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Arlington TX Gyms | Fat Loss Explained | Colaw Fitness Podcast #104

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw here at the fitness tip of the week. So Charles, can you explain to us what happens in the body when your body’s losing fat? How does that happen?

Okay, so fat loss explained. Well, basically your body is using your own fat to be mobilized as energy as opposed to your blood glucose, the sugar in your blood, and to force that to occur anytime your body is between about 80 and one 20 on a glucose meter, you prick your finger, you check it, your body will freely use a lot of its own fat reserves, uh.

To actually be utilized as energy whenever eating like lots of sugars and starches and a lot of excess calories in general, your blood sugar rises and it quits actually mobilizing your own fat on your butt, gut and thighs. And so what we do with our [inaudible] plan is that Colaw Fitness 30 day plan, we actually make foods in the plan that force your body to stay in that 80 to one 20 where your body’s actually utilizing its own fat as an energy substrate.

So if you want it to be really successful, you can simply pick up one of those free, see a 30 templates, start falling that food, and you lose 10 to 30 pounds within a month, and we guarantee that of actual fat loss, you actually utilize your own fat as energy. So that’s the fitness tip. The calls to action are intense weight training helps force fat loss.

I’m also cardio at one 20 to one 30 beats a minute. Can help your body use fat loss and to be number one. Eating a diet that fundamentally forces your own fat. Basically a lower carb, higher protein diet. That’s going to make your body utilize its own butt gut and thighs as its primary energy substrate so that you can be the leaner, more fit version of yourself. And that’s the fitness tip with Charles and Amber Colaw have a blessed week. Bye bye

Arlington TX gyms

Arlington TX gyms

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