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Bartlesville Gyms | A clean gym for you

Bartlesville gyms are highly competitive. Colaw fitness is among the best. You just can’t beat the positive environment. And the upbeat feel. Do you get more information on this gym to give them a call at 9183310404

Other Bartlesville Gyms never saw Colaw coming. With such a great facility and great deals, it’s hard to beat. They have such a positive environment. You’re always greeted whenever you walk in the door. It really makes you feel welcome. Not only this but it makes you want to come. Especially on your bad days.

Colaw has such a large variety of things to offer. Their memberships are low as five dollars. They have their $10 a month flat rate membership as well as the five dollar rewards membership. The five dollar award membership rewards you the more you come. How great is that? You can’t beat five dollars. Not only that but it offers everything in the facility. That’s right everything.

You will have full access to the massage area. The massage area includes Hydro bed and massage chairs. The Hydro beds are very popular. You get to said it yourself. You get to decide where at massages. Whether it’s your legs back or neck. You also get to determine the intensity. With very easy to use tablets it’s quick and easy. Very stress-free. We are trying to destress you anyways.

The massage chairs were just like any other. The competitiveness of Bartlesville Gyms is insane. They have remotes you control yourself. With several buttons to choose from. You can get a deep tissue massage or a light one. It’s all up to you. They are not as popular, but they still are amazing. We have many members that love them. They use them to relax after a hard workout. Or even after a hard day at work.

Your gym membership also includes free tanning. Many people love there’s a comedy. From young teenagers to weightlifting men. We carry a variety of tanning beds for you. We want to give you the option of what you prefer. Colaw Fitness offers laydown beds as well as standing beds. The laydown beds go as long as 12 minutes. The standing goes for about 10 minutes. If you burn fairly easy, we recommend going for five minutes first. See how your skin reacts then go from there.

We also sell a variety of tanning lotions. We have two dollar samples as well as four bottles. Our bottles are $20 apiece. Cheaper than most places. We have many to choose from. Both in samples and bottles. From our baby got black to our koala. Baby got black is our best seller. If you want a quick tan, this is your tanning lotion. You better purchase it while it’s in stock now. It is not offered at any other Bartlesville Gyms.

We even have baby got black and samples. Do you ensure that you like it before purchasing a full bottle? We also have many other tanning lotion samples. Two dollars and you can see what you really like. We want to make sure you feel comfortable with every purchase here. This is an investment, not just a bye.

We also have the great cardio equipment. We don’t want you to get bored, so we have several options. Colaw Fitness has treadmills ellipticals stair stepper is and bikes. All of your cardio does not have to be done in one place. So you will never get bored. The ellipticals have both moving arms and not moving arms. You choose what you think will work best for you. After all, it is your gym membership. If you have any questions or guardian this equipment, please ask. We love to help you. Even if it’s as simple as turning on the machine.

Bartlesville gyms also have a multitude of free weights. Our dumbbells go all the way up to 75 pounds. We want to ensure you get the weight you need. For that reason, we are always ordering new equipment. If you have an idea on what we could improve let us know. We love getting the equipment you need. After all, we are here for you. Let us know what we can do for your workout journey.

If you need more dumbbells, we will try our best to get some. We even have kettlebells. The kettlebells are often located in the abs and cardio section. These go all the way up to 45 pounds. As well as weighted balls. These go up to relatively about 20. We also have resistance bands and jump ropes.

You burn more calories jumping rope than running. For this reason, we have around three jump ropes. Of different links to make sure you have choices. We want to have the right equipment for you. The jump ropes are typically located near the weighted balls. We also have a foam roller to get all of your knots out. It is also found in the abs and core is the area. As well as a PVC pipe to help stretch your arms. If you need more information on how to use this let the staff know. They will give you instruction on how to use it.

The staff is truly remarkable. You can tell they really want to help you. We want to see you do your best. They want to look at your fitness goals attain. They will help you in any way they can. If you don’t have the answers, they will figure it out for you. They will assist you and what you need help the most in. If one staff member can’t answer your question, Shirley, the next can. They are always there to serve you. Their shirts even say here to help.

With such a great staff and you truly can’t be Colaw fitness. They are one of the top Bartlesville Gym’s. It’s remarkable what they are doing there. Creating a great environment to get in shape in. For everyone who has never done it before and feels a little uncomfortable. This is a great beginners gym as well as competitors. We are sure to make everyone feel comfortable. We want you to love coming here. For more information on the facility give us a call at 918-331-0404.