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Arlington TX Gyms | Susan lost 20 lbs | Colaw Fitness Podcast #44

Hey this is Charles and Amber Colaw. And today we’re going to give you a win of the week. And the win of the week is Susan. Susan’s lost 20 pounds. Way to go Susan! Amber is going to give us a notable quotable and a notable quotables from the most awesome book ever. It’s called the Bible. So go ahead, Amber. Yes. Colossians 3:23, whatever you do. Work at it with all of your heart as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

So, so true. Um, you know, when you give, when you give all the hard work and you’re doing it for something that’s beyond yourself, it even feels more rewarding.

Yeah. One more thing. Ah, there’s a book called grit and grit talks about having a job where you just want to pay your bills and then it talks about, um, uh, uh, careers where you want to benefit yourself and you want to like get yourself to making more money and make it a career. And then they talk about a passion and a passion as something beyond just a job or a career.

But it’s something that’s so big. It’s bigger than you, it’s bigger than money. And that’s what we want to work for. Something that’s even bigger than just money. It’s about a bigger purpose, a bigger cause. It’s like building water wells and offer Africa, saving lives, changing lives, making Jesus famous, things like that.

And that’s what awesome by and gives you extra motivation. So it’s awesome books called grit. So you can look at the book grit too. But anyways, as Charles and Amber Colaw and we wanted to say congratulations to Susan for losing 20 pounds, she’s getting some grit, baby, you know, stick with it. Susan. Congratulations. We’ll see you next week. Charles and Amber Colaw in Arlington gyms.

Susan Wolfenberger everything. I mean, I love the atmosphere. We’re open 24 hours and we’ve got a great friendly staff, gets clean, you can smell the cleanest when you come inside. Um, and there are so many that so much different equipment to work with is a positive atmosphere. Nurse a policy. I mean, there’s no showing off.

You feel like everyone’s on the same level and you can relax and juice. Enjoy your workout. What aren’t they missing out on? You’re exercising, you’re feeling better physically, mentally, and spiritually. And it’s just a good way to let off stress and now took off from 24 hours. So it’s convenience. Well, I’ve lost at least 20 pounds. I’ve brought the pants size are short size, and I just, I feel better physically. I just feel better.

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