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Arlington TX Gyms | What Are You Waiting For?

Content written for Colaw Fitness

A New Year’s Resolution is no way to start a fitness program in any of the Arlington TX gyms. Well, it’s one way, but not the way you should really. Today is the day to start your new year right now! Come by or call Colaw Fitness 24/7 at 800-800-8000 and let a knowledgeable professional help you decide why joining the Colaw family will be the first day of the rest of your fitness life. Before we continue with the great equipment and free things that await you right now, press Ctrl + D and bookmark this page. You may continue shopping for a gym to workout in, but you will want to come back here again and be sure we really do offer so much for such a great value and no hidden fees.

Meanwhile, New Year’s Resolutions do make us very busy… for a few weeks. Good habits take a few weeks to hold onto us and fitness seems to take about eight. If you happen to read this in July, it’s perfect. A new fitness year begins when you decide you are worth it. It’s not just a slogan we use or a motto we have. You are worth it are the words you will see on every wall and mirror in Colaw Fitness. Subconsciously it will sink in, even though you may need a bit more convincing.

Our membership option start with teens that have parent or guardian signature. Our best value membership is $5 per month. That is our most popular package and we offer many months free throughout the year that make it an even better bargain! We want fitness to be a family affair and ages 12 and up are welcome to workout when accompanied. It is true that the sooner you start taking care of your body, the quicker and better it will take care of you. So cost will not be an issue now, right?

arlington tx

We know the main reason people quit coming to all Arlington TX Gyms is time. They grow busy and skip a day here and there and we really understand and completely empathize with the doldrums of walking through our doors some days. You know it is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones though. So we make sure a warm smile, kind ear, and maybe even a hug awaits you each time, around the clock, as you enter. We also offer incentive plans that reward you for taking care of your self and knowing you are worth it.

So we like to talk quite often about free things we offer, donate, and simply give away. We are spreading the love of God through living healthy and honoring our bodies. Faith-based music fills the facility and motivates your heart and pulse to soar. Free WiFi is available if you prefer to watch your own fitness coaching videos on you favorite device. So we offer free love and kindness. All day and night, you will find a staff member eagerly awaiting to give you a tour or answer your personal fitness needs. Please consult a physician before undertaking any drastic fitness regimen. Physical therapy tools are available for those recovering after injury and surgery though, so most physician encourage a fit lifestyle for everyone.

Surely, that can’t be the only free thing we can offer, right? We offer free food, shirts, memberships, trainers, massage, tanning and bring a guest… just to name a few. You’ll be amazed when you come by for a tour to see all that we offer for the annual price of less than most monthly cell phone bills. You can get a year of fitness for free with very little effort doing something you already do. You will love working out with bringing someone to help and encourage you that you know and care about. Fitness is contagious and we know most of our members used to be guests. Some Arlington TX gyms are stereotypical from people’s school nightmares and we share fitness for free because people blow out those bad dreams and open their lives and heart to Colaw Fitness.

NO LOCKER ROOMS! We are quite proud of this fact because some people think all fitness centers still have a giant gym shower experience. This is fast becoming the past. At Colaw Fitness we provide private showers within select restrooms. Handicap access and parking are available. See a staff member for any special assistance or shower reservation.

Come in once a month and get dinner on us. You have heard there is no such thing as a free lunch, but imagine this; you pay us $5 and then come eat $10 worth of pizza! That’s right, Member Appreciation Night is our party celebrate success and reset new goals for the future. You can come to our gym right now and find out when the next one is. Less than 4 weeks away always! Mostly we have pizza parties, but we also partner with local vendors to bring in a variety of things. That’s why you can’t miss it each month. We take selfies and share the new excitement with the latest members and their path to health and fitness.

All Arlington TX gyms will offer you fitness equipment to “pump you up”. So we don’t talk too much about that when we mention why we’re special. Just imagine row after row and tons of steel to build your muscles as big as you want them or as lean as you need them. We provide trainer access to our members almost every day and help them learn the best and safest way to reach their health goal. Our circuit training is an easy way to take minimum knowledge and achieve maximum results. Video guided information is at every machine so you will feel like a pro in minutes.

Again, what are you waiting for? We offer so many things that it’s almost like we pay you to get healthy, isn’t it? You will only regret not calling us sooner at 800-800-8000. We have lots of seasonal gear for your convenience and basic tanning items at our front desk. Come by for a tour, leave with a tan! You are worth it.