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Arlington TX Gyms | The Decision of a Lifetime

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Many people of not can trace their success back to one decision in their life that changed everything. A distinct moment in their life that altered their course towards who they are today. As minuscule as it may seem, we believe that getting a gym membership could be this moment. By starting at one of our Arlington TX gyms, you could change your world for the better. It may seem superstitious, but we see it all of the time. A decision to workout leads to a decision to stop abusing alcohol. That decision then create a ripple effect through so many other things we aren’t aware of. The best part is that even if it isn’t that one moment, it certainly won’t be negative. At minimum you will walk away feeling better about yourself. If this interests you, call today to 918-766-3353. You can also find information online at ColawFitness.com.

We hope that you consider Colaw Fitness as your next gym home. As we just discussed, signing up today could create a positive effect on the future. It could certainly end up being more than simply a gym membership. Who knows who you will meet or what you will see that will inspire this in you. Better yet, who knows how you might inspire others in the same way. The best way to inspire someone is by having first been in their shoes. From there, it looks like one good decision after another. This is a reality that we can all hone into and take part in. The only thing holding us back is whether or not we will trust the process. At our Arlington TX gyms, we meet numerous people who feel discouraged about their first week. Fortunately, health is not a make or break situation.

Thus, our first week will likely be the most difficult out of the weeks to come. Statistics show that it takes roughly three weeks to create new habits. That is only twenty-one days to bring about positive change in your life. Think of all the things that you could add to or subtract from your life! All of it can be done in simply twenty one days. This is incredibly encouraging to our members at out Arlington TX gyms. Not only does it give people a sense of camaraderie, it gives them energy for the future. Therefore, shared suffering can do a great work at strengthening relationships. Two people coming together in difficult circumstances are hard to separate. That being said, they have a much higher chance at actually achieving their goals. This is of course compared to people who barely try and do so alone.

Arlington TX Gyms

We encourage all of our members to bring a work out buddy. For this reason, we decided to make it absolutely free. That’s right, you can bring a friend for no charge every time you are in the facility. At the end of the day, that is two memberships for the price of one. No other gym is doing this. If they are doing something similar, it is certainly not as good. They often do not allow your guest to use all of the amenities that you get to enjoy.

Likewise, they might have a time limit or may only be welcome at certain times. At Colaw Fitness however, your guest is welcome at all times and can use everything that you can. We believe that this removes a significant barrier between you and the goals that you’ve set for yourself. Going at it alone only makes things more difficult, so why would we stand in your way at Arlington TX gyms?

If our goal is to do whatever we can to help you grow, then this makes perfect sense. However, if our goal is just to bleed you of your money, it doesn’t make any sense. That is why so many other gyms charge you an arm and a leg just to bring a friend with you. They likely do not care very much for your long term well being. As long as you have signed their year long contract, you are in their pocket. From there, they no longer care much about the success of their members.

At Colaw Fitness, you can pay as low as $5 per month to use the facility. Additionally, you can cancel your membership at any point in time. We never force you to buy out the remaining months of your membership. Additionally, you never have to sign another year long contract you might not be able to fulfill. We feel that this is how business in the fitness industry ought to be done.

Many gyms in the industry will try to market to you with people that look like Greek gods. They are tall, dark, beautiful, and incredibly in shape. Most other gyms will play off of insecurities in their members to try to get more business. At Colaw Fitness, we never try to compare you to somebody that isn’t you. We are always looking at becoming better than the person that we were yesterday or last year. Instead of playing on insecurities, we build upon strengths.

Therefore, if you are a great father to your children, but do not have an 18-pack, that’s awesome! You can take that energy and convert it into motivation to stay the course. It seems to us that shame based motivation does last for long and leads to burnout. This method that most gyms use only discourages you from doing anything in the future. At Arlington TX gyms, we want to empower you to feel good while you are on this journey.

Similarly, we do not want you to feel discouraged because you have working for six months. All the while you feel down because you do not look like the person next to you. The only person that you ought to be comparing yourself to is you from yesteryear. This allows us to acknowledge the growth it took to get to our current position. All of a sudden, it doesn’t seem so bad. If you made it through the last year, you can make it through the next one! This has been the experience of most of the members in our facility. We find them experiencing shame from past gym experiences and we bring them to freedom from it. Therefore, we have the honor of making a lifelong impact on our members.

In conclusion, we believe that in order to be successful, we have to start with one decision. This ultimately points us in the right direction. From there, we have to make sure that we are being honest with our motivations. Once we get those in line, there is no amount of discouragement that can hold us back! At our Arlington TX gyms, you will find yourself facing this split in the road. We encourage you to stay focused so that you can see results down the line! If this seems interesting to you, simply call us at 918-766-3353 and we’d love to speak with you. Thank you for considering Colaw Fitness to be your next big fitness home. Grace and peace to you.