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Arlington TX Gyms | Go for the Price, Stay for the Nice

This content written for Colaw Fitness

It’s kind of difficult to choose between all of the Arlington TX Gyms. Colaw Fitness is here to help you with that. Just give us a call right now at 417-437-9345 and let us tell you all about why Colaw Fitness is a value difference. From ages 12 and up everybody is welcome at Colaw Fitness. From the lifelong gym attendees to the folks that haven’t been in a gym in decades, you can’t afford to waste another minute.

Colaw Fitness has decades of fitness and health knowledge and education to share with you. Maybe that’s not even what you’re looking for and we understand that too. We have members that do nothing but use our great lay down and upright tanning units. You can work on your tan all year round and only pay five dollars a month. No other tanning salon in Arlington TX can offer this deal. You’ll have to join Colaw Fitness to work out. Stop in front and grab some great bronzers or safety goggles and get your tan on.

That’s right for only five dollars a month you can have a gym membership. We have so many promotions throughout the year that other Arlington TX Gyms can’t even compare to. We give away free months, free merchandise, and even free food. So read on to find out more about that, but first your five dollars a month also let you always bring a guest for free. That’s right it’s almost like getting two memberships for the price of one. Colaw Fitness wants fitness to be affordable. No one should have to choose between their health and their groceries.

Arlington TX Gyms

You don’t have to take our word for it, just read our reviews in all of our markets. Colaw Fitness is the highest rated and most reviewed fitness center throughout the Midwest. We made Fitness affordable, that was the easy part. As you know the hardest part is getting you to get out of your warm cozy bed every morning and get in the door. We have incentives and motivation to help you with that as well. We encourage you to come take a tour right now because Colaw Fitness is staffed around the clock.

Colaw Fitness is faith-base with a Christian philosophy of inclusion. The only way that will affect you in the gym is that everything is included for one low price. That’s only five dollars a month for you to get access to everything inside the entire fitness facility. From our well-stocked cardio and aerobic section, to our rows and rows of treadmills, ellipticals, and recumbent and upright bicycles, all included. You be hard-pressed to find that bargain inside of any of the other Arlington TX fitness centers. We also play faith-based music of various genres or you can bring your own favorite device and stream on our free Wi-Fi.

Did we mention of free stuff? Colaw Fitness has so much free stuff the you feel like we are paying you to come to the gym. The most exciting thing people seem to really like is free food. Furthermore on Member Appreciation Night we all get together and celebrate life. We cater in food from local vendors and restaurants and it’s a huge party at the gym. Our entire staff turns out and we give away tons of swag and merchandise. We take selfies and post on social media. AND… if you bring some friends with you, you can even get a year of membership entirely paid for by us.

Where else can you go for only five dollars a month at the Arlington TX Gyms? Well at Colaw Fitness you can get access to a live trainer almost every day of the week often more than once a day. Not only can a trainer help you focus on your target areas that need work, but they can also look you up with our great proprietary dietary program. We understand that people get a gym membership and often feel lost wondering what to do now? Will never leave you without feeling because our staff is here to help you, motivate you, and make sure you succeed with whatever your fitness goals may be.

We are staff around the clock 24 hours a day seven days a week 364 days a year. Someone is there right now cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting your health and fitness facility because at Colaw Fitness we think health starts at the ground up, at the smallest levels. No one should have to work out to get healthy inside of a facility that is not also just as clean and healthy as you want to be. Don’t feel like you are bothering us, we are here for you. Our staff loves to give tours so come take advantage of that right now.

Why do we love to give tours? Because we fully comprehend that everything that you’re going to read on this page right now sounds too good to be true. So many Arlington TX Gyms will sell you a price for membership and then you’ll find out that it doesn’t include everything. At some point you will end up feeling like it doesn’t include you either and not continue. Everything at Colaw Fitness is based on your success. Our memberships, our plans, even the layout of our facility has you in mind to succeed at your fitness goals.

One thing we really love to show off at Colaw Fitness is our showers. Now go to all the other Arlington TX Gyms and take a tour of their showers and their locker rooms and then come check out Colaw Fitness. Colaw Fitness will never have a locker room. Our research has shown that the locker room has been a major point to people not wanting to get the full gym experience. You can come in the gym get a massage, get tan, work out, and then go take a private shower in your private restroom. Doesn’t that sound like a relaxing gym experience?

You go to the gym to relax right? Come relax at Colaw Fitness with massage. Do you know that you can join Colaw Fitness and never workout? You’ll never have to use the tanning machines? You never even have to break a sweat just because you’re the member of a gym. We have lots of members that only join for the free massage. We have various massage options available for you to relax away the day before you head home to take on your next challenges. Many people do like to massage after a workout and that’s great too.

Since we don’t have locker rooms, rest assured we do have lockers available for you to use while you are at the facility. So come take a tour right now of every piece of equipment, every room, every inch of Colaw Fitness versus any other of the Arlington TX Gyms and truly feel the Colaw difference. From the moment you walk in the door you’re treated like family and greeted with a warm smile and a listening ear. We are staff with individuals that aren’t punching a clock just to have a job. Our staff is empathetic and compassionate about what they do and all members and guests.

Remember you can always bring that guest for free. Bring a new guest every time. Bring a different guest from work or your family. As long as they are 12 years old and can prove their age, they are welcome to use everything inside of Colaw Fitness just like you. We know it’s never too young to start a fitness program so we welcome these folks to even get their own memberships for your convenience. When you come to take a tour check out the details for yourself.

Arlington TX Gyms all have something special to offer. At Colaw Fitness we just offer you everything INCLUDING low price. Call us right now at 417-437-9345 and ask any personal questions you might need for your own accessibility. All phone calls and voicemails are return the following business day when not answer by a live person. Even if you don’t come to Colaw Fitness please take care of yourself. By taking care of yourself first, it allows you to be able to take care of others.