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Arlington TX Gyms | Colaw Fitness Focus – The Elliptical Trainer

content written for Colaw Fitness

Thank you for clicking on the Colaw Fitness website. We are grateful we stood out from all Arlington TX Gyms. Choosing a gym is a very important health decision that you should take seriously. Feel free to give us a call right now at 417-437-9345. Phones are answered 24 hours and all messages will be returned during the next regular business day hours.

We have decades of experience with faith, fitness, and health. Our passions and our business are Christian focused to constantly give back. Health and fitness are also ways to honor our bodies. Unfortunately, so many people struggle between their desires and their reality of health and fitness ideals. Faith walks in. Walk in faith. You are worth it. Worth it all. The time. The sweat. The tears. Share them all with a family atmosphere full of love, empathy and respect. Our No Gym Jerk policy keeps those folks on the outside. Our members and guests share our goals of a fitness sanctuary welcome to all.

A welcoming staff and comfortable atmosphere await you around the clock. From the moment you walk in the door, a warm smile brings you right into focus. You are greeted and appreciated every time you come in and depart. You have access day or night to a staff member. Take a staff guided tour when it is convenient for you, not all the other Arlington TX Gyms. Colaw Fitness is being sanitized and disinfected continuously and even more so during peak times. You will not be able to find a locker room within the walls of Colaw Fitness though. Private showers and day lockers assure your safety, security, and privacy at all costs. Massage, tanning, trainer access and so much more are waiting for you for only a very affordable $5 per month.

Arlington TX Gyms

Arlington TX Gyms are also diverse in what is contained within each one. We hope you find the one that works for your needs. Please consider stopping by Colaw Fitness anytime for a tour and have your questions answered by an experienced, knowledgeable and empathetic staff member. One day every month we celebrate life during Member Appreciation Night. Dinner is on us, just come on by. We have special new member promotions and you could get an entire year of FREE membership. Stop in and see what days and times it is coming up soon near you! Take home some free stuff every time you visit. Pens, decals, and lots of merchandise is free and for sale at the front desk so don’t miss it.

Colaw Fitness Focus – The Elliptical Trainer

This staple of Joplin gyms and throughout the world first entered our view in the early 1990s. Research began in the 1980s and was a natural evolution from the NordicTrack and other ski machines that offered the best cardio exercising ever witness by many cardiologists. The elliptical trainer was a less impactful way to gain the benefits and add additional protection of our fragile joints.

Various models offer different resistance, timing, and options for timing every workout. You can maintain a level workout or vary your resistance for High-Intensity Interval Training. Recent studies have proven HIIT is beneficial to cognitive control and working memory capacity. Even more so than computer games and trivia quizzes.

Our elliptical machines offer you an outlet for your plug-in earbuds to hear one of many landline cable television programming options. Or tune in to our WiFi with your favorite device and binge away on a guilty pleasure while burning away the calories.

HIIT studies have concluded 3 days of HIIT per week for two weeks only could double the aerobic capacity for participants. That means you could be one the elliptical half as long with the same results. Or, even better, you will get twice the results with the same effort!

Elliptical trainers have been researched to conclude the same physiological results between them and treadmills. However, the resistance settings on an elliptical allow for a more robust workout conclusion. A larger variety of muscle groups benefit and more calories can be burned without noticing any more exertion.

Remember to talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise regiment. Take a friend to take notes for you. Write down any fitness questions you have ahead of time because we get nervous and forget things sometimes. Then take their rules and your options and bring them into the best of all the Joplin gyms, Colaw Fitness.

A good diet is an essential partner for your fitness success. Our proprietary dietary program will help you jump start your goals and grab on to the motivation you need to get to work. Ask us all about it the next time you are driving by.

Members of all Arlington TX Gyms have pedometers, fitness bands linked to some technology or smartphone apps to tell them all the great distances they went today. Some apps can even encourage you with real gift cards to your favorite retail outlets. We encourage you by partnering with you and your commitment to success. #youareworthit isn’t just a phrase we made up for marketing. It’s part of who we are. We are here to make sure you know you are worth it. No one can help anyone do anything unless they want to.

At Colaw Fitness and no other Arlington TX Gyms, you will discover our peaceful culture. A culture of No Gym Jerks or negative disrespectful behavior. No activities to encourage negative energy. You will hear a soundtrack of various genres of faith-based music played to uplift and encourage. We accept that life’s daily challenges are difficult and we are stronger when we help each other. Let us help you right now. Come take a tour and join us as we help you succeed.

You never even have to get on a treadmill. It’s just one of the incredible things we offer for only $5 per month. You don’t even have to ever workout at all to join Colaw Fitness. We have members that only massage away the stress of the day.

There are even members only interested in tanning. You cannot find a more competitive tanning salon pricing package that competes with our price and as a bonus, you get an entire gym attached to your tanning salon! We really do have members and guests that just work on a golden deep glowing tan.

On the other end of the fitness spectrum, we have members that just want a hot shower alone after a hard day. Private showers in our restrooms is also an amazing way to relax and take some time for yourself before heading off to life’s next adventure.

Fitness your entire life before now or fitness your entire life from now on. Colaw Fitness just wants you to take care of yourself, even if you don’t choose us out of all the other Arlington TX Gyms. Please take a no obligation tour soon. Don’t go anywhere else until you see, in person, all that is Colaw Fitness.  Just love and empathy are waiting for you there day or night.

So call us right now at 417-437-9345 and tell us what you are looking for in Arlington TX Gyms. Let Colaw Fitness be your final fitness decision because we care! Thank you for reading this information and remember you are worth it. We know it, so let us prove it to you.