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Bartlesville Fitness Centers | Best Gym of the Area

content written for Colaw Fitness.

Are you searching for the best gym out of all the Bartlesville fitness centers? If so, you are in luck because we have got something amazing going on at Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville (918-331-0404). We have been rated the top fitness center out of all the Bartlesville fitness centers 10 years straight. We have so many good things that are going on here in you will definitely want to be involved in them. First of all, of the Bartlesville fitness centers Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville is the highest rated and most reviewed fitness facility in the entire area.

Translation, the most people voted us the highest out of any of the Bartlesville fitness centers. This is a significant piece of information because a very large portion of the population has loaded us with superior ratings. We are a Christian fitness facility that is based on biblical principles. We are a family fitness center and we want everyone to feel welcome and secure. The atmosphere at Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville definitely blows the other Bartlesville fitness centers away. We intentionally created an atmosphere that is full of kindness and treats people with dignity.

Our staff is dedicated to motivating and encouraging each and every member that comes through the doors. You will find the staff is full of life and joy. These are the people who are providing the positive influence to each and every member as they enter the facility and this has become contagious. We now normally see our members encouraging themselves. They are motivating and providing positive reinforcement to the person next to them on the treadmill for example. It is a wonderful and beautiful thing to witness. The constant infusion of Christian music is influential by a providing uplifting and positive words 24 hours a day and seven days a week you really need to come down and see for yourself how Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville has generated the most positive and encouraging atmosphere of any of the Bartlesville fitness centers

For as little as one dollar down and as low as five dollars a month can attain a membership at Colaw Fitness. Every membership at Colaw Fitness is considered to be all inclusive. This would describe the fact that all of our memberships include every benefit we offer. We have worked extremely hard to provide the low membership cost so that every income bracket has access. Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville definitely has the most value in their memberships. We offer the best bang for the buck. Once you attain membership status you are given a key fob that allows you to access the gym 24/7.

There is no way to make an excuse that you can’t make it to the gym. We are open always. There are no long-term contracts to sign. We offer a no risk 30 day moneyback guarantee so that are members are hundred percent satisfied or their money back. There are no gym jerks at Colaw Fitness. There is no screaming or yelling aloud. No grunting or intimidation tolerated. We believe that everyone is welcome and accepted. The gym equipment is used on a first-come first-served basis. We offer free tanning. Are tanning units are monitored regularly for any abnormalities. We provide cleaning supplies to ensure the beds are sanitary. We offer free massage chairs and free Hydro massage beds.

These amenities are located in the massage area which is been constructed to promote relaxation and calmness. A perfect way to end a strenuous exercise outing. You can bring a friend for free as well. There are no limitations to the number of visits for your friend. Your friend will receive maximum benefits as well. A great way to save some cash. We also offer free Wi-Fi throughout the facility and we have plenty of big screen HD TVs for our member viewing. We have free lockers available, free private dressing areas, and private restrooms. As you can see Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville has an extensive benefit package. We ask you to compare membership cost/benefits available to other Bartlesville fitness centers.

Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville offers a member celebration night one time per month. This is a night to appreciate all of our members. Free pizza is served and a great night of food, fun, and fellowship for all. There is a special award given out to anyone who can facilitate the signings of three new memberships during membership appreciation night. The award itself is a one year membership to Colaw Fitness for absolutely no cost.

Take a look@ColawFitness.com and you will find numerous people have enjoyed this award. There are a lot of other really positive things going on at the website. You can read numerous testimonies and watch plentiful video testimonials of our current success stories. These are real people achieving real results. You will also find a list of member benefits, lots of photos, staff members, and you will find out how great our members truly are.

One final thought is that Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville (918-331-0404) is highly involved with the water for life campaign that is going on in Mozambique. For new membership at Colaw Fitness a portion is donated to the water for life campaign. This campaign is working diligently to provide potable water that is safe to drink and cook with. There is a terrible water shortage on the continent of Africa especially in the eastern portion. Our donations invest in drilling new wells into water sources that can be converted into clean usable water.

You can also see for yourself what’s going on with Colaw Fitness in Mozambique by checking our website. There is a nice video of exactly what is occurring. As a new member of Colaw Fitness you will be taking part in making sure the Mozambique citizens have safe water available. Thank goodness we don’t know what it looks like to go without clean water here in the United States. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to call at the above listed phone number. We also recommend the Colaw Fitness.com website because it is a great picture of what Colaw Fitness really is. We hope that you choose to come see us very soon. If you would like a free tour of our facility that can be arranged as well. Be blessed and prosper.