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Arlington TX Gyms | Five Dollars A Month for Full Access

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If you’re looking for an affordable value in Arlington TX Gyms, Colaw Fitness should be your destination. We are staffed 24 hours a day and always taking your questions and concerns via telephone at 417-437-9345. Messages are returned the following business day.

Don’t waste your money on home gym equipment that you can’t use, don’t like or don’t understand fully. Most people end up using that stuff to hang their clothes on eventually. Come into Colaw fitness and try out all the equipment you seen on television and in stores. Our low $5 a month membership rate is affordable for everyone. It is our Christian philosophy that everyone should have access to health.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been lifting weights and exercising your entire life or you have. It’s never too late to start, but the sooner you start the more benefits you will have. Arlington TX Gyms will offer some great bargain or initial pricing to sign you up. Later you may discover facility limitations or temporary pricing. Please know that Colaw Fitness has no gimmicks. Just a great low price in a peaceful, caring and fitness knowledgeable place for all your health goals.

Arlington TX Gyms

We play great motivational music to get your heart pumping. Feel free to bring your favorite device and sign on to our free WiFi and listen to your favorites. It is great to stream your latest binge show and sit on a recumbent bike and let the miles pass you by without even noticing. We have row of cardio equipment that you can even plug earbuds into and watch various television programming throughout the facility.

Why join Colaw Fitness? Do you just want to tan? Do you only need a great massage after a hard day at work? Did your sewer back up and you need a place to take a shower? These are all actual scenarios of many Colaw Fitness members. Often other Arlington TX Gyms limit your access to things not workout related. We not only give you an all inclusive membership for $5 a month, but you get to Bring A Friend For FREE every time you come in.

Shop tanning salons and compare the value. Not only can you keep a year round golden tan, but you can do it very affordably. We have superb bronzing lotions to help you keep and deepen your golden brown tan while moisturizing you skin. Goggles are also available to protect you eyes while laying down or standing up in our private tanning rooms.

Speaking of private. How about private showers? Many Arlington TX Gyms will have locker rooms, but not at Colaw Fitness. We have designed respect and relaxation at every turn. You can feel safe and comfortable in your private restroom with a built in shower. We are staffed around the clock to assure these rooms stay clean, sanitized, and disinfected. We keep a healthy place for you to work on your health of mind, body, and spirit.

Don’t join any of the other Arlington TX Gyms that sign you up and don’t talk to you any more either. If you don’t know what all that equipment does, you can’t take advantage of all you can be with us. We truly partner with you and encourage you and enjoy watching your progress. Therefore, you have access to a live knowledgeable trainer nearly every day of the year. All included with that same $5 per month.

We also know that once you see progress, you are far more likely to stay motivated. With that in mind we have taken our decades of knowledge and education and created a dietary program to make the most of your first 30 days. All of this is also part of your low $5 a month investment in yourself because you are worth it. You must take care of yourself first so you are better equipped to assist those around you.

There are so many free promotions for signing up and free merchandise for showing up that you won’t believe that you get so much for only $5 per month. That’s why most of our members used to be FREE guests! What? Yes, you can always bring someone with you for free. It’s nearly like getting two memberships for the price of one. If you bring in more friends and they join, you could end up receiving an entire year of membership paid for by us! Colaw Fitness is about sharing love and health with everyone is a peaceful, respectful atmosphere.

We know it is hard to really understand how a fitness center could offer all of this for such a bargain price. We also know other Arlington TX Gyms do not compete with so much for so little either. So we love to ask people to come take a tour. Day or night because you will always be greeted with a warm smile and an open heart. Our members and guests start at age 12 and go up to triple digits. Don’t every think it is too late to start.

Don’t forget to ask about Member Appreciation Night while you are there. It’s the evening, once a month, we throw a party and all the staff comes out to say hello and share success stories from you. The atmosphere is always casual and accepting. The culture of Colaw Fitness is all about respect and love. Our No Gym Jerk policy assures you will feel safe and protected at all times. Others members and guests even learn from each other in their fitness journey.

While searching through Arlington TX Gyms, don’t forget to check out Colaw Fitness in our other Midwest markets. You will find tens of thousands of reviews from people that have visited us. We are the highest rated and most reviewed fitness center everywhere we go and hope to find this same energy in Arlington, TX, with you. Come share your goals with us and let us help you reach them. With real empathy and understanding, you will feel the Colaw difference right away.

Just one phone call should help you with any questions, but we shine when you step in our double doors. We don’t want to impress you or sell you anything you won’t use. You can feel safe and at home inside of Colaw Fitness. You can feel better about yourself and healthier for the ones you love. Even if we aren’t your ultimate choice in fitness, we encourage you to start a fitness regimen right away. So here’s that number: 417-437-9345. Please leave a message if the phone is not answered right away. We return all voicemails the following business day. Thank you for considering Colaw Fitness.