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This content written for Colaw Fitness

It’s very difficult to choose between all of the amazing Arlington TX Gyms. Colaw Fitness is here to help you find your way through the options. Only five dollars a month, no gimmicks, no small print, no tricks, you can have full access to a fitness facility and all that is inside. So please give us a call right now at 417-437-9345 and let us tell you all about why Colaw Fitness is your first and last and only choice in fitness.

Don’t just take our word for it! Read the tens of thousands of great reviews throughout the Midwest. We are the highest rated and most reviewed fitness facility in every market. The energy in Colaw Fitness is something you can’t find in just any other Arlington TX Gyms. We are Christian based and here to pay it forward and give back at every opportunity.

For five dollars a month you not only get access to everything in the facility, your membership fees go to help build water wells in Mozambique, Uganda, and the Congo. We also sell special shirts that all proceeds go to help these projects. Colaw Fitness staff volunteers throughout the community. We have a peaceful energy that you can’t help but notice the moment you come take a tour. Bring friends or family with you. Any one over the age of 12, with proof of age, is welcome to use everything in the facility too.

Arlington TX Gyms

In fact, Colaw Fitness has “Bring A Friend For FREE”. That’s almost like getting two memberships for the price of one. We have so much free stuff at Colaw Fitness that it seems like we are giving you way more than five dollars a month. First though, let’s get the basics out of the way. Come take a tour. We say that often because most of our members used to be guests. They wanted to come check things out and realized it wasn’t too good to be true. For only five dollars a month you can have access to all the equipment you’ve seen on TV but didn’t want to buy.

For this price you can’t miss out on the value of a lifetime. Colaw Fitness has decades of health and fitness experience. We want everyone that wants to work on their body or fitness to have affordable access to a quality establishment. We play faith-based motivational music and everyone that comes in is treated like family. These are things you may not find when you go tour other Arlington TX Gyms.

Colaw Fitness is staffed around the clock with smiling faces. Someone is always there if you need assistance. This is also part of the entire Colaw experience. We want you to have a clean, sanitized facility to work on your health. Cleanliness in a fitness facility should be really important as you decide. Not all Arlington TX Gyms are staffed all the time. We suggest taking a tour late at night on the weekend to get a great idea or your fitness facility options.

More about the free stuff. We have lots of swag on the counter just for stopping in. If you bring some friends with you, you may end up getting an entire year for free. We have members on their third free year even. So come take a tour, ask about the free year and ask about the free food. FREE FOOD! Yes! One night a month we throw our diet worries to the wind and celebrate life, progress, and new goals. We cater local food and the entire staff comes in for this party. We call it Member Appreciation Night and it is going on soon, so don’t miss it!

For only five dollars a month, there is no telling what you may be expecting. What you should not expect is a discounted experience for such a discounted price. You will have access to a trainer six days a week. This knowledgeable staff member can also assist you with our specially designed dietary program. We can help you maximize your progress the first 30 days. At Colaw Fitness you never have to feel lost, confused, or alone. We partner with you and are here for all your health and fitness needs.

What about tanning? Have you been to a tanning salon lately? Unless you want a spray or specialty tan, come see us. Your five dollars a month INCLUDES tanning. Your friend can tan while here too. We have great bronzers for sale right at the front desk in singles or bottles. Eye protection is also available if you forget yours. You can join Colaw Fitness and never workout. We have many members that only tan. For this price, you cannot tan anywhere else so frequently.

We have researched what people hate about their gym and what they wish they had in a gym. Colaw takes suggestions every day. We know locker rooms have always been a stress for some people. Colaw Fitness has created private restrooms with your own single shower built right in. You do have access to lockers in the common area to use while you visit. Bring your own lock or purchase one of ours.

Colaw Fitness has another group of members that never workout too. These folks stop in after a hard day at work and sit down in a massage chair and relax before heading home. You can bring your favorite device and stream a meditation video while taking ten minutes to yourself. You NEVER have to work out to join Colaw Fitness. Honestly, we are here for whatever you are needing in health of mind, body, and spirit.

We have lots of televisions to watch and bring your 3.5mm earbuds to plug in to the cardio machines and hear whichever channel you prefer. You can do some binge watching while bicycling or catch up on the news while climbing stairs. Afterwards you’re ready for a private shower and relaxing massage. Some members like to tan before a workout to get everything warmed up. Whatever your style and level of fitness education, there is something for you at Colaw Fitness that is not available at any other Arlington TX Gyms.

Arlington TX Gyms all have something special to offer. At Colaw Fitness we just offer you everything at one low price. Call us right now at 417-437-9345 and ask any personal questions you might need for your own accessibility. All phone calls and voicemails are returned the following business day when not answered by a live person. And even if you don’t come to Colaw Fitness, please take care of yourself. By taking care of yourself first, it allows you to be able to take care of others. You are worth it.