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Arlington TX Gyms | Everything Included for only $5 | Colaw Fitness

content written for Colaw Fitness

What is the best of the dozens of Arlington TX Gyms? This question must be asked in the metropolis quite often. The answer I get again and again is always the same. Colaw Fitness. Always accessible and easy to reach online or by telephone at 417-437-9345. Not an ordinary gym. This statement also seems to apply to every Colaw Fitness location, member, and employee. If extraordinary and unique is what you seek, you have found it. Colaw Fitness also has the old school basics you need to get the fitness you seek.

Tons of steel can be found in all Arlington TX Gyms. The differences between us and them are many, so please continue. First, it’s not the prices that start at only $5 per month. If you just want to take us for a test drive you can get a day pass for about the same price and visit all you like for 24 hours.

A tour is something we really emphasize because it all sounds like too much to be true. Most of our members used to be guests and that is exactly why. How can Colaw Fitness not only afford to have this low price, but such an amazing value that includes everything inside the facility. No gimmick and no sales ploys. Other Arlington TX Gyms might say one thing to get you there and then you realize the small print.

Arlington TX Gyms

Colaw Fitness is such a great value that some members only visit to maintain a healthy golden tan all year round. They can stop at our front desk and grab some moisturizing, natural bronzers in various sizes. If you forget your eye protection goggles, we have those for sale as well. You would be hard pressed to find just a tanning salon value like this. Also, most Arlington TX Gyms may not even include tanning in their base pricing, so buyer beware.

Next we love to let you know the greatest difference between Colaw Fitness and any other gym, fitness center, tanning salon, and health spa in all of our Midwestern markets. It is in fact, love. We love our members and they know it. We motivate and love on every person walking in the door. Have created a loving, respectful, helpful, and kind atmosphere that no Arlington TX Gyms dare come close to. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? So continue on for the free stuff!

Free food. That’s right one night a month we bring in local vendors and restaurants and celebrate on Member Appreciation Night. Bring some friends and get an entire year paid for by Colaw Fitness. While you can always bring a friend for free to workout with you, the more the merrier! When you stop in for a tour, don’t forget to ask when the next M.A.N. is and how to get your free year.

Free merchandise. At the front desk you’ll find lots of gym gear to show off your Colaw Fitness pride. We have seasonal items like tank tops and hoodies, but also t-shirts, bags, bottles, pens, and vinyl decals all year. Many of these items are no and low cost, so get yours when you stop by.

All Arlington TX Gyms want you to join. We understand that. Just know that Colaw Fitness isn’t pricing competitively for you to join. We really care. Founded on Christian philosophy and sharing God and fitness of mind, body, and spirit. We think that health should be for everyone. We have so many ways to help you succeed built right in.

Surround yourself with faith-based motivational music from various genres. Bring your own favorite device and hook up to our WiFI. No matter what works for you, distraction definitely helps pass the time and the miles away. You can dance it out in an upright tanning unit or get your heart racing while trying out some new strength training equipment. Our circuit training is easy for beginners to work out their entire body, with visual assistance, and minimal fitness knowledge.

Just by reading what all our members and guests have written about us on Google might be enough, but let’s reiterate. Friendliness and cleanliness. We are staffed around the clock by knowledgeable, caring folks that are also members. We clean continuously to assure you have a safe and sanitary location to pursue your fitness goals. There are also portable stations located throughout for you to help as you go.

When you take a tour, anytime day or night, check out the private showers. We heard decades ago that people wanted privacy and may have PTSD from childhood shower issues. Relax all your fears at Colaw Fitness. Privacy and a sanctuary to work on your body however you like while partnering with us.

We have our proven proprietary dietary program that jumps starts your first 30 days progress. Seeing results is the number one motivator. You will also have access to trainers over a dozens times every week! Live people helping you use all the equipment you have always been curious about. From our huge aerobics floor equipped with mats, balls, bells, and so much more to our rows of cardio helpers. When you first walk in to any Arlington TX Gyms, you could be “gym-timidated”.

Our members and guests vary in ages from 12 to 100. It’s never too early or too late to begin taking care of yourself. These hectic times make every minute so valuable. Even if you can only come by after work and get a massage before going home, that’s enough. Colaw Fitness has many massage only members, so never feel committed to any workout just because you join.

Fitness means many different things to many different people. So call us today and let us know what it means to you and how we can help you reach your goals. Our phones are answered around the clock at 417-437-9345. Voicemails are returned the following business day, so please leave a message.