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Bartlesville Fitness Tips | How to workout your mindset and your focus

Hi, this is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw with Colaw Fitness. All right, today we’re going to talk to you about two things. The win of the week and a Bartlesville fitness tips. So Amber you start us off with the win of the week. The win of the week this week is Tatum. She’s lost 120 pounds, a hundred and twenty pounds. And watch her video. Yes.

Tatum. Atmosphere staff is wonderful too. They’re friendly and they greet you as you leave and come in with everything. With smiles and just ask how you’re doing it. Everything as you walked in the door. Atmosphere is wonderful. Like I said, it’s pretty cheerful place to be at. It’s easy to do your workouts and everything. Everyone’s like friendly around here. They just, they help out with whatever they possibly can. I have seen a tremendous amount of results for myself. Um, I lost 120 pounds since I started at coming here to Colaw. And like I said, it’s a fun atmosphere and they help you out with all your results that you are looking forward to doing for yourself and everything. So, but yeah, I’ve seen a lot of results definitely for myself so.

Alright, awesome job to maintain them as a great example of being diligent and working hard at keeping a good mindset. Focus on what her goals are. And a lot of times we want something but we just kind of want it not enough to really do it. And this is where I want to talk to you about the Bartlesville fitness tips of the week is working out your mindset and your focus. It’s your, your like, like a scope on a gun.

And when you pull up that scope and can’t see anything else except for what is in the frame of the scope. So what’s on those cross hairs is your goal and you have to say no to everything else. And so for me with fitness and bodybuilding, I was over 300 pounds in high school. I lost 83 pounds with a trainer and being able to stay healthy. You have to say no to everything else that derails you. Your friends or family that are pulling you away from your goal that you want inside your heart to be successful.

Sometimes it is tough, but I want you to stay focused on your goal, stick to what you’re, you’re really, really one of the big picture, not the immediate gratification of the food. Then you’re going to regret it. You know, the next day or the following day, it takes three or four days to get back to where you were. So stick with your plan, follow the plan. And Tatum is an awesome example of being diligent, staying within her scope and staying focused on those cross hairs of her goal to hit 120 pounds.

So great job of Tatum. Amber give us a notable quotable for the week. Okay, are notable. Quotable from this week is Napoleon Hill and he says there is nothing that belief and a burning desire cannot make real. So when you believe in something, you believe in that goal and you have a burning desire to achieve that, that goal will become real.

So we want you to stay encouraged. We want you to believe in yourself and build that burning desire within you to achieve that sort of action. Steps for this week is tonight. What it wants you to do is make a plan for tomorrow so that you can be successful in two areas of your food and your meals and then your workout time. So prepare the meals the night before prepare your day the night before all of that, ready to go. Put it into a lunch container, plan all your stuff. Take it with you. Follow your daily schedule. Have a set time in your day that you don’t let anybody be rail you from. Go to the Gym and get your workout in because you need help. Go to our free training or classes.

We’ll show you how to use equipment and we have a free CF 30 diet program or you, it tells you exactly what to eat, what time did eat, how much water to drink. Everything is idiot proof on a template to follow so you too can be successful. So, uh, anyways, took tonight. Make sure that you plan in your meals, make your meals, put it into a Satchel, some sort of container to take for the day, and then stay dedicated to your workout time and say no to everything else. And we always tell each other what’s your goal is like a hammer. That’s fitness tip of the week. And Brent, we thank you, Tatum for being a great inspiration Tatum.