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Arlington TX Gyms | EVERYONE Deserves to be Healthy

content written for Colaw Fitness

When you want to get healthy or stay healthy, Colaw Fitness is your only destination with value and knowledge. All Arlington TX Gyms will sign you up and take your money every month. We didn’t get in to the fitness industry to collect money. We are passionate about sharing faith and health with everyone. Call us right now and see what we can do for you and your health. 417-437-9345 is answered around the clock and messages are all returned.

Colaw Fitness is staffed 24 hours a day. We really enjoy giving tours because we value what we have and want to share it with everyone. So, please, don’t feel high pressure sold to. Your tour obligates you to nothing, but an opportunity to meet a kind, empathetic fitness professional that wants to help you. It doesn’t matter if you have never been in a gym or if you are a life long athlete. We have something for everyone’s skill level. Love helping you learn because your success is our success.

We truly understand “gym-timidation”. People have ideas and flashbacks and really some terrible gym memory experiences. We have taken all the negative aspects out of “gyming” and created a sanctuary of respect and kindness. We have a No Gym Jerk policy and everything is focused around harmony. Arlington TX Gyms will not all have that. We give away more than your $5 a month worth, so you will absolutely know Colaw Fitness is your home for health.

Arlington TX Gyms

We have private restrooms with built in showers. You will not find locker rooms in Colaw Fitness. Lockers are available though, so bring a lock or buy one at the front desk. With a low $5 a month membership fee we have made fitness affordable for everyone, so don’t let locker rooms and obnoxious people scare you away because they aren’t here. You will have access to the entire facility and amenities for one price. Day passes are available for 24 hours, if you really want to test drive everything.

Fitness is certainly a journey and not a destination. You may start in our abs or aerobics section and spend a few months losing weight with cardio and decide to lift weights. After all that transformation, you may want to tan to help definition. It is all inside most Arlington TX Gyms, but it’s not all included for one low price of only $5.

Preventative Maintenance is vital to all machines, including the one you’re walking around in. If you are pre-op or post-op and need to do some physical therapy, find out what moves from your doctor and do them here. We have free WiFi so you can stream therapeutic videos while using our cable or circuit machines. Health is our greatest asset and sometimes most taken for granted until lost. Do all you can on the good days and the bad days will definitely by fewer. Exercise and eating healthy are truly the only fountain of youth. There is no secret.

A hundred years ago jumping jacks, push ups, and sit ups were all the rage. They still work. They work even better and faster inside of Colaw Fitness with machine weight assistance to make gains. Your $5 a month will give you access to a live trainer nearly every day and they can help you with any areas you want to improve. They can also explain our dietary program to jump start you in 30 days because nothing motivates like progress.

When you come by to take a tour, pick up a complimentary pen or vinyl decal. Find out how to get some gym gear for FREE. Ask how you can easily get an entire year paid for by us. Not many Arlington TX Gyms will give you a year for free for doing anything. We have FREE FOOD! Once a month on Member Appreciation Night we celebrate the gains and the goals and bring in food from local restaurants and vendors. You never can tell what’s on the menu, so don’t miss it. Ask when the next one is while you’re on you tour.

Colaw Fitness is are all about assuring our members achieve their goals. We provide a clean, peaceful, fun, and relaxing atmosphere. Family enjoy coming together and making fun of each other for motivation. From 12 years old and up, we know the earlier you begin a great fitness habit, the better chances you have for keeping it for life. Teens can get their own membership with guardian approval. All ages must by verified for entry.

Remember, everyone started working out for the first time once. We won’t tell you it’s easy, but of all the Arlington TX Gyms, we will ask that you start your journey with Colaw Fitness. Our members and guests are like-minded and it is a community atmosphere. No matter your goals, we all want to achieve success. It is perfectly natural to want to feel healthy and attractive. Bringing a friend with you to workout for free every time also helps motivate you when you are accountable to each other.

While checking out all the great free stuff at the front desk, also take a look at our stylish seasonal Colaw Fitness wear. Show your gym pride with a cozy soft hoodie while keeping warm. Show off those guns with a tank top. Bags and bottles and beverages, oh my! Even if you are still unsure which Arlington TX Gyms will best provide for you, please drop in and see what an amazing family fitness facility we are proud of.

Call us anytime at 417-437-9345. All voicemails are returned the following business day, so please leave us your name and number, if no one is available. We want to hear your questions and fears and excuses. Then we want to grab you and help you get rid of them all. You have NEVER been to a place like this before. Check out our tens of thousands of Google reviews all over the Midwest. You don’t have to believe us, believe them. Then believe in yourself because you are worth it!