelly, dirty gym environment. We do this because it makes all of our members feel more comfortable when they come into our facility. Ultimately, you can find this atmosphere in a few different ways at Colaw Fitness. You can see it on the walls, in our staff’s faces, and in the music that we play.

All of the walls in our Arlington TX gyms are wrapped with positive, family-friendly verbiage. This simply adds to the comforting nature of our facility. Alongside this, it creates an encouraging environment for our young people. Children are notorious for seeking instant gratification. Therefore, they often get discourage when it comes to exercise. Because it is not easy, they find it hard to stay motivated. Therefore, we aim to make it as simple as we can to have tenacity. Sometimes this might not be receive well when receive from a parent. Therefore, we aim to keep your children encouraged because they look up to those in the gym. Therefore, we can engage them at the level that they are at. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do so!

Next, our music is family-friendly and energetic. Therefore, you do not have to worry about bringing your child’s headphones. Additionally, you do not have to worry that they will simply ignore you the whole time. Because of our positive, uplifting Christian music, you can guarantee you will have a good time. Of course, we want you to have a good time together. Because our music is so energetic, you will get pumped up before your workout begins.

We play all of our music out into the parking lot. Therefore, your child will also get excited when they walk up to the building. Getting your child excited about exercising can be a chore. Therefore, we want to take that responsibility for you! Allow us to do the heavy lifting and you can simply enjoy time with your family. Similarly, at our Arlington TX gyms, you and your spouse can even just get out of the house together!

We often find that couples that exercise together use it as their date night away from the kids. Of course, they love their family time. However, we find it to be incredibly important to spend time alone on a regular basis. What better way to do so than to come in and get a couples massage from our hydromassage beds! We want to create a welcoming environment for the two of you where you can relax. As a result, we believe that your marriage will only be stronger. Additionally, we find that it is much easier to power through a workout with a little encouragement. We hope you consider our Arlington TX gyms for your whole family. Call us at 918-766-3353 today. Grace and peace to you.