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Bartlesville Gym | Safe and active place to workout

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Here at our Bartlesville Gym we strive to keep our Members Safe and Active!! Our Customer Service Team is available to answer any questions or concerns Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm at 918-766-3353; however, we have Front Desk staff here Monday through Thursday 10 am to 8 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm to speak to personally. We are currently located at 584 SE Washington Blvd, Bartlesville, OK 74006. There are so many safety features available for all ages of our members; therefore you should come in and check us out.

The only way our members can get into our facility is by a scan device we give you at the time you sign up for your membership. Not only are we making sure only our members are in the facility but also keeping track of your attendance by the scan device. Not to worry if you currently do not have a membership. Here at our Bartlesville Gym we have a door bell to ring so you can come in to tour the facility and sign up.

It is important to make sure the scan device at the front door beeps and has a green light to get credit for your attendance that day. If you forget your scan device you can still work out you just will not get credit towards your attendance for that day. You will just need to come to the gym when we have staff which would be Monday through Thursday 10 am to 8 pm, Fridays 10 am to 6 pm and Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm.

Colaw Fitness Gyms strive for our NO GYM JERKS policy as well. If you ever feel threatened, scared or uncomfortable please contact our Front Desk Staff so we can address the issue. If you do not feel comfortable advising our staff at the gym feel free to contact our Customer Service Department we return all of our missed calls even if you do not leave a voice mail. We can not keep you save and comfortable if we do not know about the issue. We want every one of any age, size or disability to be able to meet their goals with out feeling uncomfortable.

Our Bartlesville Gym has been in the Eastland Plaza Shopping Center for over a decade, YES OVER A DECADE! Charles and Amber still come into the gym to greet members and hear about their successes. They show that they truly care and are honestly excited to hear about the obstacles our members have overcome to meet their goals. The Colaw’s also do weekly fitness tips our Facebook Page to help even our non members with fitness advice and encouragement. Who does that?

Bartlesville Best Fitness Center Colaw Fitness Massage Bed

For the members that want to start using our treadmills; did you know there is a safety feature that allows you to connect to the machine? It connects a cord from the treadmill to you because new users sometimes have trouble keeping up with a speed. If you are going slower than the machine and cant figure out how to slow down you can pull the cord or you can step off and the cord will disconnect to stop machine. This is extremely helpful until you figure out the speed that is best for you to keep up with.

At the Bartlesville Gym we realize not everyone can bring a spotter with them when lifting weights. Our new equipment allows our members to be able to lift safely and increase your goals with just a flip of the wrist. That’s right a flip of the wrist. You ask how is that possible? When using the bars if you have trouble lifting or coming down when you have reached your limit, roll your wrists back and it hooks on a latch so you can let go. Like we always say safety is key!

The Bartlesville Gym also has a great feature for people with Health Conditions as well. We have necklaces that members can wear. They are kind of like the life alert necklaces. If a member is in distress they just push a button and someone here will come and check on you and call for help if necessary. This feature is very good for diabetics that are just starting out with their exercising programs. When you are a diabetic and start exercising your blood sugars can drop causing you to become disoriented or may even faint. That is why this feature is so helpful. Members with heart conditions can use as well. If you feel like something isn’t right we would rather you contact staff or press that button so we can make sure you are OK.

Another great safety feature in place is our cameras. We have cameras facing the parking lot as well as throughout the gym. If you are a victim of a crime in the parking lot please file a police report as soon as possible. Once a report is filed we can work with the police to pull any camera footage needed to help solve the crime. If you feel you are a victim of a crime with in the gym please notify staff or call the Customer Service Department as soon as possible so we can help research the issue and resolve.

With all these great features in place, why would you want to work out anywhere else? We are always trying to stay on top of the latest features and equipment to keep our members and staff as safe as possible. Here at the Bartlesville Gym we want everyone to feel safe, confident and relaxed while you work to reach the goals you desire. Remember we strive for NO GYM JERKS, Healthy Choices for Healthy Goals, Positivity and Self Awareness.

God has a great plan for all of us and we just want to be a great outlet for people. To work out in a safe positive environment with friendly staff and members to help along the way. We look forward to you choosing Bartlesville Colaw Fitness Gym located at 584 SE Washington Blvd. Remember if you have any questions feel free to contact our AWESOME Customer Service Staff at 918-766-3353 Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm.