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Bartlesville Fitness Center | Fitness For Everyone

content written for Colaw Fitness

The home for Bartlesville Fitness Center would only be Colaw Fitness, of course. The hometown for Colaw Fitness is Bartlesville. No matter how big we grow or how far we go, We will always be the best place for your friends and family on your fitness journey. Our life and livelihood are always part of this community. We aren’t successful without all of you, frankly. We learn and grow together, both here and abroad.

Directly driving each other to be more successful than the other. In a loving competition to be a personal cheerleader. How could you ever trust the most valuable asset of health to anyone else? We have been constantly encouraged by this community and that’s the only way to pay you back. Our hashtag is #youareworthit because you have taught us, for decades, the value of relationships of every level. Call us right now and let us thank you, personally, for the gift of your support in so many ways. Our number is 918-766-3353 and any voicemails are returned within 24 business hours.

We can hardly apologize with sharing our attitude of gratitude right away in a page of information about a building full of great things for all who enter. It just feels great! That’s what we want you to know about most, feeling great. You can come into any location, any time of day or night, and take a staff-guided tour. We want to share with you everything we offer for you to feel great while getting fit. Don’t worry, we won’t pressure you to join or buy a leotard! We just want you to go away feeling great about yourself! Not a bad offer with no commitment, right? The leotard is really up to you though, honest!

When it comes to an amazing Bartlesville Fitness Center, come to see the one with Fitness in its’ name! Our members and guests give us the most and highest reviews and we stand by each and every one. We want you to feel great and respected. The moment you walk in the door, you can just feel the positive energy we foster. Your first glimpse of greatness. We will greet you to welcome you with open arms 24/7. A staff member is always around for members safety, questions and to keep the facility clean. The most exciting part of any day though is making others feel great. We encourage you, listen to you, and just be nearby for your needs, always. Making someone else feel better or great is the easiest way we all have to pay it forward.

Our facility isn’t filled with experienced members walking around in tiny clothes and perfect bodies. Why aren’t you there? Seriously, you don’t even need that leotard. If it’s legal to mow your yard in, then you should be fine at Colaw Fitness, mostly. We have staff from all walks of life, turns around the sun and fitness expertise. What they share is an intuitive desire to stand behind the fact that #youareworthit. To know it, share it and make sure you feel it before you leave our facility.

This one and only Bartlesville FItness Center is Colaw Fitness, which has monthly rates starting at an average of less than $5 per month. How much was the last meal you had at a dining establishment? Now isn’t that great? What else is great is that we do not want you missing that meal either. So once a month, on Member Appreciation Night, we FEED YOU FOR FREE! We bet you can eat more than $5 worth of smoothies, wraps, sammies, apps, or pizza. Pizza?

Like an all veggie, all cardboard crust healthy pizza, right? No way, that wouldn’t be great. A big ol’ box of real delivery carb crusted, tomato-sauced with optional meats, pizza. We know that some days the only thing it will take to make you feel great is to “cheat” on your food plan of choice. We won’t tell. One day is okay! It won’t set you back. It won’t slow you down. But it just might make you feel great.

Colaw Fitness offers the greatest ways to make you feel great of any Bartlesville Fitness Center. The latest equipment, machines, and assistance to make every BODY feel great. All too often, we see gadgets in some late night infomercial that haunt our dreams. They don’t ever quite fit in our budget. Maybe you have some great places to hang your clothes that once began as fitness equipment? Feel free to put them in your local yard sale and come to Colaw Fitness. Start a new good habit. Habits are formed in mere weeks. As creatures of habit, we seldom seem to choose the good ones as readily as the instantly gratifying bad ones. So make a choice to feel great every day of your life because #youareworthit.

Our members and guests feel great every day of their lives. Sure, honestly, greatness is readily available by degrees to be inhaled at a moments notice. Colaw Fitness has a building filled with greatness available for you when yours needs a tune-up. That’s correct, you are great right this minute, but it is fickle. We keep our facility packed full of great energy, great staff, great clean and working surroundings.

Bring in your greatness and let’s get to work on a good habit of fitness of mind, body, and spirit. Our Bartlesville Fitness Center is wanting to give back right now. We have all included fitness trainers to teach you to be physically great. You can also just rub off a day of “not so great” in a full body massage chair or table. Even if it is just burning away the gray inside of a sunshine-filled booth of great warmth and golden glow.

What can Colaw Fitness do right now to make you feel great? Call and let us know, anytime, at 918-766-3353. Voicemail is available. Thank you for reading this. The decision for fitness is quite serious to us and our staff. We try to approach this with humor and love. We understand that coming to work out can be daunting and we’ve all struggled with this some days. In all sincerity, please, let our family help yours. You can bring someone with you, at no additional cost, every time you come into the building. We encourage them to encourage you.